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I Can Tame You
Kaya steps into these boys lives and changes them for the better... or for the worst.
© 2012-2013 I Can Tame You

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Chapter 86


As I’m getting my self together I hear a familiar voice. “Boy, have you lost your ever loving mind. I don’t know who or what made you talk to Kaya like that, but what ever it is you better drop it!” She yells.

"But ma-" Before Dig could reply she cut him off.

"Go to your room, I’ll talk to you later. Lord give me the strength" I hear movement come closer to the door before it slightly opens. "Kaya… Why would you let him talk to you like that?" Ms. Justine asks sweetly. Her mood just completely changed.

"Um, I deserved it" I put my head down in shame. I feel her wrap her arms around me and pick my head up.

"Sweetheart, you don’t deserve to be spoken to like that, now I don’t know what you did and that’s not my business, but I don’t care if her is my son, he should NEVER speak to you like that" She says. I can tell she switched into mother mode. 

"Yes ma’am"

"Now I need to go talk some sense into this boy" She says. I can tell she’s really up set. She begins to walk out.

"Mom wait" I feel my self getting dizzy and the last thing I notice is myself falling into Ms. Justine’s arms.


When I wake up I hear voicing arguing with each other. I toss a little bit in open my eyes to an all white room. “Guys” I say barely audible because my voice is raspy. I clear my throat and speak up. “Guys” I get all their attention and they look at me. It’s just Dig, Ms. Justine, Rev and my parents.

"What’s going on?" I ask. My dad looks angry and my mom just looks disappointed. 

"Sweetie…" Ms. Justine says sweetly and comes a bit closer to me. "We just found out that you’re pregnant" She says.

"Not again" I say putting my head in my hands.

"Daniel says he may not be the father" My dad says. I can hear the bass in his voice which terrifies me.

"Maybe we should leave" Rev says trying to give us privacy.

"No, stay. I’m sure we all want to hear this" My mom speaks up. Fuck.

"Why does he feel that way Kaya? and we want the truth" My finally dad says. I can’t even say anything, the tears just start streaming. "KAYA RENEE BROWN ANSWER ME!" He yells causing me to jump.

"He’s right… I don’t know who the father is." I speak up. I look down to get away from the looks everyone was giving me.

"So who else could it be" My dad says a bit calmer. I begin mumbling things that don’t even make sense. "SPEAK UP AND LOOK AT ME WHEN I’M TALKING TO YOU!"My dad says furious.

"It could be Dig, Twist, Justin, Khalil or Za" I say loud enough for everyone to hear. Dig storms out the room with his parents following him. My mom has her Jaw dropped and my father looks like he’s about to kill someone.

"Kaya… Are you and Dig even together?" My mom asks.

"No" I say in between tears.

"Oh no don’t start crying now!" My dad yells.

"Sir, I’m gonna have to to ask you to leave, she can’t be under stress" The nurse tell my father. He looks at me one last time a leaves out the room. 

"Kaya I am beyond disappointed in you, if I could yell believe me I would. When you get out of this hospital you are going to drop from this label and you are coming back home. You will attend regular school and yes you’re on punishment. After the baby is born we will find out who the father is. You are stuck at home until you’re 18. Do you hear me?" My mom says calmly but I can tell she’s angry.

"Yes" I get out in between my tears.

"Good" She walks out the room leaving me alone. My life just did a 360 in a matter of months. Now I’m pregnant to make things worse. My fans are going to hate me, my career is ending before it even started. 

"Sweetie" The nurse enters the room getting my attention. "Okay, here are your clothes and once you change you’re free to go" She gives me a sympathetic smile and leaves out. I get my self out of the bed and change into the clothes. 

"Hurry up!" My mom rushes me from outside the door. I wipe my tears and sniff as I rush to get my clothes on. When I get outside I follow my mom to the waiting room. Where I see a frustrated Diggy, a furious father and sympathetic Rev and Justine. We all get into the truck and drive home in silence.

"Go up to Dig’s room while we figure out what to do with you" My mom says once we enter the house. With out questioning her, I go upstairs and take a spot on his bed. 

"Kaya… What happened?" Khalia comes in right behind me and takes a spot next to me. I don’t answer, I simply lean my head on her shoulder as the tears pour out my eyes. "Whatever it is we’ll get through it" She rubs my back. I look up at her with the tears in my eyes to speak up.

"I’m pregnant… Again and…" I can’t even get the last part out. "And?" SHe questions. "I don’t know who the father is" I say and begin crying on her shoulder once again.

"Oh my" She mumbles.

"I’ve never seen daddy so angry… Mom too she’s making me quit making music and go back home… My career is over" I say in between tears.

"It’s going to be okay, Kaya" She rubs my back. I don’t speak I just let the tears flow. We both hear the door open and look up to see Diggy. He doesn’t acknowledge my presence he just picks up something and leaves back out.

"You saw that right?"

"Look I’m not taking his side, but he has every right to be upset Kaya"

"I know, I just wish I could start over."

"You made a mistake… you’ll learn from it" She assures me and leaves. I lay down in Dig’s bed and get comfortable.

"OUR DAUGHTER IS A HOE AND DOESN’T KNOW WHO THE FATHER OF THE CHILD SHE’S CARRYING. OF COURSE I’M GONNA BE UPSET!" I hear my father yell. Damn that hurt. I eventually cry my self to sleep.


"Kaya wake up" I hear Dig’s voice waking me out from my nap.

"huh?" I ask stretching.

"You’re parents want you" He says dryly and begins to leave.

"Wait" I say hoping he would stop.


"Look I’m sorry." I say hoping he would accept it or something.

"I know" He didn’t. He continues to leave out the room with out another word. i feel my self sighing and beginning to get up and I notice a blanket around me. Dig… I feel my self smiling a bit which quickly drops when I realize I have to face my parents again. I know Rev and Justine feel bad for me, but I’m going to have to deal with this.

I finally get up and so one last stretch and make my way downstairs. “Dig said you guys wanted me” I say barely audible.

"SPEAK UP!" My dads voice booms. I jump and say it louder with a hint of nervousness this time. "Dig said you guys wanted me" I say loud and clear.

"We are going to stay in NJ for the rest of the week like we planned, but when we get to the hotel, you will not be able to leave. You are to stay there and do nothing else matter face give me your phone" My mom says and holds her hand out. I slowly begin reaching for my phone.

"MOVE WITH PURPOSE!" If you haven’t noticed my dad was in military school and he always treats me like I’m a cadets when he’s upset with me. I jump from the sound of his voice and quickly get my phone and give it to my mom. 

"Now get your stuff and say good-bye to everyone. We are about to leave" My mom says dismissing me. I first go to find Ms. Justine and Rev and I find them in the office. 

"We’re leaving" I tell them. Rev give me a hug and tell me to ‘hang in there’.  When I give Ms. Justine a hug it lasts longer.

"No matter what I’m going to think of you as another child of mine. I am disappointed in you, but you’re young so you’re going to make mistake. Be strong and don’t forget I’m only a call away" She assures me.

"Thank you mom" I say and her even tighter. I leave and give Russy a hug.

"Too bad we didn’t get to record anything" He says.

"Yeah, but we will again soon" I say giving him another hug. I give Jojo some dap. Then hug Ang and Vanessa.

"Girl we are going to miss you" They say.

"I’m going to miss you guys too" I smile. Then I see Miley and give her a tight hug.

"See you soon Kaya" Miley says and runs off to play I assume. I laugh at the site and look up at Dig.

"So…" I say.

"So." He says plainly.

"I guess this is it" I say. 

"Pretty much" He replies, plainly of course. I can tell he doesn’t want to talk so I just leave him at that. I hurry and get my stuff together then join my parents in the car. 

The car ride is awkwardly silent. I hear my ringtone for Chris. I want to answer it but since my mom has my phone I can’t. She reaches and takes it out of her purse. The picture of Chris and I hugging and making kiss faces was there. My mom showed it to my dad and he looked at it.

"You having sex with grown ass men too?" My dad asks. My jaw drops. How could he even ask that?

"NO that’s my big bro. I would never" I say dead serious.

"We can’t be too sure with you" my mom says putting my phone back into her purse and it rings again.  My mom answers it this time and puts it on speaker. "Hello" She says into the phone.

"Yo Yaya I got this crazy dope present for you, when will you be back in LA" Chris says hype as hell.

"Chris, this is Kaya’s mother and she won’t be in LA except to pack her things and come back home" My mother says.

"What happened? Is she okay?" Chris sounds worried.

"She’s fine… matter fact I’ll let her talk to you" My mom hands me the phone and I try to take it of speaker, but she gives me a look telling me not to.

"Chris" I say sadly.

"Yaya what’s going on?" He asks.

"Um… You see I’m pregnant… again so my mom is making me come back home. I have to drop from the label and start regular school again" I explain.

"No Kaya you want to be grown tell him more about the pregnancy" My mom says. 

"Uh I don’t know who the father is" I say sadly.

"Dammit Kaya" I can hear the frustration in his voice. "You had everything going for you… Your career was soaring…" He says.

"I know… It’s too late now, plus I’m on punishment so I gotta go" I say sadly.

"Alright Yaya, love you hang in there" He says.

"Love you too" I hang up and give the phone back to my mom. I look out the window not saying a word for the rest of the ride. When we finally get to the hotel. We go directly up to the room. Khalia and I have our own hotel room so I go in there, but not before my mom take ALL my electronics.

"Damn son" Khalia mumbles.

"Tell me about it" I sigh and stare up at the ceiling bored out of my mind.

"Well I still have my phone so… You can use it if you want" She says and hands me her phone.

"Bless you" I say and snatch her phone and dial the only number i know by heart… Princeton.

"Hello" He says.

"Jacob…" I drag out.

"Who is this?" He asks.

"You should know my voice by now" I giggle a bit.

"Oh hey Kaya, my bad I ain’t recognize the number" He says. I can hear him moving to a quieter area since there was so much going on in the background.

"What’s up?" He asks. I immediately tell him EVERYTHING that went down.

"Damn" He mumbles.

"I know bruh I’m so fuckin screwed. So happy I only got 5 months left of school so hopefully I can get by with wearing baggy sweatshirts, but I don’t turn 18 until August so I’m stuck at home and watch my dad cut off all my funds that he usually gives me" I sigh out of frustration.

"You’ll get through it Kaya… You’re a strong girl" He assures me.

"I hope so… I don’t know the next time I’m going to be able to talk to anyone since my phone is taken… So tell everybody what’s up for me" I tell him.

"Alright, bye Kaya" 

"Bye Prince" I say and hang up. I give the phone to Khalia and lay down on my bed. This is going to be a long 9 months. 

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Chapter 82


When Ray kissed me I wanted to push him off, but I couldn’t bring my self to do it so I just went along with it. He grips my waist and pulls me closer so that there is no longer any space between us. 

"Even though you do all this stupid shit… I still love your ass" He says once he releases still keeping a firm grip on my waist. He looks so sincere, but that’s making thinks worse.

"Ray I love you honestly I do, but I think I’m gonna stay single for a while… I think it’s best"

"Kaya can you tell me one thing?" Ray asks and I just nod in response. "What happened to the Kaya that I met at the meet & greet? the ‘I am a misfit boo boo and your opinion doesn’t matter’" He imitates me and we both laugh. "That’s the Kaya we all know and love" 

"Look… I’ll admit I did change over the course of a few months, but that Kaya is still here" 

"Oh" Ray pauses "And yeah you’re right it probably is for the best, but don’t forget that even though we fought more than an old married couple we still had a bond and I love you" Ray says so sincerely it makes me want to cry. 

"And you already know I love you too" I smile at him and he kisses me again. We start making out and Ray leads me to the bed. He sits down and pulls me on to his lap. He tugs on my shirt and we break away for him to take it off. I take off his and push him all the way down on the bed. Taking control I kiss him intensely.

"Kay Twist is h- oh shit my bad" Prince says and leaves back out the room. I quickly get off Ray and awkwardly put my shirt back on and Ray does the same.

"Uh… I’ll see you soon" I tell Ray and leave out his room. I hear him sigh in disappointment.

When I get to the living room Twist is there talking to Prod. “Twist you ready to go?” I ask. He takes his attention from Prod and looks over to me and bites his lip. Causing an ocean to immediately form in my panties.

"Yeah I’m ready to beat that pussy up" Twist says. I become embarrassed because everyone is in the room. It became awkward… Twist gives the boys dap and comes over to me and puts me on his shoulders. He carries me out the house and to the car.

Once we’re in the car he immediately starts kissing up on me. “Twist wait until we get home” I giggle. 

"I want you right now" He says and kisses me once again. I let him but every time he reaches for my pants I slap his hand away. He pulls away and gives me a straight face.

"Come on Kaya" Twist pleads.

"Nigga drive. The quicker we get home the quicker you get pleased" I respond. He sighs and puts his keys in the ignition. He takes off down the road speeding like a bat out of hell. I laugh at how anxious he is. We literally arrive at our place in time. He doesn’t even give me a chance to undo my seat belt before he’s already on my side doing it for me. He picks me up and takes me inside. Once we get to his room he wastes no time getting my clothes off.


When Kaya and Twist left I out the door I clenched me my jaw.

"Aye Ray look Kaya is my best friend and all, but don’t go after her. She’s not worth it, you’re just going to end up hurt" Prince says.

"Dude, I love her" I reply. I hate that I do because I always end up getting hurt, but I can’t help it. Prince along with the rest of the boys sigh.

"Think about it this way, she out there fuckin Twist and you sitting her mad at the world" Roc says.

"Look I know y’all don’t understand because y’all haven’t been in love, but I’m in love with Kaya I hate that I am, but it’s not something that I can stop" I try to explain, but they aren’t having it.

"Just do you man, we just looking out for you" Prince gets up and patwe on the shoulder then leaves the room the other guys do the same leaving me alone to think. 


I got home earlier today now I’m just chillin in my room. 

"DIG!!" My dad yells from downstairs.

"YEAH!?" I reply and he doesn’t say anything. I hate when they do that. I reluctantly get up and make my way down stairs, "Yes?" I ask him once again.

"Your mother and I wanted to ask you something" My dad says. and takes a seat at the bar. I follow and take my seat also.

"Okay… What’s up?" I ask.

"Well Christmas is coming up and we wanted to know if Kaya and her family would come spend it with us" I can’t tell them that we broke up.. they seem so excited about the whole thing. 

"Um I can ask her" I reply.

"GREAT!" My mom says happily and starts cooking. I make my way up stairs and call Kaya. I’m mad at her ass right now but I can do this for my parents. 

"Hello" She says. I can hear her tell the person in the background to stop.

"As much as I can’t stand your ass right now I need you and your family to come here for Christmas and as far as everyone knows we are still together" I say dead ass. 

"Uh can we talk about this later" She moans and hangs up. She was probably with that nigga she cheated on me with. I wonder who it is low-key.


Twist thought it was a good idea to eat me out while I’m on the phone with Dig.

"Asshole" I hit him after I’m off the phone. 

"You know you loved it" He comes up to my face and kisses me allowing me to taste my self. I grab on to his hair and let my leg tighten around his waist. "Don’t do that before we go for another round" He winks.

I laugh and release him and make my way to my room. I take a nice hot shower and change into more sweats. I haven’t been going anywhere important so I just stay comfortable. I decide to call Dig back since I had to hang up on him.

"What were you saying earlier?" I say as soon as I hear him pick up.

"As much as I can’t stand your ass right now my parents want to you and your family to spend Christmas with us. They think that we are together and I don’t want to disappoint them by breaking the news after they got all excited for it" Dig said getting straight to the point.

"okay" I say.

"Okay?" Dig asks.

"I’ll do it. I love my second parents and like you said. i don’t want to disappoint them" I say truthfully.

"Okay then… I’ll see you soon then…" Diggy says. We both hang up and I go back to Twist room. We change the sheets together.

"Alright I’m gonna go out" Twist says.

"Where you going?" I ask him.

"Why the fuck you care you ain’t my girlfriend. We just fuck buddies leave it at that" He snaps.

I start to walk away before I go off on his ass.

"Wait Kaya, i didn’t mean it like that" He quickly says.

"Nah Twist you right that’s all we are"

"Look I’m going over Justin’s house. If you wanna come you can" Twist says.

"Alright hold on" I say and run into my room and get dressed. I change into a new out outfit (easier to insert links then describe tell me what you guys like better) 

"Okay I’m ready" I rush out of my room to meet Twist, 

He drives us to Justin’s house which is kinda far, but the car ride wasn’t too long.

"Hey man" Justin gives Twist dap when we get to the door.

"And who is this" He asks looking me up and down.

"This is Kaya, my roommate" He introduces me to him Justin.

"Well it’s nice to meet you Kaya" He takes my hand and kisses it. I blush extremely hard. Twist clears his throat and I shoot him a look and he gives me one right back and we keep going back and forth.

"Okay uh Za and Khalil are in there" Justin says breaking what Twist and I were doing. We both go in there and greet everybody.

"It’s nice seeing you Kaya" Khalil says giving me that look he gave me when you first met. He act like he wasn’t "talkin" to my sister back in the summer. I give Za a big hug because I missed his weird ass. Once I took a seat the boys were all looking at me with hungry eyes… uh oh…

If you didn’t know Kaya has an :) Click here

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Chapter 79


"What did we just do?" I put my head in my hands out of frustration. 

"Well, I can refresh your memory" Diggy says and starts kissing up on my neck. I quickly reject him by pushing him off. He looks at me confused and I just sigh.

"Dan our relationship can’t be based off sex" I mumble. "You were just mad at me for no legitimate reason now you’re all over me. What sense does that make?" 

He gives me a look. “Our relationship is not based off sex Kaya” He says sternly with so much bass in his voice I almost jumped. “And yeah I was mad, I got jealous and I’m sorry. I realized how stupid the whole thing was” He admits.

Ugh, now I feel guilty for bringing that up. “Okay, I’m sorry. I guess I was just thinking too hard” I apologize sweetly and kiss his cheek. I snuggle into his chest and sigh as I tighten my arms around his torso. He kisses my hair and we both fall asleep.

Not too much later we both wake up and stare up at the ceiling. “I don’t feel like doing anything at all and I’m sore” I mumble the last part but Diggy heard because he laughed.

"You want anything from the kitchen?" He asks as he sits up and stretches.

"Yeah get me some pineapples" I reply. He smirks and me being the slow one catches on late and hits him with the back of my hand. "Stop being nasty" I laugh.

"You’re the one that wants to eat it" He defends him self.

"Because I like them"

"And I like what it does" He licks his lips.

"Oh my gosh. GET OUT" I laugh. He gets up and I notice endless scratches on his back. "Oh shit" I cover my mouth.

"What?" He makes a face.

 ”Give me your phone” I reply. He looks confused but gives it to me anyways. I take a picture of his back and then show him.

"Damn ma I ain’t even feel all that" Diggy looks at the picture proud like it was a prize. "I’m keeping this" He says and puts his phone away. I mumble ‘weirdo’ as he leaves out the room. "HEARD THAT" he yells from the kitchen.

As I wait for him to come back I decide to go on twitter to see what everyone is up to. As I scroll I notice everyone is talking about the recording of Dig and I’s performance from last night. A lot of his fans are pissed because we kissed I mean what they expect us to do as a couple? I swear sometimes his JetSetters piss me off.

"What you doing?" He asks entering the room and handing me my bowl. 

"Nothing just on twitter" I say. He nods and starts eating his chips loud as fuck.

"Can you not?" It comes out more rudely than I intended. I just go back to twitter.

@ShutUpKaya_: I swear I can’t wait for you guys to have this album…

I reply to a few fans and then close the twitter app. I open my messages and read all my messages. I basically swerve everyone and they are going to know because my read receipts are on but oh well. I continue playing on my phone for a while.

"You know that’s rude as hell" Dan said obviously annoyed. I just give him a look but decide to ignore him because we don’t need to be fighting after we just made. "I know you heard me" He says once he realizes I’m ignoring him.

"Yes, i heard you and decided not to reply. I don’t know who you think you are" I snap with venom in my voice.

"I think- matter fact I KNOW I’m your boyfriend and it’s rude for you to be on your phone while I’m here wasting my ti-"

"EXCUSE ME?! So I’m wasting your time? Oh well excuse the fuck outta me I won’t waist your time anymore" I quickly get up out of the bed ignoring the pain I’m feeling.

"I didn’t mean it li-" I tune him out and focus on putting my dress back on. Not worrying about how i look I gather all my things and get ready to walk out of the room. I feel Dig tug on my arm but I snatch it right back and give him the dirtiest look that I could muster up.

He puts his hands up in surrender and let’s me go. I exit the hotel room and make my way back down to the lobby. Once I get there I call up Twist. “What’s up Kaya?” Twist asks. I could tell he was busy doing something, but I just hoped he would drop what ever he was doing to come get me.

"Can you come get me please?" I ask. He sighs on the other side of the line.

"Yeah, I can come, I’m not too far away" He says.

"Thank you" I let out a sigh of relief and hang up the phone.

After about 20 minutes Twist pull up and I get into the car. Twist pulls off with no questions asked and goes back to our place. When we get there i quickly get out and go inside. I know I look a complete mess right now, but at this point I don’t even care.

I get into the shower to wash off all the sex residue and all the other events from last night. When I get out I change into some PINK sweats and decide to watch a movie. I’m not gonna cry this time because it’s not even worth it. I’m just sick of fighting to be honest.

Through out the whole movie I can’t even bring my self to pay attention. Now I’m just stressed and I need… sex. That’s exactly what I need. Porn is not gonna do it… I need the real thing. 

I reluctantly get up and strip down to my thong and bra. I walk over to twist’s room and see he’s knocked out. I groan to my self. Well I’m gonna get pleased whether he likes it or not.

I go under the covers and pull down his briefs and shove his dick into my mouth. He grunts and his sleep and his mouth becomes slightly opened. I bob my head until he gets hard. Then I release his dick and it’s standing rock hard. 

"Here goes nothing" I say lowly and move my thong to the side and slide his dick into my leaking hole. He opens his eyes and jumps. 

"KAYA WHAT THE FUCK ARE DOING?!" Twist try to pull me off of him. I refuse by pinning his arms down and continue to ride him as my moans slip of.

"OH FUCK" I moan out in pleasure. 

"Kaya stop you you don’t want this" Twist says.

"I want it…. I really really want it" I say in between moans. "You want it too" I continue to ride and start kissing up on his neck. 

"Please me" I whisper and begin nibbling on his ear.

"Fuck it" He mumbles and flips us over. He pumps in and out at a fast pace as the sweat drips down our bodies. He takes both of my legs and puts them above my head and begin plunging deeper. I can feel him in my gut, I can’t help but allow the moans to roll off my tongue. 

"It’s time" I say barely audible as I reach my climax. He pulls out and get on his knees and begin to eat me out.

"OH MY FUCK TWIST" I scream as his tongue explores me. He shows no mercy. He grips my ass pull me closer while shoving his tongue further into my ocean. I snap my legs closed, but he immediately pushes them further apart. He continues until I reach my climax once again.

With out warning he shove his dick back into me. He goes right back to pumping in and out as the headboard bangs against the wall “Let.. Me.. ride it” I say as my own moans keep cutting me off. He stops and let’s me take over.

I take my time sliding down and quickly begin riding him while putting my hands on his chest for support. I quickly spin around while trying my best to keep him still inside. I mentally pat my self on the back because it was a success. 

I begin twerking and look back to see Twist enjoying the show. My moans were all over the place as I could hear Twist’s occasional grunts. I turned back around and Twist’s phone rang, but that didn’t keep me from getting to my 3rd orgasm fuck who was on the line.


 Who the fuck calling me while i’m trying to bust a nut. “Hello” I lowly because if I said it any louder the person would hear me grunt.

"Twizzy the fuck you at bruh?” It was Za of course he always has perfect timing.

"I’m at home chillin" I say keeping it cool. Kaya giggles as she begins to ride slowly. I rest the phone in between my head and ears then take her hips and slam her on she let’s out a loud ass moan. i’m sure Za heard it.

"Nigga you over there fuckin?" Za asked and laughed. "My dude I’ll talk to you later" he laughs and hangs up.

"Can’t handle the D huh?" I ask with a smirk on my face.

"Shut up" She mumbles and I quickly flip her over to teacher her a lesson. 

"You don’t tell daddy to shut up" I say with a smirk and begin tearing up her shit. I bite my lip as the moans roll off her tongue. Not too much later I feel her walls tightening and she cums all over my dick and then I pull out.

"Suck my dick" I demand.

Kaya (sorry the pic wouldn’t upload)

The way he demanded me to suck his dick had me on my knees in record time and taking him into my mouth with no hesitations.


"You a little freak" Twist said with a smirk on his face. That’s when it hit me

 The fuck did I just do?

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I had to make some changes.

This is the last time for now… I’m sorry about changing the main character so much but this is the last time I think this person is perfect for the part. Sorry again.

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Feed back = Chapter

Please guys it’s all I ask… Not just likes I want comments. Of course I appreciate the likes and sometimes reblogs but I want you guys to interact. 

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Chapter 50


After we all clean up our selves and the kitchen we all talk about everything while we eat our pizza.

"So how was everything?" Keisha asks me.

"It was great actually 106 is so fun and just chillin with the fam and everyone else at the party was great also. I just can’t wait until I get back in the studio so I can work on my mixtape" I reply.

"What’s your mixtape going to be called?" Taylor asks me.

"Sophisticated Ambition" I reply.

"I like it" Ray says and everyone agrees.

"Thanks I just came up with it not too long ago" I reply.

"Did you record any songs yet for the mix tape?" Jason asks.

"Actually yeah but I’m not a hundred percent sure I want it on there because I made the song out of anger" I reply.

"It’s about Twist isn’t it?" Ray asks clenching his jaw.

"Yeah…." I reply. We continue to talk until everyone is done and Keisha and Walter go back to working on something which they won’t tell us what it is.

"Let’s go to the park" Taylor says randomly and we all look at her oddly. "Come on it will be fun I can get my camera and we could have a little photo shoot" Taylor says.

"That sounds fun actually" Roc says actually thinking about it.

"Yeah and plus we don’t have anything else to do anyways" Prod shrugs.

"So….?" Taylors says and everyone agrees.

"Should we wear this or change?" Roc asks.

"I think these outfits are fine" I reply.

"But if you want to change you can" Taylor says. Everyone decides to wear what they have on.

"Is the park within walking distance?" I ask.

"Umm kinda" Roc replies.

"Keisha!" I yell already knowing we would be walking forever.

"Yes?" she says coming into the room.

"Can you take us to the park?" I ask her.

"Sure" She replies. "Everyone lets go" She tells us and we all leave out the house.

Ray Ray

When we get to the park Keisha drops us off and leaves. 

"Aright I’m the photographer for the day" Taylor says holding up her camera pretending like she’s taking pictures and we laugh. "Alright first I want Ray and Kaya on the swings" she says. Kaya and I walk over to bench and sit down. "Look natural like you guys are having a good time" She says.

"Okay" I reply smiling. Kaya and I do what she says and take the shots.

"Alright perfect you guys are done let me get everyone else in other shots ad then we can do some group photos" Taylor says. We both nod.

"Come here for a second" I say grabbing her hand and walking over to a bench.

"What’s up Ray?" She asks smiling.

"I don’t know I just wanted to be with you alone" I reply.

"Aww" She says hugging me.

"You know I miss us…" 

"I do too to be honest"

"Then why don’t we just get back together"

"I told you we will see where this takes us Ray. I don’t wanna rush anything"

"I just want you to be mine again"

"No doubt I want to be yours again but my heart has been through alot in so little time I don’t wanna do this to my self"

"I understand" I reply sadly.

"I still love you though" she confesses smiling.

"I love you too" I reply and kiss her. Thankfully she kisses back and then we both pull away. I hold my forehead against hers. "You will be mine again" I say smirking.

"hmm?" She says pretending like she’s thinking. "You sure about that?" 

"I’m positive" I say and kiss her again.

"Oh so y’all together again?" Taylor asks coming over. We both clear our throat.

"No" We both reply quickly.

"Mhmm" She says eyeing us and Kaya laughs nervously.

"What you talking about?" She says in a high voice and you can tell she’s lying.

"Just come on" Taylor says shaking her head. We both follow her to where everyone else is. "Alright so now I need Princeton, Tyler and Prod on the back of the bench. Roc and Ray sitting on it and Kaya on the floor" We all do as she says and she takes some shots. We do a couple more positions like she says and then we are done.

"I can’t wait to see the shots" Roc says and everyone agrees.

"Yeah if they come out good I can put them in my profolio for photography school" Taylor says happily.

"You wanna go to photography school?" Prod asks.

"Yeah it’s always been my dream I must have forgotten to tell you that" She replies.

"Let me call Keisha and tell her to come pick us up… unless y’all wanna do something" Princeton says.

"Let’s go to the movies" I suggest and everyone agrees so we decide to walk to the movies which is not too far away. As we are walking Prod starts making beats. Then Kaya adds on and Taylor soon follows. They have tight beat going so I decide to free style and everyone is viben. Then Roc goes in. Both of us start to battle as Prince is recording the whole thing.

"Wait let me get on this" Kaya says then starts going in too.

"Ayeeee" We all say when she’s finished.

"I see you girl you got skills" I say in my elmo voice and everyone starts laughing.

"This is what we do when we walk to the movies" Prince says turning the camera towards him and ending the video.

"We gotta put that on you tube" Prod says.

"You ain’t lyin’" I reply.

"I’ll put it on my channel since we can’t put it on yours" Kaya says.

"Good idea" Roc says and everyone agrees. We arrive at the movies walk in unseen and get our tickets. We go into the movies and pick out our seats.

"I’ll go get he snacks" I tell everyone as I get up.

"I’ll go with him" Kaya says getting up too and we both go get in line. When it’s our turn I tell the lady what we need.

"How many of us?" I ask Kaya.

"Uh 7" she replies.

"Aight so 4 medium popcorns, 7 sprites" I say.

"Don’t forget get recees for Prod or else he will go crazy" she replies.

"You’re right" I reply laughing and telling the lady everyone elses candy.

"Oh yeah and for Jason sour patch kids like me" she adds. The cashier totals everything up and I pay and we wait for her to put everything together. When she’s done we some how carry everything back to the theater and hand it out to everyone. 

When the movie is over Keisha comes to get us and drops Jason off. We then go back to the house.

"I can’t believe you guys are leaving in a week and half" Prod says randomly as we all settle on the couch.

"I know time went by fast" Kaya replies.

"Yeah I’m gonna miss you guys" Taylor says. 

"BUT we will see each other again" Kaya says trying to kill the sadness "Don’t think about that anyways we have time"

"Yeah" Everyone says.


"Let’s upload the picture to my tumblr" I say changing the subject.

"Okay" Taylor replies.

"Roc get your lap top" I say.

"Aight" he replies and goes to get it. When he comes back he gives it to me and I log onto my tumblr and upload all the pictures. Then we look at them.

"Wow they came out dope" Ray says and we all agree.

"My baby got skills" Prod says and pecks her lips.

"Aww thanks guys" Taylor says.

"Watch they should get a bunch of notes in a few hours" I say.

"We’ll see" she says doubting her self. "Oh before we forget princeton give us your phone so we can upload the youtube video.

"Oh yeah" I say and Princeton hands it to me and I quickly log into my account on his phone and upload it. Then we all tweet the link on our twitters. I text Jason all the information so he can see everything.

"Lets get ready for bed and have a little sleepover in here" I say yawning. Everyone nods and we all get ready. We came back out to the living room with blankets and pillows. We all set up our stuff. The order is Roc, Ray, me, Princeton, Prod and then Taylor. We all just chill and have a good time. Ray Ray wraps his arms around me trying to be slick.

"Oh before we go to sleep let’s check on the pictures" Taylor says grabbing Roc laptop. "Wow" she says looking at the screen.

"What?" We all ask.

"The pictures got alot of notes just that fast" She says.

"What about the video?" I ask her.

"Oh yeah" She says then checks the video. We all read the comments and people were saying that I had bars and Roc and Ray need to battle more often and other stuff like that. Some of the comments were too funny and had us dying. We read all the comments until we get tired and fall asleep. I feel Ray Ray kiss me cheek before I doze off into a deep sleep.

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If you guys give me feedback I will write a quick chap before I start my HW… ;)

Chapter 12

Ray Ray

When the girls went to the gym we just sat in the room coolin and crackin jokes.

"Is anyone hungry?" Prod asks.

"Actually yeah" I say and everyone else agrees.

"How about we order room service" Diggy suggests we all agree and start looking at the menu. Then we hear the girls come in.

"Hey we’re back" Taylor says.

"What are y’all doing?" Kaya asks.

"Ordering room service" I reply.

"Oh get me some wings" Kaya says going into her and Taylor’s room.

"Same here" Taylor says also going into their room.


Kaya and I went into our room and showered and changed into sweats. I wore blue “PINK” sweatpants and a white “PINK” shirt Kaya wore the same but purple pants and a gray shirt. We both wore our hair naturally curly with a headband. We went out to where the boys were to wait on the room service.

"How was y’all work out" Roc asks.

"It was good we both ran 3 miles" Kaya says as she sits on Ray Rays lap.

"And did about 100 sits ups" I add as I say on Prod’s lap and he kisses my cheek. I just smile. Not too much longer there is a knock on the door which I am assuming is the room service. Spin gets up and answers the door and gives the guy a tip. Then we all get our food and start eating.

"Hey Roger let trade some wings so we can have both flavors" He agrees and they trade some wings I just shake my head, Kaya and her wings. "Thanks bro" Kaya says and continues eating then like five minutes later I look over at Prod who is almost done.

"Damn boy" I say look at his plate.

"What I was hungry" He says and continues to eat I just shake my head and laugh. About 15 minutes later everyone is done eating.


The game is about to start so I turn on the TV and it Knicks vs Heat.

"My Knicks got this" I say.

"Aye we got another Knicks fan in the building" Spin says giving me dap.

"And you know this mannnnn" I say in my Chris Tucker voice everyone laughs.

"Nah the Heat are gonna win" Roger says.

"Exactly" Roc says giving Roger dap. Look at everyone else and no one really cares about the game. We start watching the game for a while and the Heat are in the lead but then Lebron falls.

"Lebron you better stay yo ass down" I jump up and yell getting into the game and everyone looks at me "What?" I say they just shake their head I shrug and look back at the game. Once the game is over the Heat won.

"I’m am salty as fuck bro the refs were on the Heat’s side like when did this become Ref&Heat vs. Knicks the fuck is this?" I say pissed.

"Exactly every thing was a foul against the Knicks" Spin adds.

"Oh and best actress and yes I said actress job goes to Lebron because when he wasn’t even hit hard he was going down like he was in severe pain" I say still salty.

"It was just a game" Princeton says nonchalantly and I just look at him and he shuts up.

"Moving on lets play hide in go seek around the hotel" Ray Ray suggest

"What if we get caught" Princeton asks.

"Don’t be such a baby"

"Yeah It will be fun but we should get more people" Roc says.

"Yeah we can get Twist, Khalil, Za and Jacob" Diggy suggest.

"Yeah go ahead and text them and tell them to meet in this room" Ray Ray tells Diggy and he texts.

"They are on their way" Diggy tells us.

Let the games begin.

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