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I Can Tame You
Kaya steps into these boys lives and changes them for the better... or for the worst.
© 2012-2013 I Can Tame You

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I had to make some changes.

This is the last time for now… I’m sorry about changing the main character so much but this is the last time I think this person is perfect for the part. Sorry again.

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Chapter 12

Ray Ray

When the girls went to the gym we just sat in the room coolin and crackin jokes.

"Is anyone hungry?" Prod asks.

"Actually yeah" I say and everyone else agrees.

"How about we order room service" Diggy suggests we all agree and start looking at the menu. Then we hear the girls come in.

"Hey we’re back" Taylor says.

"What are y’all doing?" Kaya asks.

"Ordering room service" I reply.

"Oh get me some wings" Kaya says going into her and Taylor’s room.

"Same here" Taylor says also going into their room.


Kaya and I went into our room and showered and changed into sweats. I wore blue “PINK” sweatpants and a white “PINK” shirt Kaya wore the same but purple pants and a gray shirt. We both wore our hair naturally curly with a headband. We went out to where the boys were to wait on the room service.

"How was y’all work out" Roc asks.

"It was good we both ran 3 miles" Kaya says as she sits on Ray Rays lap.

"And did about 100 sits ups" I add as I say on Prod’s lap and he kisses my cheek. I just smile. Not too much longer there is a knock on the door which I am assuming is the room service. Spin gets up and answers the door and gives the guy a tip. Then we all get our food and start eating.

"Hey Roger let trade some wings so we can have both flavors" He agrees and they trade some wings I just shake my head, Kaya and her wings. "Thanks bro" Kaya says and continues eating then like five minutes later I look over at Prod who is almost done.

"Damn boy" I say look at his plate.

"What I was hungry" He says and continues to eat I just shake my head and laugh. About 15 minutes later everyone is done eating.


The game is about to start so I turn on the TV and it Knicks vs Heat.

"My Knicks got this" I say.

"Aye we got another Knicks fan in the building" Spin says giving me dap.

"And you know this mannnnn" I say in my Chris Tucker voice everyone laughs.

"Nah the Heat are gonna win" Roger says.

"Exactly" Roc says giving Roger dap. Look at everyone else and no one really cares about the game. We start watching the game for a while and the Heat are in the lead but then Lebron falls.

"Lebron you better stay yo ass down" I jump up and yell getting into the game and everyone looks at me "What?" I say they just shake their head I shrug and look back at the game. Once the game is over the Heat won.

"I’m am salty as fuck bro the refs were on the Heat’s side like when did this become Ref&Heat vs. Knicks the fuck is this?" I say pissed.

"Exactly every thing was a foul against the Knicks" Spin adds.

"Oh and best actress and yes I said actress job goes to Lebron because when he wasn’t even hit hard he was going down like he was in severe pain" I say still salty.

"It was just a game" Princeton says nonchalantly and I just look at him and he shuts up.

"Moving on lets play hide in go seek around the hotel" Ray Ray suggest

"What if we get caught" Princeton asks.

"Don’t be such a baby"

"Yeah It will be fun but we should get more people" Roc says.

"Yeah we can get Twist, Khalil, Za and Jacob" Diggy suggest.

"Yeah go ahead and text them and tell them to meet in this room" Ray Ray tells Diggy and he texts.

"They are on their way" Diggy tells us.

Let the games begin.

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