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I Can Tame You
Kaya steps into these boys lives and changes them for the better... or for the worst.
© 2012-2013 I Can Tame You

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Chapter 78


I follow Karrueche into the meeting and take a seat in an open spot. Throughout the meeting I listen attentively to everything they were saying. They sort of lost me because I got a little bored. “Kaya, what do you think?” Kae asks me snapping me out out of my daze.

"What do I think about what?" I wonder because she caught me off guard. 

"Well we decided that we would advertise the basic things with the logo, such as hats, sweatpants, shirts, etc. Pretty much the stuff you’ve already seen and  then bring out everything else" Kay repeats for me.

"I think that’s great and plus it’s getting people even more excited about the line" I say. Kae nods and they go back into the meeting which doesn’t last much longer and we leave out.

"I can’t wait until I can have my own clothing line" I admit truthfully. 

"Well it comes with a lot of stress and you already have enough on your hands for your age. You’ll get there" She says. I nod understandingly and get comfortable in my seat. “Well I’m hungry, you want anything?" She asks pulling into the chickfla drive through.

"No I’m fine, I cooked food at y’all place, but all they fatasses ate it before you came" I shake my head and Kae laughs.

"That’s fine, at least it was good" She says and pulls up to the speaker and orders her food. It’s not long before we arrive back at Chris’ house. Once we are inside everyone is right where we left them.

"Don’t y’all niggas get up or something? go to the bathroom?" I asked as I took a seat next to Chris. All the guys looked at each other and replied with a ‘nah’. I shake my head but crack a smile.

"Chris I gotta go my brother needs me, I’ll be back later" Kae says sadly.

"Alright, I’ll see you then" Chris says. Kae leaves and now it’s back to how we started. “Chr-"  I was about to say something but I saw a huge wasp. I scream loudly and jump in Chris arms.

"Somebody kill it!" I scream terrified. Keeis runs out the room while Chris continues to laugh. “Y’all play too much, just kill the thing" I yell and run out of the room behind Keeis.

"Bruh I don’t fuck with no wasp" He says dead ass.

"Neither do I and Chris over there laughing like it’s funny. Ain’t shit funny" I replied.

"Alright y’all it’s dead" I hear Chris laugh. We both walk in together.

"Why the hell you got a wasp in your house?" I ask Chris taking my seat again.

"It must have flew in when the door was open. It’s dead now though" Chris says and still laughs a bit.

"It’s not funny" I hit him. 

"Yeah it was" Trell, Tyga and Mijo all say.

"Man fuck y’all" I cross my arms and pout.

"I wouldn’t mind that" I hear Keeis mumble then Chris slaps him upside the head.

"Son what was that for?" He ask innocently.

"You know what you said" Chris says. I giggle to my self and my phone starts ringing. I check and it’s Dig.

"Hey babe" I answer the phone and the room gets quiet as everyone stares at me.

"Hey you okay?" He asks.

"Yeah why? What’s up?" I ask.

"Nothing just checking on my baby"

"Aww just for that you deserve something" I whisper.

"Well my bed is always open" He says seductively.

"I bet it is" I smirk like he could see me. 

"I bet it is" I hear Mijo and keeis mimic me. I slap all of them “Ow babe" Keeis says in a seductive voice. My eyes get big I hope Dig didn’t hear that.

"Who was that?" I guess I was wrong.

"Oh that was Chris’ friend Keeis playing around" 

"Uh huh well I’ll talk to you later" He hangs up not letting me respond. I go over and jump on top of Mijo and began play fighting him.

"Nigga thanks you just got me in trouble with my baby" I say mad. He just laughs. 

"It was too tempting bruh" Keeis alont with everyone else laughs. I glare at him, but end up laughing with them.

Our laughter is cut short by Chris’ phone ringing. He takes the call and walks out the room. “Well alright…” I say and sift away a bit. Everyone in the room laughs. Not too much later Chris’ comes back.

"Y’all wanna go to the club tonight?" Chris asks.

"Uh Chris… Still 17" I say.

"If you wanna go I can get you in with out them questioning no worries Yaya I got you"  Chris replies.

"Then hell yeah I wanna go!" Everyone else agrees. 

"Alright cool all y’all go home and change then go to the usual. I have to make an appearance" Chris explains. Everyone leave, leaving Chris and I. We agree on him getting ready then taking me to get ready.


"Where you going?" Twist asks me as I put on my last earring to complete my outfit.

"No where just to the club with Chris" I reply.

"Oh aight, I’m going out with Za, Justin and Khalil" He explains. I just nod and slip on my new heels I got last him I went shopping.

"Alright I’m ready" I say to Chris. He was waiting for me in the sitting room. Twist and him greet each other and we all leave out the house. We get into our designated cars and part ways.

"I’m finally going to a club that’s not for teens thank the lord" I say excited and Chris just laughs at me and continues driving. The car ride is filled with a comfortable silence as we make out way to the club.

"Alright I see everyone else" Chris says as he parks the car. Once we get out the paparazzi camera’s are going crazy. Chris grabs my hand and leads me inside the club. Once we get inside it is too live. I follow everyone to the VIP section. I was dancing in my seat. 

"You wanna dance?" Keeis asks me.

"Uh sure" I get up and fix my tight fitting dress so my ass wasn’t hanging out and followed him out of the VIP section. As soon as we hit the dance floor "Pour it Up" by Rihanna started playing. I danced with him for the whole song and surprisingly he kept up with me. He gripped my waist as we were dancing so he felt in control. I decided to dance with him for some more songs 

what’s the worst that can happen?


Spin convinced me to go to the club with him so now I’m stuck here. Not really in the clubbing mood but I will do anything to keep my mind off Kaya. I could have sworn I saw her but it may have just been my imagination. 

"Aye bruh isn’t that Kaya?" Spin asks confirming he saw what I saw. I look a bit longer and it is her dancing all up on some dude. I swear she loves to piss me off sometimes. I reluctantly get up and make my way over to where she is.

With out even saying anything I grab her arm and snatch her out of the guy’s grip. She squinted her eyes at me and snatched her arm away. “The fuck is your problem Dig and what the hell are you doing here?” She said obviously mad, but I was the one that had a right to be mad.

The guy that she was dancing with sort of stood there awkwardly I spoke up. “Who’s this?” I say not looking at Kaya but at the guy.

"This is Keeis Chris’ friend, now you didn’t answer my question" Kaya crossed her arms.

"To answer your first question my problem is you dancing with this guy like you don’t have a boyfriend and second because Spin told me to here"

"It’s just dancing chill the fuck out" She brushed me off and made her way over to the VIP Sections. I swear this girl makes me so mad. I walk back over to Spin and stand where I was before.

"You good bruh?" Spin asks.

"Yeah man" I sigh.


After I got away from Dig I went back up to the VIP section with everyone else. “You good?” Keeis whispers in my ear. I just nod and take my seat where I was before.

"I saw y’all" Mijo says with a smirk.

"That was until her boyfriend came over" Keeis says a little salty.

"Diggy here?" Chris asks confused.

"Yeah" I mumble and cross my arms. He just ruined my mood to be honest. Eventually Chris had to leave and go make his special appearance and after he was done he came back over. I wasn’t in the clubbing mood anymore so I just stayed in my spot.

"Come on Yaya don’t be upset, have fun" Chris says and makes a groofy face as he pinches my cheeks causing me to laugh. "Come on" Chris says and stands up.

"what?" I question confused.

"Come on" He repeats. I just shrug and get up, I follow him and we end up  at the stage.

"What are you doing?" I say a little bit above the music.

"Girl if you don’t just come on" He takes my hand and pulls on me. I caught a glimpse of Dig staring at me but I just roll my eyes and follow Chris. He takes the mic ad gets the attention of everyone in the club.

"What’s up again y’all?" Chris says and you can hear girls in the crowd screaming. "So I’m going let my sister Kaya come up here and perform" Chris says to the crowd. I just give him a look but he ignores it. "Come on up here Yaya" He says. 

I finally go up there and take the mic. “I didn’t know I would be performing but this nigga is just full of surprises” I say causing everyone to laugh. “But since I’m up here is there anything y’all wanna hear?” I ask the crowd.

"THE HOMIE’S GIRL" I hear the audience say in response. "Well I guess y’all like that huh?" I laugh.

"AND!" Chris cuts me off and takes the mic. "We got Diggy in the crowd" He says hype as hell. I glare at him. "Whoa y’all saw that face she gave me?" Chris asks the audience. "Dig come up here" Chris says.  

I was so tempted to snatch the mic from Chris and say “Oh hell no” but I keep from doing it. I see Dig get up on the stage. It’s a little awkward but I ignore it and take the mic from Chris and someone hands one to Dig.

We perform it and put on a little act. “We ain’t suppose to like each other but we can’t stay away from one another” He grabs me and presses his forehead against mine. As he continues rapping the words. It brings back memories of when we first met and even we first made the song. Then I sing the hook ending the song not breaking eye contact. We both take the mic away from our faces and end up kissing. the crowds says “awwww” causing us to blush.

"Give it up the little homies" Chris says cutting our kiss short. We both get off the stage and head home for some make-up sex…

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Chapter 77



Twist and Dig actually started catching up, so we decided to stay a bit longer. Don’t get me wrong I’m happy for them and all but I’m bored as hell. Thankfully my phone rings saving me from this boredom. 

"hello!" I say a bit to excitedly, didn’t even check the caller ID because at this point I don’t even care.

"YO YAYA WHERE THE FUCK YOU AT HOMIE?!" Chris yelled hyped from the other side on the line.

"I’m at a hotel with Twist and Dig" I reply.

"I want you to come to the studio… I have someone for you to meet"

"Well can you come pick me up?" I ask hoping he says yes.

"Yeah, which one you at?" He asks. I turn to Dig and Twist who are still talking now joined by Spin. I just roll my eyes and decide to find the little book. 

"I’ll text you the address" I reply. 

"Okay" He says and we hang up. I quickly copy the address into the message box and hit send. Patiently waiting on Chris I decide to go take a shower. 

When I come out I check Diggy’s bag for some clothes that I can make work. After looking for a while I decide on some black basket ball shorts and I take a crop top from my purse and throw on my Jays. I decide not to wear make up today and go bare.

I go back into the living room and the guys are still talking about stuff I couldn’t give a fuck about. I knew Chris was gonna be here any minute so I had to let them know.

"Ahem" I clear my throat and they all look at me. "I hate to interrupt y’all little reunion, but Chris is taking me to the studio so I’ll see y’all later" I say and if on cue my phone starts ringing. "I’m coming now Chris" I say knowingly and hang up the phone. I wave to guys and leave out.


"Is it just me or was Kaya limping and trying to play it off?" I laugh.

"Oh my bad" Dig smirks. 

"Oh shit, my man" I give him dap. A little jealous but that’s his girl, so I ain’t mad at him. I got some last night too so it’s all good.

"Nah don’t give him dap Kaya was moaning loud a fuck I couldn’t get any sleep" Spin said annoyed and we all laughed. 

"Like real talk I was happy as hell you asked Kaya to stay with you" I told Dig.

"Why?" He furrows his eyebrows in confusion.

"I was getting NO PUSSY. Like I respected her so I didn’t bring no girls in the house to fuck. Whenever I was going to go out with them like I planned Kaya ALWAYS had somewhere I needed to drive her and all that." I explain to them.

"Well you’re welcome" Diggy laughs.

"Bruh he seems like you and Kaya need a roommate agreement or some shit" Spin says.

"Probably" I reply


"SLOW THE FUCK DOWN NIGGA" I yell because Chris’ ass thinks it’s okay to speed like he don’t have no sense. 

"Relax and have fun" He continues to speed down the highways.

Soon enough we arrive at the studio and I’m just thankful to be alive. “I was not even going that fast” Chris laughs.

"Shut the fuck up nigga, yes you were" I say and he just chuckles and goes inside. I follow him straight to the back. We arrive at studio E and he opens the door. When we get inside I see none other than Sevyn Steeter.

The look on my face is priceless, I assume Chris saw because he started laughing. “Bruh that’s Sevyn” I say spazzing on the inside.

"Yes it is" Chris laughs again.

"DUDE I LOVE HER!" I say a little louder than I intended. I look over at her and she is finishing up the song and soon enough she comes out.

"Hey Sevyn I want you to meet Kaya, Kaya you know who Sevyn is" Chris says. 

"I am a big fan of yours" I admit.

"Well I can say the same, girl you can sing" She compliments.

"ME?! Girl you, you are AMAZING" I say excitedly.

"We all can agree that both of you guys are great" Chris laughs.

"Yeah we’ll go with that" I laugh also. 

"So Kaya since you’re here you want to help me record this song?" She asks. I sorta freeze. 

"Uh- YEA" I finally get out. She laughs and we get to work. She gives me the parts that she wants me to record and we go through them and we are done and no time.

"Let’s listen to it" Chris says just as excited as I am. We play it back and it sounds great.

"Wow, that sounds GREAT" I say happily. Sevyn and Chris agree with me and we listen to it a few more time.

"Well Sevyn I’m going to let you get back to work, thank you" Chris says and gives her a hug. I give her a hug also and Chris and I leave.

"So now that we’re out what you wanna do?" Chris asks me.

"Don’t matter to me" I shrug and Chris just nods and continues driving.

"You know I wasn’t gonna ask you because I think I already know the answer, but why the fuck you limping?" Chris asks. I immediately look out the window blushing hard. He just laughs because he got his answer.

"Little nigga putting in work huh?" Chris chuckles. I just cover my face not replying, this is so awkward. "You know I was gonna do some painting at my house today… You any good?" Chris asks.

"Am I any good?!? I am an ARTIST" I put lot’s of emphasis on the word artist so he know what’s up. "That’s actually how Ray and I got together…" I start.

"Oh well MY BAD" He says with humor in his voice.

"Yeah, your bad. I’m actually thinking about getting back to it to be honest. I miss it I’ve been so focused on music right now but soon I want to get back to my art and design" I explain.

"Well as soon as your mixtape drops you will have some break time but don’t be surprised if you have to go on tour" 

"I know, I just want a break sometime I regret doing this whole singing thing, but when Tune came to me it was an offer I just couldn’t pass up"

"Don’t say that, you will have time to do the things you want, don’t worry" I just nod and look back at the road. Not too much later we get to Chris’ house. When we get inside his whole crew is there. 

"TY!!" I yell excitedly and practically jump into his arms. "I missed you bruh" I say and kiss his cheek.

"Ew Kaya I don’t know where your lips been" Ty says jokingly in a ratchet voice.

"The same place ya girls lips were last night" I snap and everyone goes wild dying.

"Yo Ty she got you" Keeis says and continues dying. Ty makes a stale face.

"Well I guess so because yo ass obviously can’t handle the dick of you limping like that" Ty says back.

"Well since ya girl ain’t limping maybe you ain’t hittin it right" Ty and I go back and forth for a while.

"Aight, aight chill" Chris stops us while laughing.

"I love you Mikey" I hug him. After I get away from him, I greet Red, Mijo and Trell. 

"Well Kaya since you hear you can cook for us" Chris says and takes a seat on the couch. I go over to him and slap him on the back of his head. "Ow" He mumbles.

"What do y’all want?"

"Make that spaghetti that you made me" Chris loud ass yells from the couch.

"I didn’t ask you Chris" I say with a attitude.

"spaghetti is fine" Trell says laughing at how I’m bossing Chris.

"Okay i’ll be back guys" I leave them and go into the kitchen. Thankfully Chris had all the ingredients i needed so i didn’t have to make any substitutions. As I’m running around the kitchen putting everything together I over hear them talking.

"How old is she again?" Mijo asks.

"She’s 17" Chris replies.

"Damn if she 18 I wouldn’t mind hitting that" Keeis says. I hear a slap.

"That’s like our sister dumb ass" Chris says.

"You can’t lie bruh look at her" Keeis says.

"Just shut Chris" Ty says.

"I’m not going to say what I was gonna say cause I ain’t getting slapped" slap "I ain’t even say it damn" Mijo says.

"You were thinking it" Ty says.

I just laugh and shake my head then finish up cooking the Spaghetti. Once I’m finally done I make everyone bowls and put them on a tray and take them all out to the sitting area. I hand everyone a bowl and go back into the kitchen to get mine.

When I come back everyone is crushing all you hear is smacking through out the room. I just shake my head and eat my own. As I’m eating the boys go in and out the kitchen getting more and more. Good thing I made a lot.

After about an house or so everyone is finished eating and laying back in their chairs. I laugh at the sight. “Food so good now a nigga got the itis” Chris laughs rubbing is stomach. “I was thinking about painting today too but I’m tired now” 

"Kaya let me wife you up now so I can get food like this all the time" Keeis says. Chris slowly sits up and slaps him once again, but lays back down.

"I don’t think my boyfriend would like that" I laugh. I continue to chill with the boys for a while and Kae walks in. I immediately get up and hug her.

"Hey girl" She says happily when she see’s me.

"Hey" I say happily. She looks over me.

"Damn, girl you getting thick. Somebody is hittin that" Kae laughs. 

"Oh my God" i cover my face embarrassed. 

"Little nigga Diggy" Chris yells and laughs.

"You guys are the worst" I laugh. "But Kae since you’re here is it ok if I chill with you? These guys are weird" I says jokingly but dead serious.

"Yeah, I’m about to go to a meeting for The Kill you can come with if you want" She says. 

"Alright bye guys" I say and walk out with Kae. We head over to her blue porshe "This is the cutest car" I say getting in.

"Thanks, Chris got it for me" She smiles. On the ride there we just catch up and we get to the place in no time. I’m so excited I get to see what’s going up before the public does.

Chapter 75

I’ll edit the chapter later, but this is probably the last chapter for the week because of finals but if I do post it will be on Thursday because that’s my last day. Love you guys


Dig, Spin and I are just chillin in the living room right now waiting on the change of sheets. Dig and Spin are more into the movie than I am at the moments, I don’t even know what movie it is too be honest. At the moment I am just happy to be with my boyfriend. 

I begin playing with his mustache and beard that’s growing in. “I love the facial hair” I whisper into his ear and begin kissing on his neck. He chuckles, but doesn’t object. Soon the kisses turn into bites, but we’re interrupted by a knock on the door. 

I groan and leave Spin and Dig to go answer it. I look through the peep hole and see a lady from house keeping holding up sheets. I unlock the door and take them from her then go into the room to get the old ones. “Thank you” I say giving her a tip.

"No, thank you" She says and leaves. I close the door and take the new sheets into the room and make the bed. 

Once I’m finished Dig comes in and laughs. “What you laughing at?” I playfully buck at him.

"You walking funny" He points out and continues laughing.

"Yeah keep laughing and that will be the last time you hit for a while" I say. He immediately stops laughing causing me to chuckle.

"What you wanna do though?" I ask taking a seat on the bed.

"Well we could go for another round" He smirks and makes his way over to me. He snakes his arms around my waist. "Nice try, but I’m still sore" I say while pouting.

"So what you wanna do?" He asks me this time. We are a horrible when we don’t know what the hell to do and are just bored.

"Cuddle" I suggest innocently. He laughs, but gets in the bed anyways and  wraps his arms around me. I smile and snuggle my head into his chest. I soon feel my self falling asleep.

*3 Hours later*

It’s 1 am and Dig and I are awake and bored.

"Son I am so bored" I groan. Dig just chuckles. "What you laughin at I’m serious!" I pout.

"And adorable" He chuckles again and kisses my nose. I make a face. "what you kissing people’s noses for?" I wipe and off.

"You’re right why do that when I can do this" He says and kisses me on the lips this time. I push him off "You better stop before we have another round for real" I laugh.

"Well in that case" He says and kisses me once again. "Sit yo horny ass down" I laugh. "But for real what can we do?" I ask.

"We can just watch tv" Dig suggests.

"Nah, that’s too boring" I say. There is a long pause but I get an idea. "Let’s ustream!" I say.

"This early?" Dig laughs.

"Yeah just for the vampires" I say.

"Alright" Dig replies and gets up to get his lap top. I watch as he bends over and make a pervy whistle sound. "Nice ass" I bust out laughing. 

"Haha very funny" Dig says sarcastically and makes his way over to me.


I set up my computer for the ustream and wait for it to load. “Let’s tweet the link” Kaya says and gets out her phone. I nod and tweet the link out. We wait for the views to get 300 before we go on cam.

"What’s up guys, I haven’t been on here in a minute" I pause. "Actually, when was the last time I was on ustream?" I ask. Kaya and I look into the chat to see what everyone is saying and one comment caught both of our eyes. 

"They got you there!" Kaya starts dying from laughter. "They said you haven’t ustreamed since Jesus walked the Earth" Kaya says and continues dying. 

"But for real what’s up guys?" I ask. Everyone immediately starts asking about OOTW. Kaya and I look at each other. She gives me the eye to just tell them. "Okay a lot of people asked about the mixtape… I’m gonna be real with y’all because as my fans y’all deserve to know." 

Kaya puts her head on my shoulder and rubs my thigh telling me to go on. I take and deep breath and continue. “Well the reason you guys haven’t gotten OOTW yet is because I’ve been dealing with our loss. It’s been hard on the both of us and we were just taking it one step at a time. No, I didn’t forget about you guys I could never do that. Kaya gave me the wake up call, I didn’t realize how I was treating you guys and I am truly sorry” I say sincerely.

"Awwww" Kaya says reading what the chat says. We read the chat and a lot of people are saying RIP Daniel IV and Savannah.

"What made you guys name them?" I read out loud from the chat. Directing the question to Kaya.

"Well that was my doing, I didn’t want them to go forgotten and in the future when i talk about it I wanted to have a name to call them." Kaya explains.

"Well said" I whisper in her ear and kiss her cheek. We both start reading the chat again. "Why do y’all look like y’all just finished fucking?" I ask out loud. Kaya and I both blush hard as ever.

"Oh my God" Kaya says and covers her face. She giggles hard from embarrassment. "Next question please" Kaya says still blushing. 

"Let’s see umm…" I start reading the chat again. "Can we expect to see more collabs from you guys?" 

"YES!" We both say and look at each other and laugh. 

"Actually my mixtape is dropping in 2 weeks for the ones that don’t know" Kaya gloats.

"Yes, so make sure y’all support her and download it. I heard it and it’s dope!" I say excitedly.

"Oh y’all wanna here a snippet?" Kaya asks. Everyone in the chats says yes. She nods and gets up to get her laptop. As she walking a stare at that ass, she’s getting thicker got damn. 

"DANIEL STOP STARING AT MY ASS!" Kaya yells and I awkwardly look back at the chat. Everyone in the chat is laughing. "My bad" I mumble. 

"Alright here you go guys" Kaya says and starts playing a song. She stops it at about 30 seconds to see everyone’s reaction. Everyone liked it.

"Why are you guys up this early anyways?" Kaya reads from the chat.

"Well actually we wen’t to sleep sometime around 9 and just woke up with a burst of energy and bored" I say and laugh.

"Pretty much" Kaya agrees.

"Where is Spin?" I read from the chat.

"Oh that nigga sleep" Kaya laughs. "Aye y’all wanna play a prank on him?" kaya asks and everyone gets excited.

"Alright come on" Kaya picks up my laptop and takes it over to the other bedroom. Spin is snoring loud as hell. "Hold up y’all" Kaya whispers into the camera. She hands me the laptop and goes over to Spin.

Spin was snoring loud as hell so I tip toe my way over there and get close to his ear. “OH Spin right there… YESSSS Daddy” I say and let out a realistic moan. 

"Right here" Spin mumbles in his sleep. Dig starts snickering but I keep my self together. 

"Yes, right there Papi,.. OH FUCK" I moan even louder.

"Who’s pussy is this" He mumbles in his sleep and turns over to his back. I take this chance to start stroking his dick.

"It’s your pussy" I moan. 

"That’s right" He grunts as I continue to stroke his dick. I look over a Dig for confirmation to continue. He just nods laughing. I take that chance and start biting on his neck. "Oww yes b- WHAT THE FUCK?!" He jumps up. Dig and I roll over laughing as the bubbles in the chat go crazy. I get a glimpse and it’s just a bunch of LMAOs.

"O-okay first" I say and get cut of by my own and Dig’s laughters. "First I hope someone recorded that" I finally get out. Someone says they did, okay I’m gonna need you to put that on youtube" I say once the laughter dies down. Spin looks unamused making everything ten times funnier.

"I love you Spin" I say and kiss him on the cheek. His face doesn’t change.

"Y’all wrong" He says looking down at his boner. "Shit" he mumbles and goes into the bathroom most likely to jerk off. 

Dig and I leave the room and go back to his. We get settled on the bed and talk to the fans a bit longer and we end the ustream around 5 because we are both tired

"Our fans are amazing" I say as I snuggle into Diggy’s arms.

"Yes they are" He says and kisses my forehead. Both of us eventually fall asleep to the sound of each other’s heart beats. 

Chapter 74


*2 weeks later*

My loud ass phone wakes me up. I quickly check the time and it’s 3pm. The caller ID says Blade so I already know it’s Spin.

"Hello" I say sleepily.

"Damn Kaya you still sleep?" Spin asks me.

"Uh yeah, I was up late last night" I yawn and become fully alert.

"Well Dig and I are in LA an-"

"Wait you guys are here and Diggy didn’t tell me" I say upset. I mean I know he’s mad at me for moving in with Twist, but damn.

"Yeah, that’s what I wanted to talk to you about" Spin says.

"What’s up?" I ask.

"Well, Dig doesn’t know that I’m talking to you and can you come to the hotel and like talk or something"

"If he wants to talk to me he can hit me up" I say not budging.

"Stop being stubborn" 

"I’m not being stubborn HE IS"

"Both of y’all are being stubborn damn" He says clearly annoyed.

"You know what" I finally say.

"What?" Spin asks.

"I’ll be the bigger person and come" I say.

"Alright I’ll text you the address of the hotel" Spin says and hangs up. I huff in annoyance and start getting ready.

"Twist come on!" I yell from the door of our condo.

"I’m coming Kaya damn!" He says annoyed. He finally comes over and sets the alarm. Once it’s set he leaves out and goes to get his care. While he does that I lock the door. I hear him pull up and honk the horn so I jog over to the car and get in then he pulls off. 

The car ride is pretty much silent. As you can tell us living together is already starting to go downhill. We are both sexually frustrated because neither of us has had anyone in the house. We are both completely annoyed with each other and just need a break, but neither of us say anything about it. Even thought we both know it’s true.

We finally arrive at the address that Spin sent me. “Thank you” I mumble as I get out the car. He pulls of and I just make my way up to the room that Spin told me.

Once I get to the room I silently knock on the door and Dig answers and almost immediately closes the door right in my face. Not too much later Spin opens the door and let’s me in.

"You need to get your friend" I say annoyed.

"Sorry about that, you know how he is" Spin says.

"Where is he?" I ask.

"In there" He points to one of the bedrooms. I nod and go right inside with out knocking.

"That was rude as hell. I know you’re mad at me right now, but shit I’m not here for you bitch mentality" I yell not giving a fuck. He just ignores me and continues scrolling through his phone. "I know your ass is not ignoring me and I know damn well those aren’t your fans you talking to because I guess you forgot about them huh. Ring a bell? YOUR JETSETTERS they are complaining about how you don’t talk to them either. You’re treating just like you treat them!" I yell even louder. This time he looks up at me.



"YOU THINK YOU WERE THE ONLY ONE AFFECTED BY THE LOSS DON’T YOU?!" He asks but I stay silent. "ANSWER THE DAMN QUESTION KAYA DON’T STAY SILENT NOW!" He stood up from the bed. This my be the wrong time to be thinking this but he looks sexy a hell right now.

"No, I never said that" I say silently.








"Look Dig, it’s convenient for me to stay with him. I’ve lived with him for a few weeks now and nothing has happened. Even while we weren’t talking Twist and I haven’t done anything. He knows not to cross the line. I’ve even talked with Ray and sorted things out. Him and Ray are cool now, it’s just you that needs to move past it" I say calmly.

"Okay" Dig says after 20 seconds of silence.

"Okay… what?" I ask confused.

"I’ll talk to Twist" He says.

"Really?!" I say happily.

"Yes" He chuckles.

"AHH" I scream and jump on him causing him to fall back onto the bed. He sits up in the upright position, so i wrap legs around his waist and immediately start kissing him. He doesn’t hesitate to kiss back, so I wrap my arms around him to deepen the kiss. He starts grabbing on my ass causing me to moan. 

I eventually pull away and start attacking his neck by sucking and biting on random parts of it. He picks me up and sits me on the bed. He and I both know where this is going. 

He slides his hand into my yoga shorts and smiles when he notices I don’t have on underwear. His fingers are cold to the touch, so I arch my back a little as he rubbed on my gem. He plays against my wetness, but eventually stops and sticks two fingers in.

Before I can release my moan he puts his lips to mine and doesn’t let go. I just moan into his mouth. I keep grinding on his two fingers, which are thankfully about to make me cum, but he takes them out. I glare at him.

He chuckles and gets down on his knees to be even with my box. He slowly spreads my legs and and I feel his breath his my clit. I squeeze the muscles in my stomach, close my eyes, and grip the fuck out of his curls as I prepare for his tongue to explore me.

“Oh fuck!” I moan as he sucks on my clit. He make humming sounds while flicking his tongue at a slow pace. I tilt my head back as my eyes roll to the back of my head. He slides his hands up my body and caressed my swollen nipples.

The feeling of him biting my clit causes me to gasp. “Shit…” I lick over my lips before pushing his head deeper between my legs. 

He sticks his tongue in and out of my opening, sucking up my wetness. His tongue trails down to my clit and he sucks on it hard, causing my legs to shake.

He begins grabbing on my ass cheeks as he swirls his tongue up to my opening and down to my clit. “Shit, Dan!” All I feel on my clit was the fast pace of his tongue moving up and down.

“Fuck, I’m ‘bout to cum!” I scream. He makes sure to make slurping sounds as he trails his tongue back up to my opening.

He once again dips his tongue inside my ocean, my juices begin flowing onto his warm tongue.  

I begin to catch my breath from the powerful high he just put me on. I see him pull his pants and underwear down and step out of them with his dick standing at full attention. I stared at him as he slid the condom on.

He rams into me after lapping up all of my juices. “Shittttt!” I scream as he pounds me out. He grunts while digging his dick deeper inside of me.

He grabs my hips for better control and begins going faster than before. Oh my… Fuck!” I moan loudly. I carefully watched his sex faces as he spread my legs, going deeper. “My… turn” I moan. He stops and I get up and push him down on the bed.

“Goddamn” he grumbles as I slid my pussy down onto his standing dick. He grips my hips firmly as I bounce up and down at a fast pace.

Placing my hands on his chest for support, I lift myself off of him and do a full spilt, landing directly on him. His eyes almost pop out of the socket. 

“Damn Kaya” he grunts in a low tone. Picking me up, he lays my body down on the bed before grabbing hold of my ankles.

My legs are placed above my head as he dips his dick in deep and slides it out of me, and then starts ramming me like no tomorrow. My whole body was shaking from the strong force that he was using. “Shittttttt… I’m gonna cum Dig… Fuck!” I scream, scratching away furiously at his arms.


Kaya screaming my name is music to my ears. She is doing all the work now by throwing that ass back.

Raising my hand the highest it’ll go, I slammed it down on her ass as she jiggled her pussy on my dick. “Ooh fuck!” She yelps more in pleasure than pain. She starts throwing it back hard and fast.

Wrapping my hand around her frizzy hair, I yank it back, causing her head to jerk and her ass to jiggle from side to side.

I begin pounding her again “Yes, right there… Shit, shit…Fuck, damn!” She screams. Removing my hand from her stomach, I move it down to her clit, patting, slapping, and rubbing it at a fast pace while I stroke deep in her pussy.

“Mm… Ooh” she moans. I place my free hand over her mouth then begin to bite her neck and earlobe. She sucks on my middle finger slowly as moans and screams constantly fly from her mouth. The harder I slapped her clit, the faster she threw her ass back.

“Keep doing that” she pleads through her moans. I pinch her clit with my thumb and index finger. Her breathing becomes heavier and before I know it, she started squirting everywhere.

“Ahh… damn!” I grunt loudly as I release my load inside the condom.

After she came, I pull out of her, sliding the condom off my dick, throwing it in the trash can beside me. She smirks at me while watching my every move. I only send her a small smile then shake my head at her. 

“That was amazing…” She licks over her lips before dropping to her knees. A grin makes its way to my face as I let out a deep breath.

She wastes no time sliding me inside her mouth. “Damn” I grumble lowly while gripping a handful of her hair. She slides her tongue up and down my shaft then swirls it around. 

I push her head onto me further so that I was in the back of her throat. she doesn’t gag or anything this time.“Goddamn Kaya.” I groan deeply.

I push her head back so that she was looking at me. I jerk my hips forward and begin going in and out of her mouth at a slow pace. “Mmm…” she moans, sending vibrations up and down my dick.

The sound of me sliding in and out of her mouth made me go faster. I felt her tongue slide down to my balls. “Damn” I grunted while throwing my head back. I started moving slow again. Placing her hand on the base of my dick, she gestured her hand up and down.

She sucks on the tip and swirls her tongue around the hole. Her lips trail down to my balls. She sucks my balls for about three minutes then pops my dick back in her mouth.

I grunt as my dick gets fatter and started throbbing in her mouth. Grabbing a hand full of her hair, I go in and out of her mouth again until I release my load deep down her throat.

“Ah damnn!” I grunt while sliding my dick out her mouth. She licks the cum off her lips before standing back up.


That was the best sex Dig and I have ever had. Well it was better than the first. I guess we were both sexually frustrated and missed each other. He fucked me like a porn star. 

We both made our way over to the shower together. ONLY shower nothing more, I mean there was a little kissing but that it. 

Once we were finished I went into his clothes and got a big t-shirt then went into my purse and took out my emergency underwear.

"I’m gonna call housekeeping and ask them to send up some sheets" I tell Dig. He nods and I leave out the room.

When I get out there no one is here to I just go to the phone on the table and ask for sheets to be sent up. 

Not too much later Dig comes out. “Dig…” I drag out.

"Yes?" He says.

"Come here" I say innocently. He makes his way over to me. "Come closer" I make a forward motion with my hand. He leans closer and I kiss him. He chuckles but goes along with it. 

We hear the door open, but ignore it. “I thought y’all would be done by now” Spin says.

"We are" I chuckle as we pull away.

"Oh thank God"Spin says. Dig and I just laugh and he takes a seat next to me on the couch.

"Can I spend the night? I think Twist and i need time away from each other" I laugh, but I’m being serious.

"That’s fine" Dig says.

"Yay, let me text him so he doesn’t have to worry about picking me up" I say and shoot Twist a text.

A night with my baby, this is gonna be fun.

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Chapter 73

I didn’t get a chance to fix the typos but enjoy! 


"Kaya" I tap her and she doesn’t respond. "KAYA!" 

"Shut the fuck up" She saya and rolls off of me, facing the other way.

"Get up, you have to get ready for your photoshoot" I shake her. She huffs but sits up anyways.

"What time is it?" She says sleepily.

"Around 9 the photoshoot starts at 11 and your ass takes forever to get ready" I respond.

"Shut up, give me thirty minutes" She says and lays back down. I shake my head, she really isn’t a morning person. 

I start getting ready and change into some sweat pants and a t-shirt with  converse. It’s been 30 minutes so I go back into her room to wake her up. This time she gets up and goes into the bathroom.

I decide to go get breakfast so I drive up the street to the McDonalds and get her a bacon egg and cheese McGriddle and I get my self two and dive back to the condo.

When I walk in the door she’s put on her shoes. Her shorts are really short… Damn that ass is fatter than I remember. 

"Oh hey Twist what you get me" She said when she noticed me. I snap out of the little trance she put me in and hand her, her food.

"Bacon egg and cheese McGriddle" I reply.

"Thank you" She says happily and kisses me on the cheek and jogs to the kitchen with her ass jiggling. 

I shake my head and follow her to the kitchen. We both eat together in silence and then leave out the house.

"Thanks for letting me stay with you" Kaya says as she buckles her seat belt.

"No problem, anytime" I reply and pull out.

"Hey what do you think about me living with you and paying part of the rent. I mean since I’m going to need to be out here anyways" She asks. I mean that’s a little tempting but she’s giving me the puppy dog face and I can’t say no to that, fuck.

"Sure that seems like it could work but you have to check with your mom to be sure" I respond.

"Can you come with me to do that after the photoshoot?" she asks.

"Sure" I smile. Shit what am I getting my self into. It’s not long before we get to the place. We both hop out and walk right inside.

"Hey baby" Tune says and gives Kaya a hug.

"Hey Tune, what are you doing here?" She asks.

"You want to to leave?" He asks.

"No no I was just wondering" She laughed.

"Well, i ain’t have shit to do, so I just decided to come" He said.

"Oh okay, well I’m glad you came" She smiles.

"Good, now everyone over there is waiting for you to start getting ready" He points over to the hair and make up station.

"Okay see you guys in bit" She says and walks over there. I can’t help but stare at  her ass. Tune starts laughing.

"What?" I ask.

"Nigga you staring hard as shit" He continued to laugh,

"What you talking about?" I ask playing like I don’t know what he’s talking about. 

"Nigga don’t play stupid you watching her ass as she walked away"

"Yeah it don’t matter though she already with somebody"

"Hasn’t stopped you before" Tune mumbled. I look over at Kaya laughing with the makeup artist she looks beautiful with out it to be honest. 

"I already had my chance and I blew it" I finally say.

"You made a mistake and she forgave you don’t beat your self up about it" Tune says and I nod.

"TWIST COME HERE" Kaya laughed and waved me over. I walk over to where she is.

"What’s up?" I ask.

"Can you help us decide on the two looks all of us are stuck between these four" She laughs. I look at all the looks there are two formal looks and two as I like to say ‘Kaya looks’.

"Um those two will look good on you" I pointed to my favorites 


Twist pointed to a red dress with decorative louboutin high heels and another out fit with dark skinnies, stussy black and read shirt with a brown fur vest and Harlem GLCs. 

"YES! I get to wear the GLC’s" I say and hit the dougie, everyone laughs at me.

"Okay so it’s settled let start your make up" One of the artist says. Her name is Leah. 

"Okay" I say and sit in the chair.

"Put this on instagram" I tell Twist and hand him my phone.

"Alright" He says and takes the picture. "What do you want you caption to be?"

"Just say ‘work in progress’" He nods and types it into my phone.

"Now it’s my turn" He takes a picture with his phone and types something in then I get an IG notification, I read it and he tagged me in it saying ‘Day with this beauty @ShutUpKaya_’

"Aww" I say and blush a bit.

"Girl close your mouth so I won’t get lipstick all over you face" Leah says and I laugh.

"Sorry" I say and close my mouth. She finishes up my make up and then another girl Alicia starts to straighten my hair and then adds big curls.

"You look beautiful" They both say once they are all done. 

"Thank you" I smile and walk over to the clothing rack and change into the red dress first.

"Perfect the photographer is waiting for you" Leah points over to a guy.

"Alright, I say and walk towards him.

"Wow" Twist says admiring my look.

"Haha thanks" I say and continuing my way over to the photographer.

"Great your ready, you’ve done these before so you know what to do" He says and a nod. "well get up there and shows the camera some love" He says.

I go up to the white back drop and do as many poses as I can think of and then they give me a stool and a huge silver ball. I put one foot on the stool and hold the ball infront of me and make a tiger face.

"PERFECT NEXT LOOK!" He yells and I quickly change, I was excited about this look because I get to wear the GLCs and they didn’t come out yet. When I come back I do the same and for my last post I swat down and do the thuggin face and a few smiles. Then we take some quick close up and I’m done.

"Tune can I keep these?" I ask with the puppy dog face.

"Yeah, everything you wore is now yours" He says.I scream and hug him tightly.

"Cool, I’m gonna wear this outfiit then" I say and run over to get the rest of my stuff.

"Oh by the way I told Tune about you staying with me and he thinks its a great and more convenient so all we need is your mom’s approval" Twist smiles.

"Great, well let’s go" I say happily.Twist takes my things from me and walks to the car.

"Bye Tune"I say and give him a hug.

"Bye baby, good luck" He says.

"Thanks I’m gonna need it" I chuckle and we part ways.

I walk outside and find Twist’s car, once I hop in and buckle my seat belt Twist pulls off. As he’s driving I admire my harlem GLCs.

"Stop looking at those damn shoes" Twist laughs.

"You don’t understand how much I wanted these" I say still looking at them, he just shakes his head and continues driving.

It’s not long before we arrive at the house that we we rented. We both get out and knock on the door. My mom opens it and we are greeted by my dogs. 

"Hey mom" I say and give her a hug.

"What do you want?" She asks catching on and letting us in the house.

"Why do I have to want something?" I ask seemingly offended.

"Well you brought Twist with you so I guess he’s supposed to make me nicer and you hugged me as soon as I answered the door with a big Kool-aid smile" My mom pointed out.

"She’s good" Twist whispers in my ear.

"Thank you" My mom laughs.

"Alright well Twist and I-"

"Meaning her" Twist cut me off, I glare at him but continue anyways.

"I came up with the idea to stay with Twist for convenience" I start.

"Kaya I don’t thi-"

"Wait let me finish" I say she nods giving me permission to continue.

"I spoke with Tune and he says it’s a good idea. We are saving money and its a nice two bedroom apartment, very spacious and Twist said it’s fine with him.

"Well…" My mom begins to think about it. "Okay… You can stay with Twist but you have to come home every now and then because you are still underage and when you turn 18 I won’t bother you about it anymore. Deal?" My mom say.

"Ahhh!" I scream happily, "Deal!!!" Twist and my mom laugh at me.

"Take of her… I’m trusting you if anything happens to her it won’t be me you have to face, it will me her father" My mom stared at Twist hard.

"Yes ma’am" He says.

"Good, now you can go ahead and start packing and moving in. I’m gonn a stay here for a few more days to take care of some business with Tune and I will arrange a manager for you for when I’m not around" My mom says.

"Okay" I smile and hug her. "Come on Twist" I say excitedly and drag him upstairs to help me pack. 


"My new home" I say happily as I watch Twist carrying all my stuff to my new room.

"Yeah yeah" he says. "I already know you want to start redecorating so if you come up with the plan I can get it done" Twist says.

"Perfect and we can go grocery shopping, I can’t have you eating out all the time it’s not good for you" I pat his stomach.

"You can do that once on your own" He says.

"Pwease" I pull the puppy dog face again.

"Ugh fine" Works every time.

"Thanks, let’s do that later though, I’m tired because you woke me out of my sleep" I snap.

"it’s not my fault you had to be up" He says.

"Whatever" I mumble and my phone ding and it’s from my mom telling me that I have a interview with Big Boy tomorrow.

"Can you take me to a interview tomorrow?" I ask him.

"You need your license, but sure" He replies.

"I will get them soon and thank you" I smile and my phone rings.

"Hello" I say not looking at my caller ID.

"I’m sorry about yesterday… I over reacted" Dig says.

"Nah you were right, you had every right to be mad" I say.

"I’m gonna come back after you’re done" Twist says and leaves.

"You’re still there?" Diggy asks.

"Um actually, I moved in with him" I say and he doesn’t reply. "Dig?" I ask.

"yeah I’m here" He says obviously mad. I roll my eyes this time.

"Dig I moved in with him because it’s convenient nothings gonna happen… You trust me right?" I hate how I have to ask him if he trusts me.

"Yeah" He sighs.

"Then let me do me… I will see you soon" I say and hang up the phone, not wanting to talk any longer because I’m sick of fighting with him.

"Twist let’s go now!" I yell out.

"I thought you were tired!" He yells back.

"WAS now let’s go!" I say.

"Alright give me a second!" 


When we get to the grocery store I get all types of food. Right now we are in the fruit ale and I’m picking out fruits. 

"What type of fruit do you like?" I ask Twist.

"Grapes" He says and I reach for different grapes. Then I see the pineapples and pick up a few.

"Why so much?" Twist asks confused.

"I’m gonna need it" I say.

"Why?" He asks. I wave my hands for him to come here. He brings his head to me and I whisper.

"It’s makes something sweeter" I say and he catches on and makes the oh face.

"I want to taste some of that" He says hype.

"Nice try! Only my boyfriend can do that" I laugh.

"It was worth a shot" He laughs too. We continue shopping until the cart is practically over flowing,  We go over to the cashier and Twist pays for it all and we make out way back home.


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Chapter 69



It’s been 2 days and I’m still here a Diggy’s house. Nobody knows about the loss excpet for Diggy’s family… Not even my own. I haven’t eaten nor have left Diggy’s room. 

"Kaya you have to leave this room" Diggy says coming out of the shower.

"No" I say and turn on my side. He sighs and begins to get dressed.

"Well just call if you need me" He kisses my cheek and leaves out the room.

I get a facetime request from Princeton and hit ignore. A few seconds later  my rings from receiving a text.

"I know you did not just swerve my call" 

I laugh and decide to call him back. “Hey beautiful” He says smiling into the camera.

"Hey" I say plainly. His smile drops.

"What’s wrong?" he asks. 


"Come on Kaya, I know you now what happened?" 

"Well, two days ago… I-" I start, but the tears stop me.

"Kaya what happened?" He asks again worried.

"I was in a car accident and both of my babies were killed" I choke out. He looks at me shocked.

"Kaya, I’m so sorry" He says softly.

"It’s okay… Their names were Savannah and Daniel" I say.

"That’s so cute" 


"Did you tell anyone?" He asks me.

"Um only you and Dig’s family know" I reply.

"Well maybe it was best that the babies didn’t come I mean, how much stress would that have added? You know?" Princeton says.


"What babies?" Ray asks coming into Princes room. "Who you talkin to?" Ray asks.

"Nobody" Prince says and puts his phone down. I can’t see them anymore but I can still hear the.

"You were talking to nobody?" Ray asks.

"Yep" Prince says.

"Come one who was it?"

"Nobody" I come face to face with Ray. "See it’s nobody" Prince says trying to take the phone back.

"Kaya?" Ray says shocked.

"Hey Ray…" I say awkwardly.

"You were pregnant?" He asks.

"Yeah…" I say and Ray drops the phone and I hear Prince’s door slam.

"Um, I’ll call you back later" prince says.

"Okay, bye" I hang up and get right back under the covers. As soon as I get comfortable my mom calls me. "Hello?" 

"Kaya, I heard the news, I am so sorry" My mom says in a sympathetic tone.

"No, you’re not" I fan her off with my tone of voice.

"Yes I am, of course I wasn’t happy that you were pregnant in the first place, but this is not what I hoped for"


"Look… Kaya, I love you and I’m sorry about your loss okay? They will be forever in our hearts"

"Savannah and Daniel" I mumble.

"What?" My mom asks.

"Their names are Savannah and Daniel" I explain.

"Oh, I’ll have something waiting for you when you get home, and since I know you’re already going through a lot you aren’t in trouble anymore. Just… PLEASE be careful next time okay?"

"Okay, bye mom" I say.

"Bye sweetie" I decide to tweet.

@ShutUpKaya_: I haven’t left my spot… RIP S & D. I love you guys.

After the tweet is sent I decide to look through what my TL is saying. I start seeing people talk about me being pregnant “How did they know?” I whisper out loud. They were saying cruel things and it did not make this situation any better. I try to keep my self together, but I can’t so I send another tweet.

@ShutUpKaya_: All you guys saying mean things should know that my last tweet was about them… They died… Some of y’all have no hearts smh

I begin to read and everyone is apologizing then someone asks who the father was.

@ShutUpKaya_: @DiggysNo1 none of your business, that’s personal.

Then she replies.

@DiggysNo1: @ShutUpKaya_ so you’re ashamed haha. HOE.

@ShutUpKaya_: @DiggysNo1 I’m not ashamed I just think the world doesn’t need to know .

She doesn’t reply so I decide to creep on her page and see what else she got to say.

@DiggysNo1: Kaya is a hoe and we all know it was Diggy’s baby. I feel bad for Diggy, but Kaya deserved it she needs to stop hoeing around

@ShutUpKaya_: It’s funny how people try to break you at your weakest point…

Some of my fans stand up for me and smile.

@ShutUpKaya_: Thanks guys you always have my back #KayasKillas

I decide to follow some fans and then I was about to log off, but i saw Diggy’s tweet.

@diggy_simmons: Don’t be disrespectful, plain and simple.

I retweet his tweet and then lock my phone.



I was tweeting some fans when I noticed people attacking Kaya and saying I was the father. It’s none of their business so I’m not going to say anything about that but I decide to tweet to get them off Kaya’s back.

"Time to get back to work" I sigh and put my head in my hands.

"It will come to you, give it time" My dad hands me a water.

"I know, but I feel like I’m letting my JetSetters down"

"You aren’t letting them down Dig, give your self time. If you push it out, it will not be as great as you want it to be. Trust me I know from experience" I nod my head taking in what it said. "How is Kaya?" He asks.

"The same, she hasn’t moved and to make it worse when she comes out her shell and decides to tweet people harass her" I say.

"I hope she’s okay"

"Me too, they found out about her being pregnant some how and assumed I am the father. We didn’t confirm anything, but she did say they died" I sigh.

"The media finds out everything as you can tell, but just do what you been doing, stay strong for Kaya" 

"I’m trying but I have my moment when I want to break down too, but i can’t let her see me like that" 

"Then why are you even down here, she comes first, your fans can wait" My dad says.

"You know what? You’re right. Thanks dad" I say and rush up to my room. 

I see Kaya and she looks at me. “Thanks” She mumbles.

"No problem" I say and walk completely into my room. She gets up and runs over to me and wraps her arms around my torso.

"This is so hard" She mumbles into my shirt, I can feel it becoming moist signaling she is crying.

"We’re going to get through it, do you want me to tell Tune to postpone all your stuff so you can have a little bit longer to get your self together?"

"I don’t want to let my fans down… but yes please" 

"Alright, give me your phone and go lay back down. Do you want me to make you some food?’

"Yes… Maybe some waffles" She says innocently.

"It’s lunch time" I chuckle.

"Anytime is waffle time" She says and hands me her phone and walks over to my bad. I shake my head at her.

"Okay, I’ll ask my mom to make you some waffles"

"Okay" She gets situated under the covers. I look at her one last time before looking for my mom. I finally find her in the office.

"Mom, do you mind making Kaya some waffles?" I ask.

"Not at all, it’s a good thing she feels that she can eat" She gets up and make her way to the kitchen. I say behind and decide to call Tune, this is going to be awkward considering I don’t talk with him unless Kaya is around.

"Kaya?" He asks.

"Hi Tune, this is Diggy, I’m using Kaya’s phone. She needs a little time to get her self together because a few days ago she lost two babies" I explain.

"Wait hold on… She was pregnant?" He asks.

"Yeah" I say.

"Man I knew y’all was fuckin but I didn’t know y’all were having a baby, well babies and I’m sorry to hear that. Tell her to take her time, but she needs get back on her feet as soon as possible" Tune says.

"I will let her know, thank you"

"No problem" I hang up and walk out to see my mom making Kaya’s food.

After Kaya eats, she goes and takes a shower and I decide to clean up my room a bit.

When she comes out she changes and comes over to me. “You’re the best” She says sweetly.

"I know" I say and she sucks her teeth.

"I’m playing babe" I say smiling.

"Yeah, whatever" She says and he phone starts ringing. She goes and looks to see who it is.

"Who is it?" I ask her. 

"Chris" She replies with a smile and answers the phone.

"Hello… Yeah I’m in New Jersey… With Diggy… For real?… Aight bet I’ll text you the address" She hangs up the phone. "Chris is coming" She says and lays down.

"I’m proud of you" I tell her.

"For what?" She asks.

"For being strong" I smile.

"It’s hard, but I have to be" She half way smiles.

"You’re doing great" I say and go over to her and kiss her. When I pull away she just smiles and brings my face back to hers.

"I love you" She says against my lips.

"I love you too" I reply and peck her lip.

"Ewwww" Russy says coming in the room.

"Russy get out!" I yell irritated.

"I just came in to ask if you’ve seen my camera"  He says.

"No, now get out" I say and back away from Kaya to lead him out.

"Alright, alright I’m leaving" He says. I close the door and lock it. When I go to where Kaya is she smacks me.

"Ow, what was that for" I say.

"You didn’t have to be mean" Kaya says.

"He was being annoying" i reply dryly.

"He was asking for his camera!!" 

"Wait, are you really mad about this?" I say confused.

"I just don’t like how you treat your brother"

"You can not be serious…"

"I’m very serious" She gets off my bed and leaves out my room. We fight over the stupidest things it’s ridiculous. I’m not going after her this time.



Dig was wrong for that, like he has no right to talk to Russy like that. I decide to go into Russy’s room. His door is already open, so I knock on it. “Come in” He says lowly.

"Hey, sorry about Diggy" I say.

"It’s okay, I’m used to it" Russy sighs.

"You shouldn’t be, he was wrong" I say and he shrugs. "What do you say, I help you find you camera and we film some things?" I ask.

"That would be cool, but aren’t you… you know recovering?" He ask.

"Yeah, but this will help" I smile at him.

"Okay, well come on then" He says and gets up. 

"Where was the last place you saw it?" I ask.

"Umm…. THE THEATRE" He says and we walk there and it’s sitting right where he left it.

"You want to start recording?" He asks.

"Yeah, what do you want me to do?" I ask him. 

"Well how about, we do a interview or something?" He asks.

"Sure let’s do it" I say. He sets the camera up and starts recording, then he takes a seat next to me.

We do a short little interview he asks me random funny questions and I answer all of them. By the end we end up laughing for like 5 minutes straight. “Where did you get those questions from?!” I continue to laugh.

"I don’t know" He laughs also. "Thanks for doing this with me" He says once we finish laughing.

"No problem, I had fun and you helped my mind from focusing on what I need to move away from" I smile. "So thank you" I hug him and we go to the door and see Dig standing there.

"Ka-" I bump past him and make my way upstairs, I hear him sigh. The door bell rings and I go answer it and it’s Chris. 

"Chris!!!!" I yell and run into his arms.

"Hey YaYa" He says hugging me.

"YaYa?" I ask.

"Yeah it’s cute" he laughs and I roll my eyes.

"Come in" I say making way for him. He goes straight to the kitchen to greet Rev and Justine, he give JoJo and Russy dap and gives Miley a hug.

"Where is Diggy?" He asks. I shrug.

"Kaya his mad at him" Russy snitches.

"RUSSY!" I yell.

"Sorry" He says. 

"What did he do?" Justine asks.

"Mom it’s nothing" I say.

"Well it must be something i-" Chris starts but I cut him off.

"Chris SHUT UP!" I say. Diggy walks in and I roll my eyes. He give Chris daps.

"Why is YaYa made at you?" Chris asks.

"I don’t understand it my self…" Diggy says.

"Women." Chris, Diggy, Jojo and Rev say at the same time.

"Excuse me?" Justin and I say.

"Y’all just have issues" Jojo says.

"Too many problems for me to deal with" Diggy says.

"Well I guess you won’t have to be worrying about my "problems" because you will be sleeping on the couch" I say.  Russy, JoJo and Chris Laugh. Diggy looks unamused.

"Anyways, Chris come on" I lead him out the kitchen on the patio.

"I meant to ask you, your mom said some things were happening and it’s best if you told me… what’s up?" Chris asks.

"That’s what I wanted to talk to you about" I say and he nods. "Well it turns out I was pregnant and a few days ago, I was in an accident and we lost the babies" I explain. He looks shocked. "Yeah.." I say awkwardly.

"I’m so sorry" He says.

"It’s fine I’m getting over it, but the media found out about the whole thing…"

"and people started bothering you on twitter" Chris finishes.

"Yes" I sigh.

"Figures" Chris says. 

"I’m okay though, this is the first time I got out of bed and talked with people, so I’m staying strong" 

"I’m glad to here that YaYa and that was what your tweet was about? The RIP S and D one?" He asks.

"yeah Savannah and Daniel" I answer. He nods and gives me a hug.

"Well let’s go back inside it’s getting cold out here" Chris says and I nod. We both go back inside.

"You told him?" Justine asks.

"Yes" I reply.

"Good, we’re just glad you’re talking and out of the room. You never did answer our questions though, why are you mad at Daniel?" She asks.

"Well Russy came in his room to ask about his camera and I didn’t like how he treated him" I say.

"You know Dig has a um…" 

"PMS personality? Yeah I’ve noticed" I reply. Justine laughs.

"I guess you could say that" She laughs a bit. "I’m going to start on dinner, any requests?" She asks.

"Doesn’t matter to me, I’ll come down and help you out" I say. She smiles and goes back into the kitchen. I lead Chris upstairs to Diggy’s room and leave with out even acknowledging his presence.

After Justine and I finish making dinner everyone comes downstairs and begins to eat. 

When we are finished we say good-bye to Chris and I make my way upstairs. When I get to Diggy’s room, I change into my pajamas. Dig goes downstairs like he was told and I decide to tweet.

@ShutUpKaya_: Staying strong…

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Chapter 68 (Part 2)


So far we have been sitting in the waiting room for 5 hours. No word from the doctor or anything, all we know is it doesn’t look good for the baby. Here is just my parents, Jaden and I. My mom called Kaya’s mom to let her know what happened and she’s worried sick.

"Dig eat something" My mom says.

"I’m not hungry" I sigh.

"You out here starving isn’t going to help anything" My mom hands me the chickfla she got me about 2 hours ago. I give up and eat some of it.

"You feel better?" My mom say rubbing my shoulder.

"No" I say lowly and put my head in my hands. "This is all my fault" 

"No it’s not" My dad steps in.

"Yes it is if I wouldn’t have made her mad, she wouldn’t have left" I say.

"God has his ways, he’s in control" My mom whispers. I look over at Jaden, he looks a little shook too. I should talk to him, for Kaya’s sake. I get up and walk over to him.

"We started off on the wrong foot, I’m Diggy" I stick my hand out.

"Jaden" He says and shakes it. We both sigh."I just hope she’s okay" He let’s out an uneven breath.

"Me too man, me too" I reply. We sit in silence and then doctors comes over about 30 minutes later.

"Here for Kaya Brown?" He says and I shoot up and walk right over to him.

"How is she?" I ask and bite my lip.

"She’s fine, but not so much the babies…" He starts.

"Babies? As in two?" I ask.

"Well fetus to be exact considering she was about 8 weeks, we went in to remove it and the other fetus was affected so we had to remove both. Since it’s so early in the pregnancy neither survived. Sorry for you loss” The doctor says. I freeze not able to say anything.

"Come on Daniel let’s go see Kaya" My mom says and grabs my shoulder. I don’t move what so ever. The tears fall before I can even stop them, my mom pulls me into a hug and I don’t even worry about who is watching. "Come on sweetie" She says and walks me to Kaya’s room. When we get there she is sleeping peacefully.

I go over and touch her face. “I love you” I whisper and take a seat and put my head in my hands.

The whole room was silent. “Dig, it was for the best” My dad reassures me. I look at him like he’s crazy.

"For the best? What do you mean for the best?!?! I lost TWO not one but TWO of my children. How dare you?!" Everything flows out with no sensor. I ball my fists to to the point where they turn white.

"Dig calm down" my mom says.

"Don’t tell me to calm down! I can’t calm down" I rush out the room ignoring them calling my name.



I can hear what’s going, but I can’t open my eyes. All I can hear is Diggy yelling and people telling him to calm down. The door slams and finally open my eyes. “Dig?” I ask.

"He um left… He’s upset" Justine says.

"Why?" I ask confused.

"You, remember how you were bleeding?" 


"Well it’s because on impact one of the babies were hit and when removing that one, they had to remove the other" She breaks the news to me.

"I was having twins?" I ask as the tears stream down, but try to smile.

"Yes" She says. Diggy comes back and see’s me crying. He practically runs over to me and pulls me into his arms.

"I shouldn’t have left" i say through the tears.

"No, I shouldn’t have said what I said"

"I over reacted" I can feel his tears. 

"We’re going to leave you two alone" Rev says and he leaves.

"Baby, we have to be strong" Diggy whispers against my neck.

"I can’t" I get out in between tears.

"We have to be, it’s not going to be easy, but we have to move on" He says softly. I break away from the hug and look at the tears in his eyes. I kiss him.

"I love you" I say.

"I love you too" He hugs me once again and we sit in this position for about an hour. "You ready to go?" He sniffles.

"Yeah, where is Jaden?" I ask.

"Well, when we got the news he stayed out front to give us sometime, but ended up having to leave. He said just give him a call we you’re ready to talk to someone" He replies.

"You didn’t kill him?" I say in a fake shocked voice, which lightens the mood and he laughs.

"No, he’s a cool dude and like you said he is only a friend" He says.

"Thanks for understanding" I hug him once again.

"Come on" He lifts me up out of the hospital bed and carries me.

"Dig I’m not handicap" I giggle.

"And?" He questions.

"Nevermind" I shut up and enjoy the ride. When we get out to the waiting room, i see Rev and Justine. "Put me down" I say and he does. I greet Rev and Justine.

"We’ll talk at the house" Justine whispers, i nod. 

When we arrive at Diggy’s house I go straight to the office and wait on Justine. She comes in and looks at me with sympathetic eyes. 

"I know exactly how you feel right now, alone, regretfully, sad, angry all in one" She says and I nod. "It may not seem like it now, but it gets better. It took me a really long time to get over Victoria’s death, but I did and look at me today. Just know you’re not alone you have Dig, me, Rev and most importantly your parents"

"Thank mom" I say and hug her.

"No problem sweetie"

"Their names are Savannah Justine and Daniel Dwayne Simmons the 4th" I say and she smiles.

"That’s beautiful" She says and I hug her once more crying silent tears…

RIP Savannah and Daniel

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Chapter 68 (Part 1)


I stare at the text debating on whether to reply or not…

"Babe?" Kaya questions when she sees me. I don’t reply. "Are you looking through my phone?" She asks.

"Nah you got a text from somebody named Jaden" I say keeping my cool.

"Oh for real, what did he say?" She says now interested in what I’m saying. 

"He said you he likes how you’re in NY but don’t hit up nobody" She laughs.

"Of course" She rolls her eyes. "Can you tell him that I’ve been busy and I will talk to him when I can?" She asks me.

"Who is he though?" I ask not keeping my cool anymore.

"Whoa where did that come from, chill out I met him last time I was here" She explains. "… He is just a friend"

"Yeah, I haven’t heard that before" I scoff. She drops her mouth shocked and then gets out of bed and walks out. Damn maybe I should have kept that to my self.

"Mood swings?" My dad asks entering the room.

"Kinda…" I trail off.

"What did you say? You know pregnant women are overly sensitive" 

"So I’ve noticed…"

"What happened though?" 

"Dad, please" 

"I was just trying to help" He puts his hands up in defense.

"Thanks, but I got this one… I hope" I say the last part so only I can here. My dad gets the hint and leaves out my room.



I left Diggy alone to sink in his own stupidity. Like how could he say that? And it didn’t help that I was feeling extra horny right now, stupid pregnancy. I mentally curse my self out and make my way downstairs. No one is down here so I just go into the fridge and grab some yogurt.

I sit down at the table. As I’m eating I feel arms wrap around my waist and I feel him kissing on my neck. I push him off me and try to finish eating. He doesn’t give up and once again wraps his arms around me. “Stop!” I say annoyed.

"Look I’m sorry okay, I shouldn’t have said that" He apologizes, but he’s not off the hook.

"You’re right you shouldn’t have" I get up and throw away my empty yogurt container.



"Please?" He asks with a cute puppy dog face. I turn around and go into his room to get my phone then leave out. I hear him sigh. I just shrug and go downstairs once again. I decide to call Jaden.

"You finally get back to me hours later, I see how it is" Jaden chuckles.

"Sorry Jaden, but I miss you though" I say.

"I’m sure you do, you want to do something today?" he asks.

"Actually, yeah I do"

"Your boyfriend gonna be okay with it?" I can feel him smirking through the phone. 

"What Diggy doesn’t know won’t hurt him" I say nonchalant.

"Alright ma, give me the address and I will come pick you up" He says.

"Okay see you in a bit" I reply and hang up. 

I make my way upstairs and I see Diggy, I roll my eyes at sight of his face. I gather my things and go into the bathroom.

When I’m finished I come out and put my hair up in a bun. “Where you going? And why is Jaden calling you ‘baby girl’” He asks holding up my phone showing a text that Jaden sent me.

"Out and none of your business" I reply and grab my phone. Before I can exit Diggy spins me around.

"You ain’t going no where with out me" He says over protectively. I laugh in his face.

"You should know by now that I don’t like being controlled, so watch me" I say with a smirk and get out of his grip. 

When I get down stairs, I see Jaden outside. I get in his car and he pulls off. “You didn’t tell me you were at your boyfriend’s house though” Jaden says.

"Sorry slipped my mind" I say innocently.

"Mhm I know y’all got into it before you left" He says.

"Yeah and he saw your text calling me ‘baby girl’ and got mad" I roll my eyes.

"My bad shawd" He says.

"Nah you good, I need to piss him off anyways he made me mad today"

"Trouble in paradise huh?" Jaden asks.

"Oh please, our relationship is anything but that" I scoff. He nods understandingly.

"So where are we going?" I ask changing the subject.

"Nothing special, just out to eat" He says.

"Okay" I reply. My phone starts ringing and it’s Diggy, I quickly hit ignore. He calls several more times through out the ride, I don’t even check to see who it is because I know it’s him.

"Okay so what exactly did he do because you are swerving him with out a problem?" Jaden asks and turns off the car since we arrived at the restaurant.

"To be honest he in directly called me a hoe, I know it may seem like I’m over reacting but my pregnancy h- wait I wasn’t supposed to say that. SHIT!" I mentally curse my self out.

"Hold on bring it back, you’re pregnant?!" He asks.

"Yeah…" I reply lowly.

"Wow" He says.

"I know, i guess it was expected because I’m such a hoe right? I mean that’s what all the blogs are calling me and I guess I just proved their point" I say letting the streams falls.

"Kaya you’re not a hoe because you’re pregnant" He says calmly.

"That’s what everyone else seems to think I am now, imagine what they will think when they find out I’m… Pregnant" 

"Who gives a fuck about what they think, certainly not the Kaya that i’ve come to know and love" 

"It’s just hard" I say not even bothering to stop the tears.

"Come here" He whispers. I crawl over to him and he wraps his arms around me. "You’re not a hoe, you are a beautiful and talented young lady and don’t forget it" I nod not answering. He wipes my tears. 

"Sorry about your shirt" I half way smile.

"Fuck this shirt" He replies. Deja vu

Flash back

“Fuck this shirt” He said causing me to smile. He pecked my lips and then wiped all my tears not messing up my make up. 

“You’re the best” I whispered and and kissed him again not letting go. He smiled into the kiss and so did I.

“You ready to go back out there?” He asked me and I nodded and we left.


 I lay down and Twist starts to try to kiss me.

“Stop” I say.

“No” He replies then starts kissing on my neck.

“Twist stop!” I yell and he just ignores me then starts tugging on my pants. “Stop you’re drunk!” 

“No I’m not… I want you baby” He says then tugs on my pants more and I slap him.

“What the fuck was that for?!” He yells with rage in his eyes at this point I am scared but don’t show it. Then he slaps me hard. 

End of Flashback

"Twist STOP!" I scream as the tears stream.

"Kaya it’s me Jaden" He says and a calming voice bringing me back to reality. 

"Oh my God" i cover my mouth. "Jaden I’m so sorry" I say sadly.

"It’s okay, why were you calling me Twist?" He asks.

"Um" I bite my lip.

"You can tell me" He urges me on.

"Okay, but I’m can we leave here, I’m not hungry anymore" i admit.

"Alright" He says and starts the car back. I explain to him the whole situation between Twist and I and talk about how hard it is to talk to him.

"So when I said what I said, it reminded you of the Twist situation?" He asks to clarify.

"Yeah like we were in that exact situation, Diggy had made me cry and he was there and now you are here" I say.

"Oh, I’m sorry" He says.

"No you didn’t know it’s fine" I say. I look at the road and see a car coming right for us. "JADEN LOOK OUT!" I yell. 

"OH SHIT" He yells and tries to swerve but it was too late. A car hit us head on and the air bag inflated as glass flew everywhere. "You alright?’ Jaden asks.

"Uh yeah" I say and push the air bag out of my face and sit up straight.

"Oh shit, you’re head" He points out. I press my hand to it.

"Fuck" I mumble.

"Let’s get out of here and check on the other driver" He suggests. I nod and we both get out. 

As Jaden goes to check on the other driver I call an ambulance. When I get finished with the ambulance, I have no other choice but to call Diggy… So I dial his number and he answers on the first ring.

"So now you decide to call me back huh? Wh-" I’m not here for this.

"Dig, we’ve been in an accident, can you tell your parents to come pick us up?" I say cutting him off.

"You’ve been in a what?!?" Diggy asks shocked.

"An accident, please come we are are by the shopping center close to your house" I beg.

"Alright, I’m on my way" He says and hangs up.

"He’s unconscious!" Jaden yells over.

"You checked his pulse?" I ask.


"Alright, we have to wait for the-" We hear sirens. "Never mind" I say.

"Kaya you’re bleeding" He says with wide eyes.

"Yes, we addressed this earlier" I say in a duh tone.

"No Kaya, I mean you’re BLEEDING look at your pant" He says and I look down to see a big blood spot and some running down my legs. Before I can react, one the paramedics come over and set me down on the gurney. 

"Stitch up her forehead and get her to the hospital!" He says with a tone of worry in his voice. I am rushed into the back and strapped down. The ambulance quickly pulls off.



We practically rush out the house to get to where Kaya is. When we get there the ambulance pulls off. I look over to see who I’m guessing is Jaden, he just finished talking to the police. I rush over there before the car can even come to a complete stop. I want to beat the crap out of him right now, but I try to some what keep cool. “Where the hell is Kaya?!” I yell.

He looks confused then gets a good look at me. “Oh you’re her boyfriend, I’m her friend Jaden” He says sticking his hand out.

"Yes I’m her boyfriend, now where the hell is she?" I ask once again not even sticking out my hand.

"She was taken to the hospital um the paramedics believe her stomach was hit on impact, causing her to bleed through her you know… And I told them she was pregnant, so they are just worried how the baby is affected. But Kaya is fine" He explains.

Everything sets in, I but my head in my hands, thinking of the worst possible scenarios. “Dig, what’s wrong?” My dad comes over.

"Can you just take me to the hospital… Please?" I ask not really in an explaining mood. He nods and we go back inside the car and make our way to the hospital.

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Chapter 67


I have not heard from Kaya for the past few days, which is odd considering we talk almost everyday. You know what? I’m doing to call her. 

I dial her number and she picks up the phone on the first ring. “Hold on Prince, DIGGY WHERE IS MY APPLESAUCE!” She practically yells into my ear.

"Well there goes my hearing" I say sarcastically. She laughs.

"My bad" She replies.

"What’s up with you? You haven’t called me" I ask some what hurt.

"I know Prince, I’m sorry… Some stuff has happened.." She explains.

"What do you mean?" I ask.

"Here is your applesauce" I hear Diggy’s voice in the background.

"Thanks babe" She tells him.

"Call me if you need me though, Russy, Spin, my dad and I are going to play some basketball" 

"Where is your mom?"

"She wen’t to go get some food for you and the baby"

"Okay" She tells him. "Sorry about that" She says.

"Nah it’s cool, but Diggy got another little sister?" I ask confused on which baby they were talking about.

"Well not exactly…" She says nervously.

"Then what?" I ask still confused.

"I’m pregnant" She let’s out a breathe.

"You’re pregnant?!" I practically yell.

"SHHHHH! Prince the whole world doesn’t need to know!" She yells at me.

"Sorry, sorry, I’m just a bit shocked that’s all…"

"So were we, but PLEASE don’t tell Ray" She practically begs.

"I won’t" I sigh.

"Thanks!" She replies happily.

"He’s going to find out eventually" I point out.

"I know… I just want to be the one to tell him, but honestly it’s none of his business…" She trails off.

"I’m not even going to get in this, do you" I respond. "So how long have you been pregnant?" I ask.

"Umm about two months" She answers.

"Wow, I did not see this coming" I say letting it settle in. I’m not gonna yell at her or anything, no doubt I am not happy that my friend got pregnant at a young age. But I have to be there for her even if it means going against Ray.

"I mean I was shocked too, but most of all scared of my parents reaction"

"You told them?" 

"Yeah… They didn’t take it too well. After this week trip is over with Diggy, I’m grounded. I just want to keep my dad from killing Diggy" She chuckles, but you can sense she was serious.

"Well if you were my daughter, Diggy would be dead already" I reply.

"That’s what Rev said" She laughs.

"Why would Dig be dead?" Roc asks coming in my room.

"Uh.." I say not sure what to say.

"It’s okay… You can tell him, but no one else" Kaya says. 

"Alright" I tell Roc what’s going on, he looks shocked.

"Well congrats" He says cheerfully. "Have you thought of any baby names?"

"Umm yeah, since I really want a girl I came up with the name Savannah" she says.

"That’s cute" Roc and I say at the same time.

"Thanks" She says happily. "But Diggy’s mom just got back, I will call you guys later" SHe hangs up.

"Wow Roc says… Is it sad to say, i’m not surprised?" Roc asks.

"No not really because neither am I" I reply. 

"Not surprised at what?" Ray asks coming in my room.

"Nothing" We reply suspiciously. He eyes us, but let’s it go. 

"Okay…" He replies.



When Ms. Justine comes into the kitchen, she greets me with a smile. “Hey sweetie, how was your sleep?” She asks me.

"It was good, but when I woke up my mood swings were out of control" I say. She laughs.

"Been there, done that" She smiles at me. I love how Diggy’s parents are so accepting. I mean, I know they are disappointed, but they don’t hate me or anything… They are so genuine,  I wish my parents were that way.

"Ms. Jus-"

"Call me mom… You have every right to" She smiles.

"Okay mom, I wanted to thank you for being so excepting, I mean I know you guys are disappointed, but you guys accepted it" I tell her.

"No problem sweetie" She says and give me a hug. "How about we put the food away and have a girls day out. what do you say?" She asks me.

"I’d like that" I smile. We begin to put the food away.



"So, y’all are serious? Kaya is pregnant?" Spin asks to clarify. I nod. "Well congrats man, you’re going to be a great father" 

"I hope so…" I say and take a shot. My dad chases after the ball.

"No worries Dig, you’re going to do just great" My dad encourages me.

"I just want to be the best I can be, you know. i want him/ her to have a father and I want to be their in their life and love them" I tell them truthfully.

"And you will Dig, don’t stress about it" Spin takes a shot.

"Yeah Dig don’t stress" Russy says and tries to steal the ball.

We play for a while longer and stop when we see Kaya comes down. “Hey babe what’s up?” I ask and walk over to her.

"Well mom and I are going out and I wanted to let you know before we left" She smiles innocently.

"Okay I will see you when I get back" I kiss her.

"Eww Dig you’re sweaty" She says and pushes me off.

"Rejected" Russy fake coughs. My dad and Spin laugh.

"Haha very funny guys" I say sarcastically. 

"Bye" Waves and leaves

"Y’all are so cute, I swear" Russy says fake crying.

"Since when were you the comedian" I say and throw the ball at him. He catches it. 

"When. You. Became. The. Rapper" He dribbles on every word and runs to take a shot and makes it. "OHHHH" He sices him self. We roll our eyes and continue to play.


When Kaya and my mom comes back everyone has showered and we’re just chillin in the sitting area, watching the game.

"We’re back!" my mom says entering the room.

"Welcome back" We say into the game.

"Let me get this straight, y’all play basket ball, shower and then watch it?" Kaya asks.

"Yep" We all reply.

"Who is playing?" She asks us.

"Knicks and Heat" My dad replies. 

"Well in that case" She runs over to us and plops on my lap.

"So I see we got us a Knicks fan huh?" My dad says.

"Of course!" Kaya says non taking her eyes off the screen. "Lebron better not pull nothing this game I am not here for it!" Kaya says mad.

"Thank you!" Spin says.

"I will go over there and personally beat his a- beat his butt, think I’m playing" She says seriously. We all laugh at her and she rolls her eyes then quickly focuses back on the game.

At the end of the game Kaya and Spin started celebrating because the knicks won. They both go on their phones and start bragging to their followers. Kaya is smiling so hard into her phone, I decide to take a picture of her because it is so cute.

"Did you just take a picture of me?" She says taking her attention away from her phone and looking at me oddly.

"Maybe…" I say.

"Fuckin weird" She says only for me to hear and goes back to her phone. I go over to her and wrap my arms around her waist .

"You’re beautiful" I say against her neck. I look around and notice everyone had left, I shrug and focus on Kaya. "I think they get the point" I say taking her phone away from her.

"No stop!!" She says reaching for her phone and I hold it higher. She starts jumping and fails to get it. I laugh at her and she crosses her arms. "Give me my phone ass hole" She says annoyed.

"Give me a kiss first" I tell her.

"Fine come here" She whispers sexily moving her finger. I lean down to her and she snatches the phone and runs away. 

"Haha"  I laugh sarcastically. "You got me"

Know I got you all through the pain and I got you and that’ll never change. No” She sings.

You never cry when your with me, but don’t worry cause you got me now, you got me now. Ohhh” I sing and take the phone again.

"Ewww please don’t sing" She laughs.

"I’m hurt" I place a hand over my heart.

"babe, I love you, but uhh you can’t sing" She laughs.

"Oh really now?"

"Yes" She giggles.

"Well since I can’t sing, you’re not getting your phone back" I smirk.

"Hey, don’t blame me for you lack of talent" She laughs.

"Haha very funny" I walk away with he phone.

"Baaaaabe give me my phone" She whines.

"Then say I can sing and give me my kiss" 

"Okay fine, you can kinda sing" She kisses my cheek and takes her phone.

"I’ll get you later for that"

"Yeah, we’ll see about that, but I’m tired so I’m going to lay in your bed" She says and goes up stairs. 

A little bit later I go up to check on her and she’s knocked out, but I see her phone rings and it’s from someone named Jaden I read it.

"I like how you’re in New York and don’t hit up nobody…" 

He used heart eyes and kissy face emojis… who the hell?

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