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I Can Tame You
Kaya steps into these boys lives and changes them for the better... or for the worst.
© 2012-2013 I Can Tame You

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Chapter 71


It’s been a few weeks since I left Dig’s house. My mom, dogs and I are out in LA in a house that we rented for convenience. Everything is pretty much back to normal. Right now I’m catching up on some homework and chillin with my dogs. 

"Kaya!" My mom calls from down stairs.

"Yes!?" I yell back.

"Come here for a second!" She yells. Instead of replying, i get up and go downstairs.

"Yes?" I say.

"Tune says he needs you at the studio again, to finish up your session from yesterday" She says.

"Okay" I reply and start making my way back upstairs.

"But" She says. I stop and turn back around to face her.

"But what?" I question.

"Twist is going to be there"

"Um.. okay" I say uneasy becoming very nervous.

"He said, he’s sorry, but you guys have to squash this since y’all are family" I nodded and made my way back upstairs. 

I start getting ready and change into some BP sweatpants, a tank and a jean jacket. I want to be comfortable.

"Mom, I’m ready" I tell her.

"Tune’s coming to pick you up, he should be here in a minute" she replied.

"Alright" I reply and make my way to the living room. All of my dogs are just chillin on one of the couches.To pass time I get on twitter and start reading my mentions and replying.

@KayasKilla: @ShutUpKaya_ did you notice that you dropped the hipster act as one of you styles.

@ShutUpKaya_: @KayasKilla actually I did lol, I guess it was just a phase I got sick of dressing like an idot everyday

@DiggysNo1: @ShutUpKaya_ I guess you’re the new Kim K congrats

@ShutUpKaya_: @DiggysNo1 I WOULD argue with you all day, but I have fans to worry about, but considering how much you keep my name in you mouth I would have thought you were one :)

@KayasHusband: @ShutUpKaya_ babe when are we getting that mixtape?

@ShutUpKaya_: SOON bae I promise, it’s done already just a few things need to be added. Hopefully by then end of the month, I feel bad for making you wait :(

I replied to a few more and I heard the doorbell ring. I head over to open it and of course it’s Tune.

"Your mom already told you right?" He asks.

"No hello?" I laugh. "But yeah she did" I reply.

"Aight well come on" He says. I lock the door and follow him to his car. 

"It is the middle of November, why the hell is your top down?" I laugh.

"It’s a bit warmer today so I put it down" Tune replied. I shook my head as he drove off. We were at the studio in no time. 

We both got out of his car and walked in. He leads me to the studio door and opens it. I take a brief look around and I see Twist and Tyga. Tyga immediately jumps up and comes over to me.

"Wassup daddy ty" I give him a hug.

"Hey Kaya" He replies and hugs me back.

"Girl when you gonna release that mixtape" He says impatiently.

"I know! I feel so bad" I frown. "But you can’t talk where the hell is Fan of a Fan 2?" I asked.

"Alright you got me" He put his hands up in surrender. We both laughed. 

"Ahem" Twist cleared his throat. We both looked up at him. "Hey Kaya" He said awkwardly.

"Hi" I replied. The room was dead silent, which was not helping the situation.

"Aye Tune let’s go get some stuff from the vending machine" Ty says breaking the silence thankfully, but not the way I want. The last thing I want to do is be alone with Twist.

"Sure" Tune said and they both left. Great.

"How you been?" He asks.

"I’ve been better…" I reply.

"I heard about the loss… I’m sorry to hear that" Twist says sincerely.

"Everything happens for a reason, right?" I reply.

"Yeah" He says.

"Look, I’m over the whole thing, it took time but I fully forgive and I’m ready to move on" I say straight forward. "Friends?" I ask sticking my hand out.

"Friends" He shakes it and pulls me into a hug. I’m not gonna lie and say I didn’t miss this. I inhaled his cologne and hugged him tightly. We slowly pull away and he bits his lip. We stay in the same position and look at each other.

"I missed you" I say honestly.

"I missed you too" He replies. He looks like he’s about to kiss me so I get out of his grasp and go sit down. "Sorry" He says and I nod telling him it’s fine. My phone rings, I look at the name and it’s Diggy.

"Hey baby" I say sweetly.

"What’s up bae?" He asks.

"I’m in the studio with Tune, Ty and Twist" I say casually.

"Twist?" He questions.

"Uh yeah" I say nervously.

"Just make sure it doesn’t try nothing" Diggy says sternly.

"No worries Dig" I say.

"Alright, I trust you" He says.

"Thank you, I love you" I say.

"I love you too" He replies and we hang up. I look over at Twist and he is playing with his phone.

"Where is Ty and Tune with those snacks" I say.

"They didn’t get any snacks they were just trying to leave us alone" Twist laughs.

"I know, they suck for that" I reply and laugh also. 

The door opens and Ty and Tune walk in. “I hear laughter” Ty says.

"Yes, everything is good" I reply.

"Great, now here are the snacks" Tune said trying to play it off.

"Y’all know damn well y’all didn’t leave to go get some snacks" I snap and everyone laughs.

"Okay, you caught us" Tune surrenders.

"That’s what I thought nigga" I say and snatch a bag of chips.

"But since we’re hear, I can tell you what we are going to do about your mixtape" Tune says.

"Alright what’s up?" I ask.

"Aight this is what’s gonna happen first we have to have the photoshoot for your art work and then we have to shoot music videos for your top 3 fave songs" He explains.

"Sounds good to me" I reply.

"Wait let’s not forget about a listening party" Twist says hype.

"yes, the listening party will be a week before the release date" Tune says.

"What is the release date?" I ask.

"December 17th" He says.

"So a month from now?" 

"Exactly" He replies.

"Alright, I’m gonna let my fans know" I say and take out my phone to tweet.

@ShutUpKaya_: Just got some great news you guys…

I wait for the to reply and blow up my mentions wondering what I’m talking about then tell them.

@ShutUpKaya_: Sophisticated Ambition will be released December 17th

I scroll through my mention a bit to see their reaction and they are excited.

"They are spazzing" I say laughing. "When is the photoshoot?" I ask Tune.

"Tomorrow" He says nonchalant.

"TOMORROW?!" I asked shocked.

"Yeah tomorrow" He replies.

"Now you tell me?!?" I asks.

"I told your mom" He says.

"You know she forgets things" I say slightly irritated because I had plans to go shopping tomorrow and then sleep.

"Now that everything is taken care of, let get out of here, Twist you recorded what you needed to?" Tune asks.

"Yeah" He replies.

"Well let’s get outta here" Tune says and we all leave the studio. "Kaya, I have some more business to take care of if you want to ride a long you can" He says.

"I can take her home" Twist buts in.

"I’m fine with that" I reply. "Bye everyone" I say and give each of them hugs except Twist since I’m riding with him.

"Come on" He says and leads me to his car. "Where to?" He says once we get situated.

"I don’t care, I’m just hungry" I say in a grumpy tone.

"Alright um hooters?" He asks.

"Sure" I reply. He nods then drives off, it doesn’t take long before we arrive at the place.

"It’s been a while since I’ve been here" I say walking in.

"Same, I miss their wings" he replies.

"Tell me about it" I chuckle.

"Table for two" He tells the waiter.

"Right this way" She says perky. We follow her and I see Twist looking at her ass. I just shake my head.

"Okay here you are" She smiles setting down the menus. We both take our seats. "Do you guys know what you want, or do you need more time?" She asks.

"We’re ready to order" Twist and I say at the same time and all of us laugh.

"Okay what can I get you guys?" She asks.

"A sprite to drink for both of us and a plate of buffalo wings and fries for two" He says.

"And who says I want to share a plate with you?" I ask jokingly.

"Because you do now give her your menu" He laughs.

 ”You guys are so cute” She compliments and takes our menus. 

"We aren’t together" Twist corrects her.

"Oh I’m sorry I just made this awkward didn’t I?" She says.

"Yes, but it’s fine" I assure her.

"Okay good, I’ll be right back with your drinks" She smiles and walks off. Twist and I just look at each other and bust out laughing again. Once we calm down our waiter comes back with our drinks and he begins drinking his.

"So Twist you got a girl?" I ask him bluntly and he chokes on his drink. He starts coughing and gets his throat together.

"No, I’m chillin" He finally says. I nod in response and we stay silent.

"Can I ask you a question?" I ask breaking the silence.

"Sure" He says.

"Do you think I ruined you, Dig and Ray’s friendship" I ask. He stays silent.

"Not necess-" He starts but I cut him off.

"The that you have to say ‘necessarily’ means that I did" 

"Okay maybe you did, but you didn’t do it on purpose. Don’t beat your self up about it, maybe someday we will be friends again" He smiles.

"So you would be willing to talk to them?" I ask with a smile on my face.

"Maybe" He shrugs.

"Maybe Ray will talk to you… He won’t even look at me" I confess.

"He didn’t take the whole pregnancy thing well?" Twist asks and I nod.

"Like when I start a FaceTime convo with Prince he will come up with some bullshit excuse to leave the room. I’m thinking about visiting them later on but it will be too awkward" 

"Sorry about that" The waiter cuts our convo short and puts out plate down.

"It’s fine" We both say.

"Well let me know if you guys need anything" She says and leaves the table.

"What if I go with you?" He asks taking a fry.

"That may make it a bit better" I sigh.

"Alright after we are finished here we can head over there" Twist says.

"Thanks" I smile.

"No problem" He replies and we begin eating our food. 

Once we are finished Twist pays the bill and we leave. He drives to thew conjunction house in no time. I decide to call Prince while we sit in the drive way.

"Hola mi hermana" He says into the phone.

"Abrir la puerta" I say and I see Twist roll his eyes so I hit him. ‘ow’ he mouths.

"Por que?" He asks.

"JUST DO IT!" I say.

"Okay, no need to yell" he says and not much longer he opens the door. Twist and I get out the car. I run over and give Prince a long hug and a kiss on the cheek. He gives Twist dap and we both walk in. "Ray is in there" He says pointing to the living room. I shrug and continue to walk in.

"Kaya!" Roc says and runs over and hugs me.

"Hey sis" Prod says and hugs me also.

"I’m gon-" Ray starts but I cut him off. I know he hates it but I don’t give a fuck.

"Don’t come up with some bullshit excuse to leave the room" I say bluntly and the room becomes silent. Ray looks at me with a hard glare and I give him one right back. Two can play that game, he has met his match.

No one in the room says anything for atleast 5 minutes but Ray decides to say something smart. “You’ve moved on one again huh?” He chuckles. “But wait aren’t you pregnant with Diggy’s baby?” He spits clearly with jealousy in his voice.

"Actually, I’m still with Dig and no… I’m not pregnant anymore" I say the last part softly. I see his face soften up for a split second but he kept the hard glare. "But go ahead and do whatever it is you were gonna do" I finally say. 

He doesn’t say anything he just leaves the room…

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Chapter 66



“Mom, dad…” Diggy starts.

“I am VERY disappointed in you two” Justine says.

“Hold that thought” I say and run in to the bathroom. I start to throw up. Diggy comes in and holds my hair for me. “Thanks” I say in between puking. 

“Don’t mention it” Diggy says and continues to hold my hair. When I  finish I gets off my knees and brush my teeth. “Now to face my parents…” Diggy says and I nod.

We exit the bathroom and enter Diggy’s room. Rev and Justine are siting on the couch, with un readable faces, but you can tell they are upset.

“How far along are you?” Justine asks. I try to talk, but nothing comes out. “Kaya, tell her” Dig whispers in my ear. This isn’t easy for me at all, I have to face the people who are like a second set of parents to me and they are not the least bit happy.

“I’m about 2 months” I finally get out. They don’t say anything, I just look down. 

“You just found out?” Rev asks. I nod and Rev sighs. “I’m sure you guys can tell are not happy with you at all” Rev states.

“We know” Dig and I say.

“But what’s done it done, we can’t go back in time…” Rev sighs.

“You guys have everything going for you, your careers, you guys are in love EVERYTHING, but you now have a baby to worry about” Justine tells us. Neither of us reply. Justine sighs “Kaya meet me downstairs in the morning, I need to talk to you” She says and they both exit the room. I look at Diggy terrified.

“She’s not gonna kill you, she probably just want to talk mother to mother” Dig says.

“I hate seeing them so upset with us” I sigh sadly.

“I’ve never seen them so upset with me before” Diggy replies.

“We’re gonna get through this” I say getting into his grip.

“Yeah… We are” Diggy says and kisses my forehead.

“I love you” I tell him.

“I love you more”

“Shut up that’s not even possible” I laugh.

“Let’s get out of these clothes” Dig says.

“Isn’t that what got us here in the first place?” I ask and laugh.

“That’s not what I meant” Diggy lets out a chuckle.

We change into our bed clothes and snuggle under the covers. I fall asleep in his arms.

I wake up and of course have to throw up. Dig comes in behind me once again to hold my hair. “I hate this” I whine as I stand up. Then I brush my teeth and pout in the mirror.

"Babe don’t pout" Dig says as he wraps his arms around me.

"I look so fat" I whine.

"You’re not fat, its the pregnancy" Dig corrects me.

"But I’m gonna be huge"

"N-" Dig started but someone knocked on the door. Dig opened it and it was Jojo. "What’s up man?" Dig asks.

"My bad y’all go ahead I’ll come back" Jojo says about to leave.

"Nah you cool, we bout to get out" Diggy says and leads me out.

"Well I better go talk to your mom" I trail off.

"Don’t worry you’ll be fine" Diggy says. I nod and make my down stairs.

Here goes nothing…



When Kaya went off down stairs, I just went back to my room. I lay down thinking about how everything is happening so fast. I can’t get over the fact that I’m going to be a dad…

"What’s up with mom and dad?" JoJo comes in my room.

"What do you mean?" I ask.

"Well usually when I’m home, they are happy to see me. I see them now and they look … off" JoJo explains,

"Well las-" I start, but Russy walks in. I sigh.

"Wait what I do?" Russy asks.

"Nothing man" I say.

"Continue with what you were saying" JoJo says.

"Okay well we found out last night that Kaya is pregnant…" I tell them.

"Okay now, what REALLY happened?" JoJo laughs a bit.

"That’s it" I say. 

"Well.." He says awkwardly after getting the hint that I was serious.

"You ready to be a dad?" Russy asks.

"Not really, but I have no choice but to be ready. I have 7 months before my baby is here…" I trail off.

"Are you sure it’s yours?" JoJo asks me.

"What you mean, am I sure it’s mine?" I ask offended.

"I’m just saying I’ve been hearing stories about your girl…" He says.


"Well their words not mine, she a little hoe going from guy to guy, but I know you wouldn’t give her your virginity if you didn’t care about her. I’m just saying though…" Jojo said.

"Yes it’s mine, I’m the only person she has had sex with!" I practically yell.

"Okat this is very awkward…" Russy says.

"Look all I’m saying is make sure it’s yours because she could be… In the words of Chris: in it for the fame" Jojo says.

"I know it’s mine and that’s final" I scoff.

"Alright then. Congrats" Jojo say, gives me dap and leave out.

"Yeah congrats" Russy says and does the same. I sigh and lay back on my bed. What have I gotten my self in to?



I see Justine siting on the couch and nervousness takes over once again.

"Have a seat sweetheart" I gulp hard as I take my seat next to her. "Have you told your mother?" She asks getting straight to the point.

"No… I’m terrified" I respond honestly. She sighs.

"You’re going to have to tell her eventually…. Tell you what, if you call her right now and I’m here she maybe will go easier on you"

"It’s worth a shot" I nod and pull out my phone. As I dial my mom’s number my nerves are at their all time, my stomach dropped when she spoke.

"Hey Kaya, how is your week with Diggy going?" She asks.

"Um it’s going great, but I have something to tell you…" I say.

"What’s wrong sweetheart?" My mom asks concerned. If she only knew she was going to be the one killing me.

"Just talk to Ms. Justine" I say.

"Okay?" My mom says confused.

"Hi, sorry to bother you" Justine says.

"No it’s no bother, I just need to know what’s going on" My mom says.

"Is Kaya okay?" I hear my dad in the back ground.

"Let me put the phone on speaker" My mom says.

"Oh no" I mumble, because my dad will kill Diggy. 

"Well allow me to introduce my self, I’m Justine, Diggy’s mother" She says sweetly.

"I’m David"

"And I’m Taylor, sorry to rush, but can you tell me what’s going on?" My mom asks.

"Well we found out some rather disappointing news last night about your daughter and my son" Justine says.

"What do you mean?" My mom asks curious.

"It turns out that she is 2 months pregnant" Justine says.

"She’s what?" My mom asked to clarify. I can hear my dad going off in the background. "I will call you guys right back" She hangs up to probably calm my dad down. I put my head down and Justine squeezes my hand.

"They are upset now, but they will still be there for you" She reassures me, I smile at her weakly and we wait for my mom to call back.

Not too much later she does, “okay we discussed things… He went off somewhere to cool off, but first off we are very disappointed in you. I mean you’re young, why are you even thinking about sex. I know you and Dig love each other but you did the action and you’re stuck with the consequences, which is a baby. And don’t you dare even think about getting an abortion because it’s not happening. You’re lucky I don’t put you out the house as a disgrace to our family. I mean you have EVERYTHING you could possibly want, you are a signed artist for crying out loud. We thought we did right in raising you, but you reflect us poorly. How do you think this makes us look, huh? We look online and your face talking about you’re with some new guy, we tried to ignore it because we know the media lies, but you have given us every reason to believe it is true…” As the harsh words are flying out her mouth tears stream down my face Justine is there for me but it’s not enough. “… And if you think I’m being harsh now just WAIT until you come home, you will do your music, school work, eat and sleep. No phone, electronics, parties, friends over NOTHING. You’re grounded and the only reason why you can still do music is because it’s your job, but don’t you think for a second that that is a way for you to get out of your punishment. You will go to the studio and back THAT’S IT! If you disobey these rules the consequences will be even worse, and yes an ass beating is waiting for you when you get home. The only reason why you are not on the first flight back is because there are none available and yes we did check! KAYA DO YOU HEAR ME!” 

"Yes" I say as the tear flow out my eyes.

"Yes what?" She asks.

"Yes ma’am" I say.

"Okay I will see you when you get home" My mom says and I don’t even ask for the phone back I just run upstairs. I hear my mom and Justine talking but honestly I don’t even want to listen.

I make it to Diggy’s room and as soon as he see’s me he rushes over. “What happened?” He asks me concerned.

"My mom" Is all I get out and cry my eyes out into his chest. He walks over to the bed and I lay on his lap.

"We’re going to get through it, I’m not going anywhere" He whispers and rubs my hair.



I comfort Kaya and she falls asleep.

"Dig can I talk to you for a minute?" My dad holds up his keys. Singling we were going for a ride. I nod my head and get up to tuck Kaya in. Once she’s comfortable, I kiss her cheek.

I meet my dad in his Lamborghini and he takes off. “So Dig, we are going to have a man to man talk” he starts. I just nod and look at the road ahead. “I’m not going to chew you out for having sex because that was your decision, but now you have a baby on the way…” My dad says. “Now as you know that’s a lot of responsibility that I know you can handle, but the question is can you balance it with your school work and career”

"Well I have no choice so I’m going to just do and be the best dad that I can be" I reply honestly. 

"You nervous?" He asks.

"That’s an understatement" I say and we both share a laugh.

"Ah well Dig you’re a man and even though this was not planned, this will be your first child and that moment after he or she is born and you hold him or her in your arms…" He pauses. "It’s a moment you will never forget" He finishes. 

We switch into our normal conversation and make our way back to the house. When we get back I got to my room and see Kaya is still sleep. 

I make my way back downstairs to see Russy, JoJo, my dad and my mom. I take a seat and they all look at me. I look at them oddly because this is just plain awkward…

"Where’s Kaya?" My mom asks.

"She’s still sleeping" I reply. My mom nods understandingly. "I’m going to go pick up some foods that she can eat for the health of the baby" My mom says grabbing her purse and heading out the door.

"I can’t believe, I’m going to be a dad" I say above a whisper.

"So do you want a boy or a girl?" Russy asks me.

"A girl" I reply with out hesitation. 

"But it won’t matter" My dad adds.

"Yeah it won’t, either way it’s my child" I reply.

"Have you thought of any names?" Jojo asks.

"Nah, I want to do that with Kaya" As soon as I say that she comes down stairs rubbing her eyes. "Speaking of the devil" I say.

"Shut up" She glares at me.

"I’m just playing babe, come here" I chuckle and open my arms to her. She walks over to me and lays on my shoulder.

"So Kaya, have you thought of baby names?" Jojo asks her.

"Well I just found out last night so not really, but when I was younger I always wanted to name my child Savannah" She replies.

"That’s pretty" My dad compliments.

"Thanks" She smiles a bit.

"You want to tell me what happened earlier?" I ask her.

"Yeah, I guess" She explained everything and even did some reenacting of what happened. "So basically I won’t be able to talk to you until who knows when…"She says sadly.

"I’m sure Dig is an exception since he is the father" jojo says.

"Yeah that’s all another reason why not for my dad" She replies. Jojo makes the ‘oh’ face and shuts up.

"I’m sure your parents will let you and Dig see each other again eventually, like Jojo said he is the father, but if we switched roles and you were my daughter… Diggy would have been dead by now"

"Hey!" Dig says.

"Well it’s true, okay daddy Diggy I’m gonna give you the scenario to understand what we mean. Say you do have a daughter and by the age of 16 she is pregnant by a rapper" Rev says.

"Yeah he would be de- ohhh" Diggy says.

"I rest my case" Rev replies.

"Well since that’s the case… let’s enjoy this weekend together since it’s all we have for now" Dig says.

"Well its not much I can do because I’m fat" Kaya says crying. Damn mood swings.

"Kaya stop you’re not fat" I say.

"Stop lying to me!" She yells crying. Russy hides behind JoJo, who is backing away. 

"Dig go ahead and step in" My dad urges me on. I cup Kaya face. 

"Babe" I start.


"You’re beautiful, okay?" 

"You have to say that" 

"No I don’t, I only say it because it’s true" 

"Yeah, yeah get me some apple sauce!" She stops crying. "Chop chop man this baby is hungry!" 

Like I said before, What have I gotten my self into…

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Chapter 65



It’s been about 2 month since Diggy and I have had sex made love to each other. Our relationship is now stronger then ever, we talk when when can, which is hard since we both have careers to focus on. As for Ray I eventually told him what happened and i haven’t talked to him since. Prince is still my bestie, I talk to him most out of the group.

My mixtape is almost complete, I have about 2 more songs that I want to add. I’m excited for my fans to have it. I ended up adding the song about Twist to the track list. It’s very emotional for me to listen to, but I get through it. Speaking of Twist I haven’t spoke to him since the studio session. I mean I forgive him, but it’s hard to be around him, in all honesty I miss our relationship, it didn’t last long because of the incident, but I miss it. 

The young money fam is cool, I’ve met up with some over the course of these months. I actually collabed with a few for my mixtape. I even went to the studio with Chris to knock out some studio time.

Right now I am at home bored out of my mind finishing up my homework so I can email it to my teacher. 

I get an incoming call for FaceTime and it’s Diggy. 

"Hey Dig" I say smiling.

"Hey babe, what you up to?" He asks smiling.

"Well I’m doing this homework, so I can be done with it" I explain.

"I just finished mine" He smiles.

"Haha well I’m almost done, hold on" I tell him. I finish it up pretty quickly and send it off. “Okay I’m done” I smile.

"Okay, well the reason I called is I wanted to invite you to Spin’s halloween party this saturday" 

"Oh so you didn’t call me because you missed me?" I ask pretending I was hurt.

"Of course I missed you, that’s why I’m inviting you so that I can see you there" 

"Okay, I’ll talk to my Tune to make sure I’m free"

"Alright" He smiles. "Oh and befo-" He starts but I cut him off.

"Hold that thought" I say and run to the bathroom and throw up my breakfast. After I’m done I brush my teeth and come back to the camera.

"Are you alright?" He asks.

"I’ve just been feeling sick lately, nothing to worry about, I’ll take some medicine" I reassure him.

"Okay, I don’t want my baby missing the party"

"Don’t worry, I’ll be fine"

"Alright, but I have to go, my dad needs me" He pouts.

"Okay I’ll see you soon, love you" I reply.

"Love you too" He says and hangs up. I finish up the HW and head downstairs. I am immediately greeted with my 3 chihuahuas, I bet all three of them and make my way to the kitchen. I see my mom and Tune standing in the kitchen. 

"Tune! When did you get here?!" I say excitedly and went in for a hug.

"About 10 minutes ago, but I didn’t want to bother you because your mom said you were doing school work" He explains.

"I was, it was torture" I groan. Tune and my mom laugh at me. "Anyways, I was just about to call you because Dig wants me to go to Spin’s halloween party this Saturday and New York. Please, please can I go?" I ask.

"Yeah, you don’t have anything to do, knock your self out, but"

"Aww there is always a but" I say and Tune and my mom laugh.

"I hope you know Twist is going to be there too…" He says and I freeze.

"At th-the party?" I ask. Tune nods, my mom looks at us confused.

"What’s wrong with Twist?" My mom asks.

"You didn’t tell her?" Tune asks. I shake my head ‘no’. He makes the ‘oh’ face and my mom still has a confused look on her face.

"Um is anyone going to tell me?" My mom asks.

"Well the night of the party, Twist was uh…" I pause.

"He was what?" My mom urges me on.

"He was drunk and when we got back to the hotel, he was forcing me to have sex with him"

"Did he rape you?!?" My mom asks shocked.

"No… But we did fight until I knocked him out which wasn’t hard considering he was drunk" I finish explaining.

"Oh my why didn’t you tell me?" My mom asks.

"I don’t know, I’ve been trying to deal with it, I mean it been more then 2 months since the incident" I answer.

"Aww sweetheart, you don’t have to deal with stuff like that on your own and I’m not saying he was right for what he did, but considering he was drunk he didn’t know what he was doing. Just don’t let your father find out" I my mom says to lighten the mood. I smile at her and I get an incoming call from Dan. I answer it right away.

"I just talked to you like 30 minutes ago" I say laughing.

"I know, but I couldn’t wait to hear your answer and plus I missed you" Dig replies.

"I missed you too" I chuckle. "And yes I can come to answer you question" I reply with a smile.

"Good, alright my mom needs me but I will talk to you later, love you"

"Love you too" 

"Aw y’all are too cute" My mom says.

"Thanks" I reply. "But aye Tune what do you say we hit up the studio so I can get this songs out the way and focus on photoshoots etc?" I ask.

"That’s a good idea, come on" Tune says. I say good bye to my mom and leave out with Tune.

It’s Saturday and I just landed at the airport to meet up with Dig and Spin. We worked it out with his parents so I am staying the week. I go over to baggage claim and pick up my bag. Then I walk over to where people are picked up and I see Dig’s big head in the distance. I run over over to him, drop my bags and jump on him. He catches me in his arms and I see him smiling.

"I’m guessing I was missed" He says with a knowing smirk on his face.

"Nah I didn’t miss your big head" I saw and push his head. He looks at me like ‘yeah right’. I giggle and kiss him. I pull away and look in his eyes. "I love you" I whisper.

"I love you too" He replies and pecks my lips. I jump down and he picks up my stuff. Then we walk over to the car and I see Roger driving.

"What’s up Ramirez" I say as I get in the car.

"Nothin much B" He replies. After Dig put my stuff in the trunk he gets in the car.

"So where is Spin?" I ask them.

"He’s doing some last minute preparations, we will see him at the party though" Dig replies.

"Nah Dig I thought he was going to miss his own party" I say sarcastically.

"Don’t get smart, that’s gonna get you in trouble" Dig says.

"Ohh I’m so scared" I say sarcastically once again.

"You better be" He bucks and I just laugh at him.

When we arrive and his house, Dig and I get out and he gets my bags. We goodbye to Roger, since he wanted to go home before the party. Diggy unlocks the door for us and we walk in.

"We’re here!" Dig says.

"Welcome back Kaya" Justine comes over and gives me a hug. "How you been sweetie?" She asks me.

"I’ve been fine" I smile. "Where is everyone?" I ask.

"Well Russy and Miley are at a friends house, so it’s just me and Joey" She replies. I nod and we go to the living room, while Dig takes my bags upstairs.

"Hi Rev!" I say and give him a hug.

"I thought that was you, how are you?" He asks.

"I’m good" I smile. We all take our seats.

"So what have you been doing these past couple of month?" Rev asks me. Dig comes back in the room and wraps his arms around me.

"Well for one thing school I say with a laugh, um I just finished my mixtape this week so it’s being edited as we speak. Now I have to focus on the artwork and my fans should have it sometime next month" I reply.

"That’s great, I can’t wait to hear it" Rev says.

"Well actually, I have some song on my laptop, do you guys want to hear it?" I ask.

"Of course" Justine replies.

"Daniel" I say sweetly and innocently.

"Yeah?" He asks taking his attention away from the tv.

"Can you please get me my laptop?" I ask sweetly.

"Sure where is it?" He asks.

"In the purple tote bag" I reply. He nods and leaves out the room.

Not too long later he comes back with it. “Thanks babe” I smile and take it from him. 

I pull up itunes and then go to my mixtape. “Um I love each and every song so I’m going to put it on shuffle” I say and I hit shuffle and the song  I didn’t with Chris came on and it’s called “This Life” it pretty much just talks about what comes with the fame and sacrifices that had to me made.

"That was great and your voice is even better than I remember" Rev compliments.

"Thanks" I smile happily.

"Yes, sweetie keep up the good work" Justine tells me.

"Babe , why didn’t you let me listen before?" Diggy asks me.

"You never asked" I shrugged. Before i can stop it the song about Twist came on. "Oh let me turn this off" i say reaching for the pause button.

"Wait" he grabs my hand to keep me from stopping it. As the song plays I look at the look on everyone’s faces and they are hard to read. The tears start streaming down my cheeks before i realize it, let alone stop them.

"Who was that song about?" Dig asks. I try to pretend like I didn’t hear him talking to me. "Kaya! I know you hear me, who was that song about?" Dig repeats one more time.

"Twist" I say not even audible because I’m afraid of Diggy’s reaction.

"What was that?" Dig asks.

"Dig just leave it alone, it’s obviously a difficult thing for her to talk about" Justine says in a calming voice. I send her a quick thankful smile.

"But as her boyfriend, I should know" Dig says.

"Dig you don’t have to know EVERYTHING, she will tell you when she’s ready" Rev says. Dig doesn’t even reply, he leave out the room and I hear his door slam.

"Sorry about that" I lowly.

"It’s fine sweetie, if you need to talk, just know you have us even if you don’t feel comfortable telling Diggy" She smiles at me.

"Thanks" I smile at her. Rev and Justine leave me alone in the living room, I decide to tweet.

@ShutUpKaya_: When someone deserves to know something, but you don’t know how to tell them…

I reply to a few fans and i decide to tease them.

@ShutUpKaya_: Mixtape coming out sooner than you think…

Then I log off and pick my self up off the couch and decide to go talk to Justine, since I hear her in the kitchen. “Hey” I greet her.

"Feeling better?" She asks me and I nod. "You want to talk about it" I nod. "So talk" She urges me on.

"Well you pretty much know the whole story based on the song, I didn’t want to tell Dig about it because it was…" I trail off.

"It was…" She urges me a bit more.

"Twist" I say.

"Christopher Moore?" She asks to clarify. I nod and her face went from shocked to plain disappointed. 

I explain to her everything that happened. She doesn’t look as upset but she doesn’t look too happy. 



After I went in my room and thought about the whole situation I realized how stupid it is. I owe Kaya an apology, so I go downstairs, but I over hear her and my mom talking.

"Well you pretty much know the whole story based on the song, I didn’t want to tell Dig about it because it was…" she trails off.

"It was…" My mom urges her on.

"Twist" she says. I listen to her explain the story and then I walk in the room.

"So it was Twist" I say. She looks shocked and doesn’t reply. "Answer me, I already know the answer, why didn’t you tell me before?" I ask her.

"Well I didn’t want the whole world to know and i’m trying to get pass it. If you haven’t noticed, I haven’t been with him at all" She points out. Now that she mentions it, she’s right. "I’m sorry I didn’t tell you" She mumbles lowly.

"It’s okay" I say and open my arms to her. She smiles and comes into my arms. 

"Where is my camera?!" My mom says happily, we both laugh at her. She finds it and takes a picture.

"Well come on we better start getting ready" I tell Kaya.

"Oh okay, let’s go" I say and we go upstairs.



We both take our showers and Dig dresses up as him self. Boring? I know. I decide to dress up as minnie so I put on black leggings and a black tanks, and I put on my Minnie ears. Then I add some black heels to complete the look. Then i go in the bathroom and do my eyeliner and add some whiskers. “Well aren’t you a sexy Minnie” Diggy says and I blush.

"Stop" I say giggling.

"What?" He asks.

"Oh just come on Roger is waiting for us" I say and drag him out the room.

We get down stairs and Roger is waiting on us. “About time” He says and and we head out and get in the car.

When we get to the party it is already like considering we came kind of late. Some fans are here, so they come up to me or Dig. I stay with Dig so I don’t start any drama. He doesn’t seem to mind. We spot Jacob.

"What’s up man?" Dig asks Jacob.

"Nothin much nothin much chiilin, finna get something to drink" He says.

"Alright bruh, I’ll see you around" Dig says. They give each other dap and Jacob leaves.

"I wanna dance" I say.

"Come on" Dig says and we go to the dance floor. I immediately start grinding on him and he grabs my waist and pulls my waist aggressively. I bite my lip and continue to grind on him. We dance until we get tired and then we walk over to the sitting area. He takes a seat and I sit on his lap.

"This is fun, I’m glad I came and didn’t let Twist being here stop me" I say to Dig.

"I’m glad you came too, and that you’re staying for the whole week" Dig replies.

"Man I missed you" I say and kiss him.

"I like how y’all didn’t come see me though" Spin says sarcastically.

"My bad B, I knew I was going to see you somewhere around here" Dig says and his New Jersey dialect comes out strong as hell.

"Damn that’s sexy" I whisper lowly and Dig smirks at me knowingly, but continues to talk to Spin.

"So Kaya you gonna say something?" Spin says. I laugh.

"My bad Spin" I say and I get up to hug him. "Happy Birthday with your old ass" I say.

"Shut up I’m only 20" Spin replies.

"Yeah, yeah" i say and laugh. We talk to Spin a bit longer and he leaves off somewhere.  

Dig and I are just chillin. All of a sudden I start cramping in my side. “Owww” I say holding the area.

"What’s wrong?"

"I don’t know my stomach just hurts really bad" I say. Dig nods and starts rubbing the area causing it feel a bit better. "You reading to go?" I ask him not wanting to stay anymore.

"Uh yeah, let me go find Roger" He says. We find Roger talking to a cute girl. "R-" Dig starts but I stop him. "What?" He asks.

"Shh" I say and walk over to where Roger it. "So let me get this straight, you fuck me and then come down and talk to this basic bitch?" I ask and Dig busts out laughing. Roger looks like he’s about to kill me.

"You were trying to hook up with me right after you hooked up with her?" The girl says and Roger is too shocked to reply. "Un believable" She say and storms off.

"I’m gonna kill you" Roger says once the girl leaves. Dig and I laugh.

"Come on we’re ready to go" I say.

"And y’all couldn’t have waited until after I got her number though?" Rogers asks. 

"Nah" Dig and I say in Chief Keef voice and bust out laughing. He sighs, we tell Spin that we’re leaving and roll out.

We are riding back to Dig’s house and i get a thought. “Rog go to the CVS” I say.

"Aight" he replies and drives over to it. I hop out and run inside with out waiting. I quickly go to the ale with the pregnancy tests and pick up three. 

I walk over to the cash register and put down the tests. The lady looks at me funny but I ignore her and pay for the stuff and leave.

"Why did you need to go in there?" Dig asks.

"No reason" I say.

"But" He starts.

"JUST DROP IT OKAY?!" I snap on him. He looks confused but let’s it go.

Not much later we are at Dig’s house and we say our goodbye to Roger. Dig opens the door for us and I head straight up to his room into the bathroom. I lock the door and open up the tests. I take the them and sit the on the counter. These 5 minutes seem like a life time. After the time is up, I check the tests, they say positive, I drop them. I break down into tears. “Great, just great!” I yell out in frustration.

"Kaya" Diggy says knocking on the door.

"What?" I ask.

"You alright in there?" He asks me. I don’t know how I’m suppose to tell him…

"Uh yeah, I’ll be out in a minute" I say and wipe my tears and throw away the tests. I open the door to reveal my concerned boyfriend.

"What happened?" He asks.

"Um well you know how I stopped at CVS?" I ask.

"Yeah and snapped on me because I asked why" Dig replies.

"Uh yeah sorry about that, but I picked up a pregnancy test, because i’ve been having the symptom moody, pains, morning sickness, and I miss my period. Plus my stomach is a little pudgy but not noticeable" I say sadly.

"Wait what?" Dig asks shocked. I grab his hand and place it on my stomach.

"I’m pregnant, the condom must have broken and we didn’t know" I say. He nods.

"I don’t know what to say" Dig says, still shocked.

"Diggy what am I gonna do?" I break down all over again.

"Kaya don’t cry, we will get through it together. It takes two to make a baby and even though it wasn’t planned I’m here" He says and pulls me into a hug.

"I love you" I mumble into his chest.

"I love you too, don’t forget that" He says and kisses my forehead. We hear the door open and look to see disappointed face on Rev and Justine’s face.

"When you come to ask your son and his girlfriend how fun the party they went to was, you don’t expect to hear that she is pregnant. Let alone having sex" Rev says.

Dig and I are too shocked to speak…

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Chapter 64



I wake up the next day on my own and I look to my right to see Diggy knocked out. I get out of bed… Bad choice. Before I can stop myself, I thump to the floor with a shot of pain between my legs.”Shit!” I mumble.

"Kaya?" Diggy shoots up out of his sleep.

"Down here" I say embarrassed. Diggy peeks his head over until he has a view of my naked body on the floor. He smirks to keep from laughing.

"Why are you on the floor?" He asks with an amusing smile on his face.

"I um.. Can’t walk" I whine. "It hurts…" Diggy just busts out laughing. "It’s not funny" I whine.

"You’re right it’s hilarious" Dig says and continues to laugh. I just glare at him.

"So are you gonna help me or what" I say annoyed.

"Oh right" He says and gets up. I giggle at the sight of his toned butt. "Stop checking me out" He says and puts pants on. 

"Oh my gosh, just help me already!" I say laughing. He puts on some pants and then comes over to me. I reach my arms out and he picks me up like a baby. 

"Where to?" He asks.

"The bathroom, I have to pee and can you pick up my bra and panties over there" I say pointing to them. He nods and picks them up. He carries me over to the bathroom and walks out. I quickly use it and put on my underclothes, wash my hands and walk out. I’m walking with a limp so I don’t feel as much pain. Dig sees and just laughs. "Shut up" I mumble and limp my way over to the bed. I hop in the bed and get back under the covers. "I wish you didn’t have to go" I pout.

"You and me both, but I will see you again, it’s just what comes with the business" Dig says.

"I know, I know but it sucks"

"Are you coming to the show tonight?" He asks.

"Um I can probably swing through because I have to go to 106 today" I say. Dig nods understanding.

"Well I have 2 hours before I have to be at the venue since we slept in, did you bring clothes to change into?" He asks.

"Of course" I say. "Wanna shower together?" I blurt out. He looks at me surprised.

"Sure" He replies.

"JUST shower, I am sore as hell" I make it clear.

"Well I guess I put in work" He says feeling him self.


"Oh damn it’s like that?" He asks and laughs. 

We both get in the shower together, I kiss him as the warm water trickles down our bodies. When I pull away I grab a sponge and gently wash his abs. I smirk as continue to scrub him down and I get his dick. I begin to massage it as I wash. “Don’t start something you can’t finish” He whispers seductively in my ear. I bite my lip even harder. 

It’s his turn so he grabs another sponge and washes my body. I close my eyes taking in the feeling of his touch. I suddenly feel him insert two finger. I gasp and he just chuckles. “You. Have. To. Go” I manage to get out as he pumps his fingers in and out. 

"Oh you’re right’ he immediately stops and rushes out the shower. I go much slower consider the fact that I’m limping. 

He finishes changing before me and goes out to the living room. I heat  knock on the door I continue to get ready. I change into skeleton leggings, with shorts over, a BOY shirt and timbs. I come out and I see Spin, Dig and Roger. “Why are you limping?” Roger asks. I mentally curse my self out.

"Uh I-"

"And why is Dig smiling so hard…" Spin said.

"Y’all fucked, didn’t y’all?" Roger asks with  smirk after he puts the pieces together. I start blush immediately, a little embarrassed.

"Yes" I say lowly.

"Dig is a man now" Roger says boasting his ego. I just roll my eyes.

"I’m gonna go to my hotel, i will come to you after I finish with 106" I explain.

"Do you want me to walk you?" Dig asks.

"Nah y’all go ahead you’re already late" I say. Dig nods, I give Roger and Spin a hug then I go over to Diggy give him a kiss. I keep it short and sweet since he has to go. I wave to everyone and make my way over the the hotel.

When I get to the room I see Tune. “Long time no see” i greet him.

"Who you telling?" He laughs. "You excited for the show?" He asks me.

"Hell yeah!" I yell and he laughs again. 

"Aight, but one question" He says.

"What?" I ask him.

"Why the fuck are you limping?" He asks. I start blushing immediately. 

"Uh well…" I start.

"Well…" He urges me to continue you.

"This is really awkward to talk about…" I say. ‘Oh’ he mouths getting the hint.

"Well let’s get going" He says changing the subject. 

When we arrive at the 106 studio fans our outside. I take pictures with a few and sign somethings. I walk as normal as possible so no one will ask anything, I think I pulled it off. 

When we get back stage into the green room I spot Chris. “CHRIS!!!” I yell and run over and hug him. “What the hell are you doing here?” I ask him.

"Well Tune said you were gonna be here and I was in town so i decided to stop by" Chris replies.

"I missed you" I smile and hug him once more.

"It hasn’t even been that long" He chuckles.

"So? I still missed you" I giggle. 

"What I miss?" I turn around and see Tyga standing at the door.

"No way, you too?!" I say and hug him also.

"Yeah I came out here to support my little sis" Ty smiles at me.

"Uh Kaya why are you limping?" Chris asks.

"Shit, is it THAT obvious ?" I ask.

"Not really but you’re walking like you got a stick in your ass" Chris let out a laugh. "But you didn’t answer my question, why are you doing it?" Chris asks again.

"It’s an awkward topic…" I say. Tyga and Chris start laughing because they caught on.

"Let me guess it was lil nigga Diggy?" Chris asks.

"Yeah" I reply.

"Kaya you’re on in 5" One of the stage people came back to tell me.

"Well that’s my cue" I say and leave out the room walking as straight as possible and wait on the side of the stage to be introduced.

"Please welcome Young Money’s own Kaya " Roci says. I walk out there and hug her and Terrence. 

"So catch us up on what has happened since the last time you were here" Rocsi says.

"Well, let’s see umm I was officially signed I know y’all heard about that party. What else? Oh I found a title for my mix tape so I’m about to start working on that and i had my first radio interview with The Breakfast Club. That’s pretty much it" I smile.

"Okay so we all know last time you were here Twist asked you out, how’s that goin’?" Terrence asks. I feel my self stiffen, I have no idea what to say.

"We actually broke up, some things went down and I decided it was best that we didn’t date" They both nod.

"So does that mean you’re single? I’m sure the fellas want to know" Terrence says. The guys in the room clap and howl.

"Hell yeah she cute as hell!" One guy yelled. Everyone in the room laughs.

"Who said that?" I ask still laughing. Everyone pointed to a guy in the crowd. “They told on you man” I laugh again. “Come on down here” I say smiling. The crowd claps ad he made his way down. He is about 6’2 so he towers over me. “What’s your name?” I ask.

"Jaden" He answers with a sweet smile.

"You know you’re cute" I admit. Truth be told he was sexy as fuck.

"And you’re beautiful" He spoke flirtatiously. I blush and look at him.

"Aww aren’t you sweet" I say and give him a hug. He lifts be up. "Damn am I that small?" I ask and the crowd laughs and he put me down.

"Here only at 106 we do match making" Terrence says.

"So beautiful can I have your number?" Jaden asks innocently.

"As much as I would love to my boyfriend wouldn’t like that" I pout.

"Theres our answer Kaya, is not single" Terrence interrupts.

"But since I think you’re cool, hand me your phone" I say, and he digs in his pocket and gives his phone to me. I type my number in and save it. "There you go" I say and give him one more hug.

"Cool call you later" He says and goes back to his spot. I see his boys giving him his props.

"Alright so now that we have figured out that you are indeed in a relationship, who is the lucky guy?" Rocsi asks.

"Ummm" I say stalling.

"Come on Kaya tell us" Terrence urges me on.

"Well I’m with Dig…" I say. Everyone looks shocked and confused. "Yep…" I say awkwardly.

"Okay well we will be right back after the break to play a game with Kaya" Rocsi says and we go to break.

We come back from break and the game is set up. “One lucky audience member will win a chance to go to the next YM party with Kaya and of course before go a shopping spree with her” Rocsi says. The girls in the crowd go crazy.

"And here are the rules we will quiz you on a few facts about Kaya and  who ever answers 5 questions correct first wins" Terrence says.

"Kaya how do you want to pick the contestants?" Rocsi asks.

"Um you can pick them" I say. She nods and picks two girls to play the game. They both stand infront of the stand.

"Okay contestant 1 what’s your name and where you from?" Rocsi asks.

"My name is Ali and I’m from from Queens" The girl replies.

"Okay and what about you?" Terrence asks contestant two.

"My name is Diamond and I’m from Bronx" 

"Okay so are y’all ready?" Rocsi asks and the girls nod. "Here are the questions" Rocsi hands me the cards. 

We play the game and both or the girls are good. They are now tied 4-4. “Okay final question, before I was known for my singing what job did I have?” I ask. Diamond immediately hits the button.

"You were MB’s clothing designer/manager" she answers

"Congrats that’s correct" I smile at her. She jumps up and down happily then runs over to give me a hug. 

"Okay now that that’s over how about we bring out two people that wanted to show a lot of love to Kaya" Terrence say. Music starts playing and Chris and Ty walks out. The crowd goes wild. I laugh a bit.

"BUT not until after the break" Rocsi says and they go to a commercial break. Terrence and Chris start talking on the side about who knows what, but considering the fact that their eyes keep looking at me, there is my answer. 

"What y’all lookin at?" I ask mugging them and they just laugh. "Y’all see how they treat me?" i ask the crowd and they laugh too.

Not too much longer we come back from break. 

"So Kaya what’s it like dealing with these two knuckle heads?" Rocsi asks referring to Chris and Ty.

I laugh. “Well it’s been a minute, since I started school, but then switched to home schooling by the second day. Then I came straight out here and they surprised me today” I respond.

"I see so Chris did you and Kaya ever hit up the studio like you guys said last time?" Terrence asks.

"Actually no we didn’t but I’m sure we will soon, that’s fam right there" Chris replies.

"Ty she is like your little sister in the YM family so I’ve heard. What is it like dealing with her?" Rocsi asks.

"Well to be completely honest she gets on my nerves" Ty says and the crowd laughs.

"Haha" I laugh sarcastically.

"For real, she’s out of control, y’all don’t understand how much I’ve had to save her young butt. I love her though so it’s all good" Ty answers honestly. 

Terrence laughs along with the crowd. “What do you do?” Terrence asks and continues to laugh.

"Well I’m a party animal so yeah I’m guilty of getting out of control" I respond. 

The interview goes on for a bit longer before we finally leave of stage. “So you have the day off, where do you want to go now?”Tune asks me.

"Can one of y’all drop me off at Best Buy theatre?" I ask.

"Sure I’ll take you" Chris says.

"Okay thank you" I hug Tyga and Tune goodbye and leave out with Chris.

When we arrive at the venue we both get out the car. “Don’t get attacked” I laugh.

"I’m not gonna get attacked" He says overly confident.

"Okay, don’t say I didn’t warn you" I reply laughing. When we go into the building nobody recognizes Chris, that’s strange but I’m not complaining. Security recognizes me and let’s us through. 

"Daniel!" I yell and run into his arms almost knocking him over.

"Hey babe" He says and kisses me. "You got here fast" He says.

"That’s because this one over here acts like he is on the race car track" I say pointing up Chris.

"Oh hey Breezy, what’s up?" Dig says giving him dap. 

"What’s up man?" Chris replies.

"Nothing just doing me" Diggy replies. Chris gives him a knowing look causing us both to blush. I jump down from around his waist.

"So how long until you go on?" I ask.

"Umm I’m not sure, I have a while, Jawan Just went on" He replies.

"Ohh I haven’t talked to him since the DC show" I say. Dig nods understandingly.

"The little bro? I didn’t know he was on the show" Chris says.

"Come on let’s go watch" I suggest and practically drag Chris and Dig out the dressing room and to the stage. "Where’s Roger is Spin?" I ask Digg and he shrugs.

"Hey momma" Chris says once he spots momma Nae.

"Hey! what you doing here?" She asks and hug him.

"I came with Kaya" He says pointing to me.

"Hey sweetheart, how are you?" She asks me.

"I’m fine" I smile.

"That’s good to hear, Jawan will be happy to see both of you" She smiles at us and we watch Jawan perform. 

"Would it be a crazy idea, if I ran out there to sing with him?" Chris asked.

"Uh duh!" I yell.

"Well call me crazy then" Chris says and disappears. Momma Nae and I look at each other confused and shrug. Jawan starts to perform Another Planet. I look around and Dig left too… Well alriiiggghhtt… 

Out of no where Chris’ crazy ass jumps out on stage and starts singing his part. Jawan looks shocked and happy, Momma Nae and I laugh. Jawan gives Chris dap and they finish up the song. Chris weird ass stays on stage for the rest of the performance and they both come off. “Why didn’t you tell me you were coming?” Jawan asks Chris.

"I didn’t know myself, I came with Kaya over here" Chris points at me.

"Hey Kaya" He says and gives me a hug.

"Hey FatFat" I say and everyone laughs. "But Chris do you know where Dig went? I didn’t realize he left" I say and Chris shrugs.

"He probably was called by one of the stage managers, they most likely needed to talk to him" Jawan explains.

"You’re right" I reply and I see the OMG Girlz come over. "Hey Bahja! What’s up?" I ask her happily.

"Hey Kaya!" She says happy to see me.

"What’s up Bre!" I say.

"Hey girl" She greets me.

"Hey Zonnique…" I say bitterly.

"Hi Kaya…" She says with an attitude.

"I’m guess they don’t like each other" Chris blurts out.

"Yeah no sh- no duh" I correct my self. 

"Hey babe, sorry I got pulled away" Dig says coming over and wrapping his arms around my waist and kissing my cheek.

"It’s cool" I reply. "But wait Chris how about y’all perform Put You On" I say excitedly.

"I’m down" Diggy says.

"Let’s do it" Chris says.

"Speaking of performing we have to go on, bye guys!" Bahja says and all the girls leave.

"That performance was too dope!" I say hype.

"Thanks babe" Dig says and kisses me.

"Eww you’re sweaty" I say wiping it off.

"Bring it in" He says opening up his arms.

"Oh hell no" I run off and he chases me. "Dig stawwwp!" I yell and continue running.

"Aww they are so cute" I hear Bahja say. He finally catches up to me and hugs me getting his sweat all over me.

"gross" I whine and Dig just laughs. "It’s not funny" I say.

"Come here" He says and puckers up his lips. I swerve him moving my head away from him. He just laughs again and takes his hands moving my head so that my lips press onto his. I give up and just kiss him back.

"Ah young love" I hear Momma Nae and Chris say at the same time causing me to laugh. I pull away from and basically everyone from tour is watching us.

"Well isn’t this awkward…" I say.

"Yea…" Dig agrees with me.

"Hi" I wave awkwardly and Dig laughs at me. "Shut up!" I hit him.

"Ow" He says holding onto wear I hit him. Everyone goes on about what they were doing leaving Dig and I alone. "I’ll see you soon" He says. I look confused for a bit, then I catch on. 

"Of course, I’m gonna miss you" I say pouty.

"I’m gonna miss you too" He smiles. "Do you need me to take you to your hotel?" He asks.

"Nah Chris can take me, you need to get on your flight" I say sadly.

"Okay, see you soon babe" He says and gives me one last kiss before leaving.

"You ready to go?" Chris asks.

"Yeah" I sigh. We begin walking to his car with out getting noticed.

"why you sad?" 

"I’m gonna miss him"

"It’s what comes with the business"

"Yeah, yeah I know" I sigh. When we make it to the car we get in and he drives off.

We arrive at the hotel in no time. I hug Chris good-bye and go up to my room and I see Tune Chillin.

"Where were you?" I ask him.

"I just had some business to take care of and came back here" He replies.

"Oh okay, well I’m tired I’m gone" I say and crash on the sheets.

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Chapter 63



"Babe wake up" Dig’s voice wakes me out out of my sleep. I glare at him and sit up. "You were going to have to wake up anyways" He has a amusing smile on his face.

 ”Fuck up” I say. 

"Ohh you’re so feisty in the morning” He playfully teases. He thinks this is funny, I don’t find this the least bit amusing. I continue to glare at him. “You were so happy when you went to sleep, what happened?” He says with that smile still not leaving his face. He’s lucky i don’t just slap it off because in all honesty, that’s what I’m tempted to do.

"You’re annoying" I mumble and finally get up.

"You’re annoying" He mimics me, with that stupid ass smile STILL on his face. 

"You know you’re lucky it’s so early in the morning because I would fuck you up right now" I say in an irritated tone to let him know I wasn’t joking.

"You love me too much" He said with a smirk. Truth be told, I do love him. I love him so much, but I’m not gonna tell him that, so that he could win the argu-, win what ever the hell this is. I’m too competitive for that, I don’t care out silly it sounds. I bite my lip to keep from smiling. “No need to hide it you love you some Diggy” He says with a cocky grin.

"You sure about that?" I say teasing him a bit.

"Yeah I am" He says with a smirk. I feel my waist being pulled and I am directed face-to-face with Dig, considering the fact that I was about his height when he sits on the bed. I can see the smile on his face. At this moment I just take a real good look at his face. He was growing a bit of facial hair which was sexy. He also had a hint of freckles that you can only see if you look hard enough. His hair line looks so trace-able, I start to trace it with my finger. Dig laughs, but lets me continue. I then move my focus to his eyes, they look beyond gorgeous right now. I don’t want to look away.

"I wish I could record our cute moments like this" I blurt out.

"I do too, but go brush your teeth. Yo breath stank" He says the last part beyond ratchet. We both laugh.

"But what happened ‘Wanna be there when you wake, with no make up on your face, not even gloss before you brush love your dimples when you blush’ huh Dan?" I tease using his lyric against him.

"Yeah I’m here, but that doesn’t mean I want to smell it" He laughs loudly and I glare at him. 

We both walk into the bathroom and brush our teeth. “That’s better, now give me my kiss” He says puckering his lips, but I swerve and walk into the bedroom. “Oh it’s like that?” He laughs sarcastically and comes out of the bathroom too.

"Yeah it’s like that" I say in my thug voice. Dig just laughs at me.

"Don’t play with me, I know your weakness" He said with a smirk knowing he made me nervous. I don’t show it though.

"I don’t have a weakness" I say hiding the fact that I knew exactly what he was going to do.

"Oh really?" Dig asks with a raise eyebrow. I nod. "That’s funny because the whole world know that you’re ticklish" He says knowingly and begins to walk toward me. I back up slowly, getting nervous. He doesn’t stop moving and neither do I. 

"Okay you got it!" I burt out giving up. Dig let out a chuckle and pinned me against the wall. 

"I knew you couldn’t handle it" He whispers softly against my ear. I bite my lip to keep from moaning. He sent a tingling sensation through my body and I like it, I like it a lot. "I’m making you nervous huh?" He says into my neck. I shake my head ‘no’. "You sure?" He moves up and nibbles on my ear. I nod my head, trying not to give him the satisfaction. Right now so many feelings are going through my body. I feel him move down to my neck leaving soft kisses, then he bits really hard. I moan from pain and pleasure. He begins to kiss the stop soothing the pain and I breathe out of relief. I feel him smile into my neck and continues.

"Yo Dig you up" We hear Spin knock on the door. Dig reluctantly pulls away and answers the door. 

"What’s up?" He asks, you can tell he’s mad about us being interrupted.

"Damn someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning" Spin comments on Dig’s attitude. I giggle in the back ground. "Hey Kaya" Spin says.

"Hi Spin" I wave at him.

"What did you need?" Dig asks for Spin to continue.

"Oh yeah well the show was pushed back til tomorrow so you have today for your self, but I can see you were already busy" Spin says and looks between the both of us and leaves out.

"Well we have the day to our self" I smile at Dig.

"I guess we do, I’m gonna take you out tonight" Dig smiles.

Around 7’clock

"I love it here" I smile once I notice that we are at Lavo.

"Well I know my girl" Dig says with a cheesy grin.

"Yeah, yeah you just got lucky" I laugh. Dig looks at me like ‘yeah right’ causing me to laugh once more. Our waiter comes over and take our drink orders.

"I’ll be right back with your drinks and then I will take your orders" She smiles and leaves.

"Of course you would get lemonade" I laugh at him.

"You got it too" He smirks.

"Yeah, but I don’t get it all the time" I point out.

"Whatever, lemonade is good anytime, anywhere" 

"Uh yeah okay" The waiter sets our drinks down on our table.

"And what can I get you guy?" She smiles. We tell her our orders and she walks away.

Dinner goes by pretty quickly, before I know it we are back at the hotel. “Thanks for Dinner” I tell Dig.

"No problem, anything for my baby" He says with a smile.

"Well since you’re leaving me tomorrow, I want to spend the night" i say hopefully.

"Well if it’s okay with Tune then yeah" Dig replies.

"I already asked him before I left the room today" I say with a cheesy grin.

"Oh so you, just knew I was going to say yes huh?" He chuckles.

"Noo… but I was hoping"

"You know, I wouldn’t turn you down, you’re my girl" Diggy says gesturing with his hand for me to to come over. I walk over to him and he wraps his arms around me.

"I love you Daniel" I say into his chest.

"I love you too" He takes his arms from around me and uses his hands to cup my face, then he leans in to kiss me softly yet agressive. The kiss gets heated pretty quickly as our tongues wrestle with each other. 

I waste no time leading Diggy to the bed. Tonight I’m ready as I’ll ever be and I want my first time to be with him. I immediately take his shirt off and begin to leave a trail of kisses from his neck all the way to his navel. I begin too kiss all over his ‘V’ indent then tug belt but he stops me.

He some how manages to flip us over. Now this annoys me because I want to be in control, but I’ll let him have his way THIS time. “As good as that dress looks on you it’s gonna have to come off” He takes off my clothes then unhooks my bra and begins to leave soft kisses on my breasts. Then he begins to play with them and I bite my lip to keep from moaning. 

Next he takes my underwear off, so I am completely exposed. It feels a bit awkward. I think Dig can tell I’m uncomfortable. “It’s just me” He whispers softly. I nod and relax a bit. With out warning his takes his hand and starts rubbing on my clit and I let out an involuntary moan. He chuckles and plays with it a bit more and I feel my self become wetter. He doesn’t stop yet though, he inserts two fingers.

"Oh fuck" I moan loudly. He began to pump his fingers in and out at a steady pace, causing me to moan louder. He picks up the pace and keeps going for a little while longer. 

He eventually stops “I’m gonna go easy on you this time: I wink and get up and get on my knees. I lick my lips then bring then to the head of his dick and focus my attention there. I swirl  my tongue around the head massaging the rest with my hand. Then I shove all of him into my mouth, he pushes my head down further and this time I don’t gag. I suck just until he get hard enough and then I take him out. 

I reach over in to my purse and hand Dig a condom and climb up on the bed and Dig looks at me again. “You sure, you’re ready? I d-” He was going to ramble on so I cut him off. “I’m ready” I smile. He nods “Tell me when to stop” He says and unwraps the condom and puts it on. I begin to feel him enter slowly. It hurts like hell, I bite my lip to keep from screaming.  ”You okay?” Dig asks and I nod.

Once he’s fully in, he pulls in and out slowly. After a while I get used to it. “Faster” I tell him and he does as told. I wrap my legs around his waist ad he pumps in and out. By now my moans were all over the place. “Oh my gosh DIGGY” I let out a high pitch scream in pleasure. He let out occasional grunts. With each pump you heard the headboard bang against the wall. There’s nothing to grip on so I start scratching up his back. He doesn’t seem to mind. 

We switch positions and I begin to ride him, moving my hips in circles. I begin to bounce and I hear him grunt. I bounce faster. “Damn girl” He grunts and grabs my hips for support. I bite down on my lip and pick up the pace. “Aye Papi” I say in a spanish accent.

We switch again and this time Dig plays no games. He immediately pumps in and out faster then he did before. I use my hips to match his rhythm as I scratch up his back. “Uh Uh” I moan as he doesn’t rest. I feel my climax coming. “Dig it’s time” I manage to get out.

I released and Dig pulls out for a second. “Who told you to stop?” I ask with a attitude. He put him self back in and picked up the speed more. “FUCK!” I yell. I can tell he’s getting closer because he started getting more aggressive. I watch as the sweat drips down his forehead and how focused his. I see his face twist up.

He sighs of relief signaling that he busted. He got up and went to the bathroom to throw the condom away. 

"I love you" I say one he gets in the bed and wraps hist arms around me.

"I love you too babe" He says and kisses my forehead. I’m glad my first time was with him, I don’t regret it one bit.

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Chapter 62



The next day Brandon and I wake up pretty early since he has to work and I have to get back to the hotel. We both rush out of his place and into the cab he called. 

When we get to my hotel, we say our good-byes and I head up stairs to my room. When I walk in I see Tune watching TV.

"I’m here" I say.

"Hey baby, did you eat?" He asks.

"No I came straight here" I reply.

"Wanna go get breakfast?" He asks.

"Of course let’s go" I say and he gets up.

We both leave out and we arrive at a restaurant that is very familiar, but I can’t put my finger on it. Oh well it will come to me. We take our seats in a booth and a waiter who looks familiar comes over and takes our orders. “This place looks so familiar, but I can’t put my finger on it” I say to Tune.

"You’ve probably been here before" He shrugs.

"That could be it… But I think there is more to it"

"It will come to you" He says.

"Probably" I reply.

It’s not long before our waiter brings our food, we immediately dig in. I stop eating and I see something that makes me drop my fork. “What’s wrong?” Tune asks. I freeze lost for words.

"Kaya is that you?!?!" I hear a woman’s voice yell and it is oh so familiar. She runs over and hug me.

"Um hey Auntie Kate" I say and hug her back. She is my god mother, it’s been a while since I’ve been to her restaurant, that’s why it looked so familiar. "Um is Derrick here" I ask. Derrick is her son, I haven’t seen him since he was 12, he is my age.

"Yes, he’s in the back I’ll go get him" She says excitedly and goes to the back.

"That explains why it looked a familiar" I mumble.

"I swear you know people everywhere" He just laughs and continues to eat. 

Aunt Kate comes back with Derrick. Wow he grew up to be handsome, if he wasn’t my god brother… never mind. “Hey Kaya long time no see” He smiles. I get up and give him a hug.

"Yeah it’s been a while" I smile.

"I’ve seen you everywhere and I heard you on the radio yesterday"

"I guess everyone did" i say kinda embarrassed because of the things that were said on the show. "Anyways Derrick this is my mentor/manager Tune, Tune this is my god brother Derrick" I introduce them.

"Wassup? I’m a big fan" 

"Oh for real? thanks man" Tune replies and they give each other dap.

"Well I’m gonna get back to work, it was nice seeing you again Kaya" Derrick says.

"You too text me, same number" I reply. He nods then gets back to work. Tune and I finish up eating and I say my goodbyes to everyone that I know and we roll out.


After being in the hotel room for a few more hours my Tutor requests a webcam chat.

"Hell Kaya, I am your teacher" Really? I didn’t notice, I try hard not to roll my eyes. "My name is Mrs. Banks" She says and smiles.

"Hi" I say and put a fake smile on my face.

"Well since it’s your first day what subject to you want to start with?" She asks.

"Um Spanish, I guess"

After about 9 hours, we are finally done and I end the call. “Ughhh that was forever” I groan and lay on Tune.

"It was not that long" He replies and I look at him like he’s crazy.

"Nigga that was 9 hours!" 

"Well now you don’t have to worry about it until Monday"

"I guess so but still, my brain hurts. Too much… thinking" I say and he just chuckles. 

"Well I’m gonna knock out, I’m tired" I say getting up. I take a quick shower and hop into my bed.


[Two Days Later (Saturday)]

Well today is the day Diggy goes to the breakfast club so I wake up really early so I can surprise him, and perhaps get him to forgive me. I told Tune everything yesterday so I just catch a cab.

When I get to the station I don’t see Dig, but I see Roger. I run over to him.

"Roger!" I yell excitedly.

"Hey Kaya" He says and I run into his arms to hug him. He almost falls over but catches him self. "What are you doing here?" He asks a bit confused.

"Well I planned to come here originally, but Dig is mad at me now" I say sadly.

"Oh yeah about that, what was up with that?"

"Umm well Brandon is an old friend that left DC to come to New York I ran into him in the Urban Outfitters we had a moment I guess. That’s all it was though, I explained to him that I’m working on things with Dig and he stepped down" I say some what truthfully. I mean it’s not a lie, but it’s not the truth either.

"Oh okay, well you better explain that to Dig he was kinda upset"

"I know" I look down. "But can I go inside with you so they will let me in and I can surprise Dig?" I ask with hopeful eyes.

"Yeah come on" Roger says and we enter the building and go to the elevator. When we arrive at the floor, I remember where everything is and work my way to the radio area. "Kaya you’re just gonna walk in there?" He asks.

"Uh yeah" I say in a duh tone. He just shakes his and then takes a seat, and plays on his phone. I try to open the door but it’s locked. I see a lady walking past. "Excuse me do you mind unlocking the door, I want to surprise my boyfriend" I say politely.

"Yeah right and I date Chris Brown" She says with an attitude.

"That’s my brother so I doubt that" I say.

"Yeah okay" She says not believing me.

"I’m Kaya, the newest member of young money. Nice to meet you" I say sarcastically with a fake smile.

"Sorry, for not believing you" she unlocks the door for me and I walk in. They are still talking, they haven’t noticed me yet.

"So Dig what’s going on with you and Kaya" Charlamagne asks. DJ envy spots me and raises and eyebrow. I put my finger to my mouth signaling him not to say anything and he nods.

"Well we had something going on and broke up, we just stayed friends for a while" Dig explains and shrugs.

"What do you mean for a while?" DJ Envy says. I can tell Dig is becoming uncomfortable because he starts laughing.

"Well I started talking to her again" Dig says nervously.

"But then you saw that thing on MTO huh?" Charlamagne raises an eyebrow. 

"Yeah" Dig replies.

"You got it in before you broke up though right?" Charlamagne asks.

"Charlamagne stop it" Angela says.

"What I’m just saying, I said it before and I will say it again. He is a Simmons and Simmons gets it in"

"Nah it was nothing like that" Dig says.

"So what going with you guys now? That was what 3 days ago?" Angela asks. 

"Yeah, we are kinda not talking right now" Dig says and I frown.

"You sure about that? Look behind you" DJ Envy says. I smile and Dig looks back at me and his smile drops and he walks out. The smile I had on my face drops too.

"Looks like we are going to break" DJ Envy says awkwardly. I go and chase Dig to where he went.

"Dig wait!" I yell. He stops and turns around.

"What?" He asks.

"I’m sorry okay, just let me explain" I say with pleading eyes.

"Kaya I don’t want to hear it, there is always some excuse" he says.

"No for real Dan please just listen" I plead. He crosses his arm and takes a breath.

"I’m listening" He says.

"No not here… At your hotel after the interview"

"Okay, I’ll be out a little bit" He says giving up and goes back into the booth. I sigh out of relief and I go to where Roger is. He is knocked the fuck out, I giggle and start playing with his face. He slaps my hand away. 

"Oww" I say.

"Don’t touch me in my sleep" He mumbles then falls back asleep.


After the interview I ride with Dig’s crew back to his hotel. It happens to be right up the street from mine.

"Why didn’t you guys just stay at your house?" I ask.

"It’s more convient, but I’m going to visit later on today after everyone wakes up" Dig explains and I nod.

"I’m gone, I have someone to meet up with" Roger says and leaves.

"Where is Spin?" I ask.

"He went home for a while, I’m gonna meet him a Nitro Bar after I leave my house"

"Okay" I say and sit down on the couch.

"Don’t try to get out of it, explain" Dig says with a hard face.

"Okay, okay well long story short. Brandon is a friend that I’ve had a past with, I mean he was my first boyfriend, first love, first kiss…" Trail off.

"Let me guess first time?" He says.

"No, I’m still a virgin!" I sat sorta offended.

"Okay my bad" He says in surrender.

"But anyways when I met up with him, we had a moment, but that’s it. There is nothing more to it, I explained to him that I was working on things with you and he understood and backed down" I say.

"Okay, but just because you old feelings for someone doesn’t mean you can go around kissing them" 

"I know and I’m sorry" 

"Okay, I forgive you" He says not too convincing.

"Let me show you how sorry I am" I say and bit down on my lip.

"What do y-"

"Shh" I say and I grab his arm and lead him to the bed. "I’m gonna apologize the right way" I say and kiss him. He doesn’t reject, so I grab his face and deepen the kiss. I continue to kiss him as I tug on his pants. When I get them off, I get down on my knees. "Here we go" I say lowly and lick over my lips. 

I fit as much of him as I can into my mouth. I gag once since I’m still not used to him, but I don’t let that stop me. I suck him up until I get to the tip and I begin to swirl my tongue. “Kaya” I hear him grunt and it motivates me. I continue to suck and kiss the tip. He uses his hands to push me further down. I gag once more, but still finish the job.


"Do you have an extra toothbrush?" I ask after he finishes getting dressed.

"Uh yeah, I’ll get it from my bag" He says and goes to get it. I stay comfortable on his bed as I wait for him. He comes back and hands it to me. "Thanks" I say and go into the bathroom and brush my teeth.

I lay back down with Dig and cuddle into his arms. “You forgive me?” I ask.

"Of course" He says and kisses my hair. I smile and fell my self falling asleep.

"Kaya wake up" I hear Dig’s voice causing me to wake up.

"I’m going to my house, then to the club you want to go?" I ask.

"Yeah sure" I say sleepily and get up and follow Dig. He laughs at me, wow I must look retarded  because I’m so tired. "Shut up" I mumble. He laughs once more and I feel him picking me up. I lay on his shoulder and fall asleep once again.

"We’re here" I hear Dig’s voice. I wake up fully this time and rub my eyes.

"I’m up" I say and get out the car. Dig unlocks the door and we walk in.

"I’m here!" Dig yells.

"In the living room!" I hear Ms. Justine’s voice. We both walk in. "Kaya?!" She says excitedly and swerves Dig to give me a hug. I laugh.

"Hey Ms. Justine" I smile and hug her back.

"How are you!?" She says happily.

"I’m good" I reply. 

"Come on" She says and leads me to the couch.

"Nice to see you guys too" Dig says and shakes his head. He walks over and takes a seat. I see Angela, Russy, Miley and Rev. I introduce my self to everyone that I haven’t met yet.

"Well Kaya, whats going on?" Rev asks.

"Well I was signed to young money and I’ve just been letting everything soak in" I say happily.

"That’s good!" Ms. Justine asks.

"Yeah it’s great, I still get to design for Mindless Behavior and I’ve been thinking about starting my own line. I just want to focus on music first. I’m working on my Mixtape now" I say. 

"Yeah that’s good stay focused" Rev says. I nod my head. I get a chance to speak with everyone for a little while, which is great. I love Dig’s family they make me feel right at home.

"Babe, we gotta meet Spin" Dig says getting up.

"Babe?!" Everyone except for me and Dig yell at the same time and well Miley.

"Uh yeah, Kaya and I are together" Dig says nervously.

"And you weren’t gonna tell us?" Ms. Justine asks.

"Well I wanted to see where it was going to go first, then I was going to tell you guys" Dig admits.

"Oh well okay" Ms. Justine says.

"I have nothing to wear…" I say.

"I’m sure I have something you can fit" Angela says and leads me to her room. 

"So where’s Vanessa?" I ask as she looks through her closet.

"She’s still in LA, I had to come back to take care of some business" She explains and I nod. "What about this?” She holds up an all black dress.

"That could work" I say smiling and she smiles too. "Do you mind if I take a shower?" I ask.

"No go ahead there are extra wash cloths and towel in there. come out here when you are finished so I can do you hair and make up." She says.

"Okay" I say and I go into her bathroom and shower.

When I come out she has everything ready for use. I take a seat and she starts on my hair. She uses a wand to make nice spiral curls. After she’s finished she moves to my make up and does a smokey eye and put on red lip stick with a bit of blush. “Done she says” and turns me around to look in the mirror.

"Wow" I say and then smile.

"Thanks!" I exclaim and hug her.

"No problem" she laughs and walks out. I get slip into the dress and Angela comes back. "Here" She says handing my some heels. I slip them on and I say thanks once more and I walk out.



"Let me tell you this son, women will always take forever to get ready but it’s always worth it in the end" My dad tells me. I just nod and then I see Kaya come down. 

"Wow you look amazing" I tell her and she smiles.

"Thanks, Angela did everything" She smiles. She did look truly beautiful. I walk her to the truck and we both get in. "I’m so ready to party" She says happily. I just laugh at her and Tyco drives us to the club, which isn’t too far from my house. When we walk in, it’s already live. "Oh hell yeah" Kaya says and walks off. I shake my head and walk over to Spin who is doing his thing. 

"you made it" He says.

"Yeah, I brought Kaya" I say.

"Oh true, I will talk to her when the other DJ takes over" Spin replies. I nod.

"You wanna go on?" Spin asks.

"Uh sure" I reply and he stops the music.

"I hope everyone is enjoying their selves and I have a surprise guest, my brother Diggy!!" He tells the crowd and they scream. He drops the beat for 88 and the crowd get hype. I finish the performance and I thank the crowd. I give Spin dap and I look for Kaya. When I see her she’s dancing with some random guy. I let her have her fun and I go take a seat at the lounge. 

Not too much later I hear Kaya’s voice. I go to see what’s going on and I see her and some girl getting into it. “Hoe why the hell are you dancing with my man?” The other girl says. Kaya chuckles.

"I have a man, we were just dancing you need to chill and plus he asked ME. So if you don’t want him to dance with other girls talk to him about it" Kaya fans her off.

"Bitch who the fuck you think you talkin to?!" The girl yells. Uh oh. Kaya lunges toward the girl and beats her. 

"Kaya that’s enough!" I yell and grab her.

"Nah I haven’t got in a fight in a minute and this bitch is testing me" Kaya says trying to get out of my grip.

"No Kaya, stop before you get put out" I say. She rolls her eyes and stops struggling.

"Yeah bitch keep walking" The girl says. why couldn’t she just shut up? Kaya starts to struggle again and finally breaks free and beats the girl once more. I don’t even do nothing this time.

"You not gonna do nothing?" Spin says coming over.

"No I’m gonna let the security handle it" I say. I look over at the guy she was dancing with and he just shakes his head. 

Eventually the security comes over and handles the situation. Kaya and the girl both get kicked out. So Spin, the other guy and I all walk out there to get our girls. I pick up Kaya bridal style and carry her to the truck. I say bye to Spin and get in and Tyco drives us to the hotel.



When we get to the hotel, I get into the shower once again and I get one of Diggy’s shirts to put on.

"I don’t even feel like going to my hotel, can I stay here?" I ask.

"You already made that decision when you got into the shower" Dig chuckled.

"Yeah, but I still had to make sure it was okay" I laughed.

"Yeah it’s fine" Dig says and comes over to kiss me and goes into the bathroom. I send Tune a text letting him know that I was staying and I would see him and the morning. I tweet a few fans and follow some then I put my phone on Dig’s charger. 

After I while I feel the bed shift since Dig is getting in. He kisses my cheek and wraps his arms around me and I fall asleep. 

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Chapter 61



"I am not dealing with this right now!" I yell out in frustration.

"Dealing with what? Who was that?" Brandon asks confused.

"Uh that was my friend, who became my ex, who became my friend  and recently flirt buddy?" Wow that sounds really stupid when you say it out loud.

"So you had something going on with him and you kissed me?" He asks. I can tell he’s getting a bit angry.

"Don’t put this on me, you kissed me first!"

"Yeah, but you kissed back! I wish you would have told me before I-" He just stops.

"Before you what?" I question.

"Before I fell for you again" He says lowly. Guilt just washes over me, how could I be so selfish.

"Look I’m sorry, I guess I just missed you so much and didn’t want to stop" I confess.

"I understand… But I don’t want my feelings played with"

"Again I’m sorry" I say lowly. There is a 5 minute silence before Brandon breaks it.

"Who is it?" He asks. I look at him questionably. "The person you were on the phone with, what’s his name?"

"Uh Daniel… You may know him as Diggy"

"Oh" He says lowly. "Let me guess he found out?"

"Uh yeah he’s not too thrilled even though we aren’t together…"

"Look I’m not too happy that you low key played me, but you are still my friend, so I’m gonna help you out" He starts and I look at him, giving him my undivided attention. "Guys don’t like when the girl they are talking to talks to someone else. Even if you guys are not officially together, you are still ‘his girl’" I nod. "So even if he is your ex and then became your friend, you guys are ‘talking’ so you are his girl"

"So what do I do now?" I ask.

"Well if he likes you enough he may let it slide, but that part depends on the guy"

"I messed up badly didn’t I?" He nods in reply.

"But if y’all are ment to be together you guys will"

"Thanks, you’re the best"

"I know" He says cockily.

"Shut up" I hit him.

"Oww" he says in pain and I laugh.

"Come on that didn’t even hurt’ I laugh again. 

"Whatever, it’s late you need to get to bed or else you won’t wake up in the morning" Brandon says.

"Okay thanks dad" I mumble.

"You’re welcome baby girl" He says being a smart ass.

"Haha" i reply. I start going through his drawers to find something to wear. i find a big t-shirt, so I strip out of my clothes and change in to it. I join him under the covers and get comfortable, then my phone rings. I groan and check to see ray’s name. "Of course" I mumble debating on whether to hit ignore. I just answer it in the end. "What Ray?" I say with an attitude.

"I just want to talk" He says softly.

"You want to talk now huh? I clearly remember myself telling you to delete my number"

"You know I wasn’t gonna do that I love you too much"

"Ray, if you-" I stop because tears start coming down. "If you loved me why would you say those things and more importantly why did you kiss her?" I ask. Brandon looks at me confused. I mouth to him ‘I’ll explain later.

"I said those things out of anger, I was mad at myself and took it out on you. The whole fight with Princeton everything was uncalled for and truthfully I am sorry" He says.

"I forgive you, but I don’t know about getting back together. What you said truly hurt me and it’s enough hearing it from angry fan girls but hearing it from you makes it hurt worse"

"Let me make up to you, don’t give up on us yet" 

"Okay Ray" I smile.

"I love you" He says.

"I love you too" I hang. I look over at Brandon who is still confused. So now I have to explain everything to him…



I want to roll my eyes at Kaya because what she did to get back at me was way worse than what I did. I mean she gave the nigga head, but I still want her ass, I don’t even know what it is. Through all this shit I still love her, it’s frustrating to be honest.

"Let me guess y’all are back together?" She asks walking into my room.

"No but working on it" I smile at her.

"See, nothing to worry about"

"Yeah you were right" I say, she nods and leaves.

"You good?" Roc comes in after Keisha leaves.

"Uh yeah, I talked to Kaya" I smile.

"Good, just never do that again and please talk to Prince"

"I won’t and I’ll talk to him now" I say getting up. Roc nods and we both leave my room. He goes to the living room and I go to Prince’s room. "Hey bro" I say walking in.

"What do you want?" He scoffs.

"Look I’m sorry about everything. In the situation I was wrong and you had every right to tell Kaya. I was mad at myself and took it out on you and Kaya. I was wrong" I confess. I see him smile.

"It’s good, don’t let it happen again"

"It won’t" I say starting to leave.

"And one more thing" He says stopping me from leaving.


"I wouldn’t try to break you and Kaya up so that shouldn’t even cross your mind we are just friends, I promise" He says. I nod and leave out his room. I decided to go on twitter and multiple fans were saying my name with a link to MTO. I decide to click one of them and to my surprise it’s about Kaya. As I scroll down it shows her and some nigga. I clench my jaw. I regret even talking to her ass now. Why didn’t I see this earlier. Let me just forget about Kaya because I keep getting hurt. This would be so much easier if I didn’t fall in love with her ass in the first place. 

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Chapter 60



As soon as I wake up from my sleep, my phone rings. I check the name and it’s my cousin Brookeshe is 21.

"Hello?" I answered half way sleep.

"I see you come to NY MULTIPLE times and don’t wanna hit up nobody"

"I’m sorry I’ve been busy"

"Mmhmm I heard you on the radio this morning on my way to class and I was like I know this bitch is not in NY" 

"Actually it was last minute Tune didn’t tell me I was coming until late last night and I had to hop on a plane"

"Ahhh you Jetsettin’, pun intended" She says with humor in her voice.

"You can say that" I laugh.

"I’m you was with all these celebs, especially Diggy and ain’t even tell nobody, AND you know how much I love Drake, your lucky ass was in the studio with him" 

"Well Dig is gonna be here and if Tune says I can stay we are gonna hang out Saturday, you can come and as for Drake, you might see him soon"

"Aight bet, go ask him now" She says excitedly.

"Okay" I get up and go out to the living room looking for Tune. I see him laying on the couch watching the Lakers game. "Y’all gon’ lose" I tease.

"Man whatever Kaya your Knicks ain’t shit" He smirks.

"You remembered?" 

"Of course, but what’s up?" He asks taking his attention away from the game.

"Umm I was wondering if I can stay until Saturday" 

"Well actually you’re staying until Tuesday I have more things for you to do while you’re here to get exposure and on Monday you have to go to 106 again"

"Ahhh" We both hear Brooke scream from the phone.

"Who’s that?" He asks.

"Oh my cousin Brooke she goes to NYU" I say.

"Well that’s not too far from here tell her to come on over when her class is done so you won’t be bored. Also we are gonna need to go shopping since you only packed for two days, on me" I smile,

"thanks Tune" I smile and hug him tightly. Then run back into the bed room. "I’m guessing you heard that?" I ask Brooke.

"Hell yeah, I’m getting my stuff together right now text me the address of the hotel and room number" She says.

"Okay see you soon" I say and we hang up. I get the address from the note pad and add the room number to the text and send it to Brooke. Then I text Diggy letting him know that I’m staying.

"Brooke oh my gosh your hair!" I say excitedly when I see her.

Right? My room mate did it” She smiles.

"I love it" I exclaim. Tune clears his throat. "My bad Brooke this is my mentor Tune and Tune this is my cousin Brooke" I introduce them.

"It’s nice to meet you, I’m a big fan" Brooke smiles.

"Any family of Kaya’s is family, and family hug" Tune says hugging Brooke. I can tell she is trying to keep from spazzing.

"Alright brooke, you can let go now" I say with humor in my voice after I noticed she was holding on a bit too long.

"Oh sorry" She say nervously and let’s go.

"Well we can leave after the game" Tune says and goes back over to the couch. I take brooke back to the bedroom. 

"Wow I can’t believe I just hugged Lil Wayne and he’s taking me shopping" She says taking it all in. I can’t help but laugh.

"Correction he is taking us shopping"

"Shut up and let me have my moment"

"Okay, okay" I surrender. I get a FaceTime request before I can check who it is Brooke is all up in my laptop.

"Who is it?" She asks.

"What does the name say?" I ask her.

"Butthead?" She questions.

"Oh that Diggy" 

"DIGGY?!" She hits the accept button with quickness, I laugh at how impatient she is waiting for the call to connect.

"Damn I was expecting Kaya but I like this view better" I hear Roger’s thirsty ass say.

"Haha very funny Roger" I say.

"My bad Kaya, love you" He says like a little kid that did something wrong. I roll my eyes and get into the cam.

"Where is Spin and Dig?" I ask,

"They are coming, I just decided to start the call my self" He replies and I nod.

"Roger did you g- DAMN" Spin says getting a closer look. I look at Brooke and she is red as a tomato.

"What’s your name?" Spin asks.

"I’m Brooke, Kaya’s cousin"


"Call your girlfriend Spin" I say and he sucks his teeth. I smirk."Dig get these thirst buckets" I yell into the cam so Dig can hear me. I hear his loud ass laughter and he comes over.

"What did th- oh, I see" Dig says.

"Oh my control y’all hormones" I say with a bit of salt in my voice. Don’t get me wrong brooke is pretty, but I’m used to all the attention.

"Sorry Kaya" They apologize.

"Anyways Dig this is my cousin Brooke" I say.

"Hi" Dig waves into the camera.

"Aww he’s so adorable" She says.

"Girl he is only 4 years younger than you" I say laughing.

"So but he is a minor and I find him adorable" She says to me. "I wish I could just pinch you little cheeks right now O-M-G" She says excitedly. Roger, Spin and I all laugh at Diggy blushing.

"I can’t wait to see you guys saturday" I say saving Dig from his embarrassment.

"You just saw us and more of Diggy than us" Roger says smirking causing Spin to laugh. Dig and I both start blushing this time, while Brooke is just confused.

"Did I miss something?" Brooke questions.

"Uh it’s nothing" I reply a little too quickly.

"It’s more than nothing" I Spin says and Roger and him laugh.

"Shut up you guys" I say embarrassed.

"Okay, okay" they both surrender, while Brooke still looks confused but shakes it off.

"So Saturday you want to come to my interview with me?" Dig asks.

"Uh sure I’ll ask Tune if I can.. Brooke wanna go?" 

"Hell yeah, I’ve always wanted to meat Charlamagne" she replies. Dig and I exchange glances.

"Now what was that?" She asks.

"what was what?" I ask.

"You and Dig ugh never mind" she replies.

"Kaya, Brooke the games over, y’all ready to go?" we hear Tune yell from the other room.

"Uh yeah we’ll be out" I yell back. "See you guys soon and Dig I’ll text you when I get back" We say our goodbyes and I end the call.

Brooke and I walk out to where Tune is and we all leave the room. We all hop in a cab and tell the driver to take us to wear all the shopping stores are at. It takes a bit longer than usual but we eventually get there and I run straight for the Urban Outfitters. I hear Tune and Brooke laugh, but I continue to make my way there. When I enter the store I immediately freeze when I see a familiar face.

"Oh my gosh Brandon!" I yell excitedly and run over to hug him.

"Hey Kaya" He replies. When I finally let go of him, I just smile.

"I missed you so much" I say on the verge of tears. "Why did you leave me" I say finally letting them fall. I hear him sigh and he hugs me again.

"You know I didn’t wanna leave, but it wasn’t up to me"

"I know" I pout a bit. "I just wasn’t the same with you out you I mean you were my first love, kiss and almost my first time" I say barely audible.

"The move wasn’t easy on me either, but my family, we are better off here than we were in DC, we aren’t struggling at all. That was very stressful" He explains.

"My family offered to help" I say softly.

"But it wouldn’t have felt right to except it, no matter how close our families were" I nod still crying a bit. I don’t even know where Tune and Brooke are at this point. The only person I’m focused on is Brandon.

"I know" I mumble.

"Kaya look at me" He says taking my face into his hands, wiping my tears.

"I will love you no matter what" He says and kisses me, with out hesitation I kiss him back. Not even caring that we are in the middle of a store. I pull away from him and smile and he smiles too.

"I missed that smile" I say smiling hard. 

"I missed your smile too" He says and pecks my lips. I swear, I heard a camera click, but I doubt it.

"I see you’re doing big things" He teases.

"You can say that" 

"I love all the songs you’ve released" I smile.

"So you listen to my music?" I say cockily.

"Of course" He smiles. I blush.

"Stop smiling you know what that shit does to me" I say playfully pushing him.

"I know" He says then licks his lips. LAWD JESUS HELP ME!

"Stawwwp" I whine. He laughs.

"You’re lucky I just got off" He says.

"I came at the perfect time then" I smirk.

"I guess you could say that.

"Well come on help me look for clothes. I know Brooke and Tune are lost somewhere in here" I say pulling on his arm and dragging him up stairs.

"What should I wear to 106?" I ask.

"Go to that other store you were obsessed with so they can see the sexy side of you" He bites his lip.

"Aight but I still need some casual fits for the rest of the time I’m here" 

"Alright come up stairs" He says then leads me up stairs. I immediately start picking pieces out and by time I have 4 out fits I stop and look at Brandon who has some pieces. "I thought you would like these" He says smiling. I look through everything and they are really cute.

"Thanks, now I gotta find Tune" I say.

"Look behind you" I hear Tune’s voice. I turn around to see him and Brooke standing right there.

"Well I’m done shopping and this is my uh friend Brandon” I say and smile. They greet each other and Tune pays for my and Brooke’s things. We walk to BCBG, the store Brandon was referring to earlier. When I get there this gold curve hugging skirt immediately sticks out to me and run towards it and someone was trying to take it so a immediately snatch it before they can get ahold of it.

"Excu- Kaya?" The person says and I look at them.

"Michelle?! Oh hell nah" I say.

"Give me the damn skirt" She says.

"No bitch, you weren’t quick enough and this is way too grown for you to even think about wearing" I snap at her.

"Mom!" She yells.

"What Michelle" Her mother says.

"She took the skirt and I was about to pick it up" She whines I just roll my eyes. 

"Now you know, you weren’t about to get that skirt" Her mom says sternly. "Sorry abour that" She says directing her attention to me.

"It’s okay" I say politely.

"Kaya what are you doing?" Brandon says wrapping his arms around my waist.

"I’m just looking for an outfit, look at the skirt" I say holding up the skirt.

"I think it will look great on you he says and kisses my cheek"

"I hope so" I turn my attention back to Michelle and Ray’s mom. "Sorry about that" I apologize, elbowing Brandon for interrupting.

"No it’s fine, you guys are a cute couple"

"Thanks, but we are not a couple" I say.

"Yeah because she’s with Ray!" Michelle says.

"My son Ray? You’re with him?" She asks confused.

"I was, but with all due respect you’re son is a m-" Before I can finish my sentence Brandon covers my mouth.

"Sorry about her, she’s very blunt" Brandon apologizes for me, while I struggle to get free. I give up and lick his hand. "Licking my hand won’t make me let go" He laughs. I cross my arms out of frustration. "If I let go will you promise to keep calm" I nod. "Okay" He says and let’s go.

"To put it nicely your son and I went were together for a bit, but somethings messed it up so we broke up.

"Yeah somethings as in you being a hoe" Michelle scoffs. Her mom smacks her upside the head like any other black parent. I smirk at her and she rolls her eyes.

"Like I was saying after things were ‘cleared up’ we decided to give us another shot and well we broke up again recently" I say nicely.

"I see well, I don’t know what my son did, but he was a fool to give up a beautiful girl like you not once, but twice" She says.

"Thanks" I say politely. I look over at Michelle and she rolls her eyes. A girl about 12 comes over to us. "Excuse me are you Kaya?" She says shyly.

"Yes I am, what can I do for you?" I ask.

"Well I was wondering if you could take a picture with me" She says nervously.

"Of course, Brandon can you take this picture for us?" I ask him and he nods taking the phone she had. I pose with her and Brandon snaps the picture. 

"Thank you" She says and hugs me.

"No problem sweetie" I say to her and she skips over to who I am assuming is her mom. Her mom looks over at me apologetically. I send her a small smile letting her know it was okay.

"Your fans love you" Brandon says.

"I know, I love when they come up to me" I say.

"It was nice meeting you Kaya, maybe I will see you again"

"You too and most likely you" I say sending her a smile. 

Tyler and I walk around looking for something I can match with the skirt. “What about this?” He asks holding up a white sorta see through ‘dress shirt’.

"Perfect now, I need shoes" I say and we walk over to the shoe area of the store. I immediately spot the perfect gold heels to match. When I pick them up in my size, I go over to Tune and Brooke chatting away, they get along better than I expected.

"We’re done" I say.

"Alright" Tune says getting up and he pays for it and we leave out the store.

"Tune is there anything else for me to do today?" I ask as we walk.

"No you’re free, why?"

"Well I want to go over Tyler’s house… I promise to be back by 11" I plead.

"Okay just text me if there are any change of plans" He says. I nod and hug Brooke good-bye since she had to go back on campus. Tyler and I head to the subway station closest. I pay for a ticket and we go through the gate and down the steps. Our train is there right on time so we run into the train immediately. 

"Is that Kaya, oh my how you been?" Brandon’s mother greets me.

"Hi momma" I say hugging.

"Oh it feel like it’s been forever, you have matured into a beautiful young lady" She compliments.

"Thanks momma" I reply.

"I know that’s not Kaya" Brandon’s dad says coming into the kitchen.

"The one and only" I say.

"Come her girl" He says. I go over to him and give him a hug.

"How you been? I heard you on the radio this morning"

"I’ve been pretty good and oh no, that had to be the most weird interview ever" I say slightly embarrassed. He just laughs.

"Are you staying for Dinner honey?" His mom asks me.

"Yes ma’am" I say smiling. 

"Alright you too go to Brandon’s room and I will let you know when dinner is ready" She smiles at is. We both nod and he leads me to his room. I look around and smile at how he hasn’t changed.

"You haven’t changed one bit have you?" I say sitting on his bed.

"No not at all" He says joining me.

"So you wanna explain to me what happened to you… I’m assuming over the course of the summer?" He asks and I sigh and explain everything. "So you’re single right now?" He asks double checking.

"Yes" I reply.

"Good because then I could do this" He smirks lifting me up and placing me on his lap facing him. 

"You sure you wanna do that?" I say teasing him.

"Yeah I’m sure" He says and licks his lips. Before I could reject he closing the space between us. We just kiss, even though I was getting bored with it, i still continue. I slide my hands under his shirt, rubbing up and down his torso. The door is suddenly opened.

"Dinner is- oh I’m sorry" Brandon’s mom says closing the door right back. I immediately get off of brandon. We look at each other breathlessly, then bust out laughing. 

After we all eat, I look at the time to see it’s only 9:30.

"Um Kaya if you want to you can stay the night and go to your hotel in the morning" Brandon’s mom offers.

"That sounds great. I’ll have to check with my manager" I say. She nods understandingly and takes everyone’s dishes to the kitchen. I call up Tune and he answers on the 3rd ring.

"Yes Kaya?"

"Can I stay the night and come to the hotel in the morning?" I ask.

"Sure but you have to be back here by 1 because your tutor will be waiting for you on the webcam" Tune explains.

"Okay, thanks" I say.

"No problem" He replies and hangs up.

"That’s a yes" I say happily. 



"Bruh let’s go on MTO" Roger says.

"Why? We all know that stuff is almost never true" I say.

"I know, but it’s entertaining to see what they come up with and plus we have nothing else to do" Roger says. 

"Alright" I say pulling out my laptop. Spin comes out of the bathroom.

"What y’all doing?" He asks.

"Going on MTO" Rog replies.

"Oh what did they come up with today" Spin says interested.

"We’re gonna find out " Roger says. I type in the site and hit enter. As soon as the page loads we see Kaya.

"What are you waiting for, click it!" Spin says, but I hesitate. He impatiently clicks it for me. 

"Now since it is MTO we don’t know if this is true or n-" Roger starts but when the page loads all of mouths drop. The header reads ‘Newest member to YM recently labeled as a HOE, back it again?’ I scroll down so we can all see the pictures. The was one with her hugging some guy and another with her kissing him.

"Now you can’t get mad because you guys are not technically together" Roger says. I tune him out and take my out. I go to my recent calls and click her name.

"Hello?" She says happily.

"What the hell is the on MTO?" I say getting straight to the point.

"what do you mean?" She asks confused. I roll my eyes at her stupidity. Check MTO.

"Okay?" She say questionably. "Brandon, can I use you laptop?" She asks. So that’s his name.

"Sure" I hear his voice in the background. After a few minutes she mumbles. "Oh" 

"Oh? All you can say is ‘oh’?"

"It’s not like we are together" She snaps.

"Well, I was hoping we could be, but I see you already chose who you’re gonna be with"

"But he is j-" I just hang up not wanting to hear is. I guess this is what I get for messing with her while she was with Ray…

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