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I Can Tame You
Kaya steps into these boys lives and changes them for the better... or for the worst.
© 2012-2013 I Can Tame You

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Chapter 88 (Final Chapter)


The second half of this pregnancy is driving me CRAZING. I can’t stop eating I’m having endless mood swings and I’m HUGE. I can barely walk and I basically wobble everywhere.

"Ohh" I scream as I feel a sudden jolt in my stomach. 

"What’s wrong?" Taylor asks me. We were chillin in my room bored out of our mind watching lifetime movies.

"She’s a kicker" I reply holding my stomach. She takes her head and feels the kicks.

"Looks like we got a soccer player on our hands" She jokes.

"Thank God I only have 3 months left" I say. 

"What name did you chose?" She questions.

"I decided to go with Inaya Cade and hopefully Simmons" I respond.

"That’s so cute, I’m gonna call her Nay" she say happily.

"So how are you and Prod?" I ask her.

"Just wonderful, I should be seeing him soon because they have a show here and one in BMore coming up. You wanna go?" She asks.

"When are they? And I really don’t wanna go to the BMore show they some bammas I don’t have time for it" I say. Taylor just laughs, but I’m being dead serious I hate BMore.

"25 and 26 and I believe they are staying a extra day in our city" she smiles.

"Alright that’s cool I want to go, I’ll be almost 9 months by then so…. we’ll see how that goes" I say looking down at my belly.

"Well then maybe you shouldn’t go…" She says.

"Hmm we’ll see" I say. We finish up watching movies until it’s time for Taylor to go home.

"Alright I’ll see you soon" She says and gives me a hug and leaves.

"What do do what to do what to do" I speak to my self and make my way to the kitchen. When I open the freezer I see a tub of cookie dough ice cream. "What’s that Cade? You want come ice cream?" Well if you say so. I reach into the freezer and take the tub and get a spoon. 

I eat the entire tub until I’m food. “Kaya… Did you eat that whole tub?” My dad asks setting his stuff from work down.

"No Cade did" I say. He let’s out a chuckle and shakes his head.

"What am i going to do with you two?" He takes a seat next to me on the couch.

"Dad… I’m scared" I say truthfully. 

"I know sweetheart, I was in your position too. We had a somewhat similar situation. I had everything going to for me with my basketball scholarship and it all was thrown away. I wasn’t ready to be a father but I did it anyways" My dad tells me.

"I’m excited to hold her, take her shopping, do her hair, get our nails done" I trail off.

"Haha slow down there. I’m sure you will be a great mother" My dad kisses my forehead.

"I hope so" I sigh.

"Well I’m going to go to bed don’t stay up too late and make sure Cade doesn’t eat anymore ice cream" My dad jokes and goes upstairs. 


The next few months went by at a blink of an eye. I can give birth any day now I look like I’m about to pop. My grandmother came in town just so she can make sure she in the room when it’s time. My birthday is right around the corner. The boys are having their show tomorrow and decided to visit since I won’t be able to make it to the show.

"Man I’m going to spoil my god child" Prince says and begins rubbing my belly. "Hey Cade, your uncle Prince can’t wait until you come out" He says. I just laugh at his silliness.

"How did you come up with the name Cade?" Prod asks. I direct my attention to him and Taylor all cuddled up on the couch.

"I wanted something different and unisex. So Cade was something that popped into mind honestly" I reply. He nods and turns his attention back to Taylor. "Damn, she’s going to have so many godfathers" I say examining the room.

"It’s cool though because I’m going to be her favorite" Prince says proudly.

"Nah I am" Roc says. I look over at Ray and he’s quiet he seems to be in his own world.

"Well Chris is her godfather too" I couldn’t help but laugh.

"I’m the only god mother though" Taylor says once she pulls away from Prod. She’s right though I mean I loved all my girl friends the very few that I had, but out of everyone I’m closest with Taylor, but speaking of them I need to invite all them niggas from school to hang out.

"Yeah you got that position" I laugh.

"Aye Kaya" Roc says getting my attention. I look over at him. "You know Cade gonna be a leo just like us" I gloats.

"OH YEAH YOU RIGHT!" I say hype.

"Oh no we got another Roc/Kaya on our hands" Prince says face palming.

"HEY!" Roc and I both say.

"Hay’s for-" Prod starts, but Roc and I both cut him off.

"SHUT UP PROD" Taylor and Prince start rolling. Ray on the other hand cracks a small smile. I wish he would loosen  up, but at the same time I understand why he’s upset. 

"Here Kaya" Prince says handing me my phone and I see Diggy’s face so I immediately answer. Him and I have been cool with each other. We got pass the situation like adults and he accepted the fact that the baby could be his and stepped up.

"Hola Daniel" I say happily.

"Hey, I’m calling one to check on you and two my family thought we should come down there since you said you should be giving birth any day now. Plus my mom want to be there when her daughter gives birth" Daniel says.

"Oh that’s great, well I’ll see you guys soon. Who is coming?" I ask.

"Just me, mom, dad, russy and Miley" Dig replies.

"Oh great well you guys should stay with us, just let me know when you guys get here" I say.

"Alright will do, bye Kaya" He says.

"Bye" I reply and hang up the phone. I look up at Roc and all my dogs are all over him. I thought they were in the basement. I begin laughing at him trying to show them attention, but every time he would give one attention the others will start begging.

"Your dogs love me too much" He says once they finally jump down and go to eat some food.

"Yeah remember when you first came here and they didn’t even bark at you?" I say remember what took place last year. DAAAAMN it’s been a year since i’ve known the boys 

"Yeah I remember that" Roc smiles. Which made me remember I got him a birthday gift.

"Wait here" I say and wobble up to my room and get his gift. When I make it back down stairs I hand it to him. "Happy belated birthday" I say. He smiles and opens up the gift. He takes out the Beavis and Butthead sweatshirt, shirt and dog tags. 

"You’re the best!"He gives me a a hug. "Thank you so much" He says smiling at the presents.

"No problem" I say smiling. I spent the rest of the day with the boys and Taylor until they had to leave. 

The next few days were slow. Diggy’s family came up and stayed the first night with us, but got a hotel. Right now I’m watching tv in my room alone because I asked Dig to get me some ice cream, I can’t help but eat it. I mean I eat the healthy food too of course but I’ve been having major ice cream craving.

Suddenly I feel like I just peed on my self. I look down and realized my water just broke. Fuck. “MOM!!!” I yell. I hear her running up the stairs and she bust through my door. “My water just broke” I say. Her eyes get big and she runs to get my dad.


Russy and I were playing a video game when my phone rings. “Hello?” I answer putting the phone between my shoulder and my ear so i can continue beating Russy.

"Daniel, Kaya’s water broke" Kaya mom says.

"I’m on my way now" I hang up the phone and drop the remote.

"mom we gotta get to the hospital Kaya’s water broke" I say. My mom and dad both rush and get their stuff together. Everyone leaves the hotel room and head straight for the Washington Hospital Center.

"This is crazy" I mumble to my self. I feel a hand on my leg and look up to see my mom. She send me an assuring smile. Why am I acting like this? I have a gut feeling this baby is mine. I just know.

In no time we arrive at the hospital. Everyone rushed into the room.

"WOAH who are you here for?" One of the doctors stops us.

"Kaya Brown" I say. He takes a look at the paper. "We can only have one more person in the room since her mom and grandmother are in there. Who are you?"

"The father of the child" I say. 

"Alright come on the rest of you guys are going to have to stay here" THe doctor says and leads me to the room. As soon as I enter I’m greeted by Kaya’s screams.

"DIG!" She yells as the tears are streaming down her face.

"I’m here" I say and go over to her.

"Mom it hurts so bad" Kaya says breathlessly.

"I know sweetheart I know. It will be over soon" He mom comfort her.


These contractions are killing me. I’ve been here for what seems like forever but really is just a few hours. “Alright let’s see how many centimeters you are” The doctor come s over and measures. “Okay you are 3 centimeters, would you like to take the epidural now?” She asks.

"Yes please" I say wiping the sweat from my forehead as another contraction comes along. My face scrunches up from the pain. The doctor leaves and comes back. 

"Alright I’m going to need you to turn on your side and don’t move" She says. I take a deep breath and try to keep as still as possible. I feel her sticking the needle in.

"OH MY GOD" I yell out in pain. The pain stays constant for a while and I feel her take it out. "Ohhhh" 

"Alright that’s all, I’ll be back to check on you" She says and leaves the room.

"I’m never having anymore kids after this" I say dead serious. My mother and my grandma let out a laugh.

"We all did it sweetheart" My mom says in between her laughs. I look over at Dig and I noticed that he’s been holding my hand the whole time. 

"Dig…" I trail off.

"Yeah?" he asks.

"If this baby turns out to be yours I want us to be friends. I know I screwed you over countless times and I feel horrible about it, but at the end of the day no matter what I still love you. Even if it’s a friend type of way" I admit he nods.

"I’d like that, honestly and I love you too" He says and kisses my. Cheek I smile at hearing those three words. 

"Awww" I hear my mom and grandmother say  ruining the moment.

"y’all ruined it" I laugh as a contraction sneaks up on me. "OWWWW" I say in pain. The next few hours were complete torture I spoke to Dig and read a book to try to keep my mind off the pain, which wasn’t as bad as before thanks to the epidural, but it was still painful.

"You’re ready to begin pushing. Just go on my count" The doctor says. I nod my head. "Alright 1, 2, 3 push" I push as hard as I can. As I scream in pain. "Come on 1, 2, 3 push" I push once again. I continue to go on the count as the doctor.

"Mom, I can’t do this" I say crying.

"You can honey, you’re half way done" She says over Cade’s cries. I push until she’s finally out and lay back down on the bed to catch my breath. 

"You did it" Dig says with smile.

"Sorry about your hand" I say still catching my breathe.

"Yeah I’m going to go to probably need a cast" He says and we both laugh.

"Here is your healthy baby girl" The doctor says and gives me cade. 

"Would you like to name your child now?" The doctor asks.

"Can I after the DNA test results?" I ask.

"You sure can, you have 5 days to do so" She says. The doctors clean me up and I lay in the bed. Everyone comes in the room and dig left to get his hand checked out. 

"You did it sweetheart" Ms Justine says and gives me a hug.

"It was painful" I say. Everyone laughs. "I’m serious never again" I say and everyone laughs once again. 

"She is so precious" My mom says taking Cade from me and I see the tears fall down her face. Her and my grandma have a little moment. It’s great that we have all four generations.

"I’m back" Dig says and we look over at him. He has a cast on his arm. 

"I broke it?" I ask.

"Nah it’s just a sprain" He says.

"Oh okay" My mom left the room and came back with who I assume to be a nurse.

"This is Rebecca she’s going to do your collections for the DNA test" My mom introduces us. Rebecca quickly does our collections.

"Alright you should have the results within 3 days" She says and leaves.

"Well we should get going you need your rest"Rev says and everyone agrees.

"Dig can you stay?" I ask.

"Sure" He agrees. Everyone else hugs me and leaves out the room. I almost immediately fell asleep after everyone left.

The next few days were relaxing and nerve recking at the same time. I just really hope Dig is the father… Today is the day we find out the nurse should be here any minute now with the results.

"Hey" Dig says entering the room with chickfla breakfast.

"Oh bless you" I snatch the food from him and immediately begin eating it. Dig laughs at me and begins eating his also. There is a knock on the door and the Rebecca enters with an envelope in her hands. 

"The results were mailed in so I rushed here as soon as they came" She says with a smile. She opens the back package. "Daniel Dwayne Simmons the third you are the father" She says. Dig and I hug each other with huge smiles on our faces. I’m so happy it’s Dig I couldn’t see it being anyone else. The way he stepped up even when we weren’t sure if it was his child shows that he’s going to be just fine.

"Alright, I’m going to let you guys celebrate, congrats you two" SHe says with a smile and leaves. The doctor comes in right after.

"Alright are you guys ready to name her?" She asks.

"Yes! Cade Zaire Brown-Simmons" I say happily.

"That’s beautiful" The doctor smiles. Dig and I do all the needed paper work and I change into the sweats he brought me and I get together Cade’s things. Dig carried all my bags while I carry Cade. We go to the parking lot and get into the car.

"I keep forgetting you got your license" I say.

"Yeah we were both late on getting that done" He chuckles. I look down at my stomach.

"Man I gotta hit the gym, I gained so much weight" I say seriously. Dig just laughs at me.

"I’m serious I gotta get my body back" I say. Dig just shakes his head and continues driving to my house. When we get there I see my mom, grandma, dad, Rev, Justine, Miley and Russy all in the living room.

"Hey guys" I smile.

"Hey Kaya" Everyone greets me.

"I would like you guys to meet Cade Zaire… I pause dramatically Brown-Simmmons" Everyone cheers out of happiness. I’m sure we all wanted Dig to be the father.

"I’m a grandma" Ms Justine begins crying tears of joy. "Let me hold her" She says. I hand her Cade to hold. She just smiles looking down at her. Everyone is happy… even my dad. 

"You’re going to be great son" My dad gives Dig a light squeeze.

"I’m an uncle!"Russy says happily.

"Me too"Miley gloats. We all laugh and everyone begins socializing while taking turns holding Cade. 

"Oh sweetheart why don’t you do take Cade’s things up to her room" My mom says. I nod and Dig and I get her bag and walk up to the room. I open the door and my mouth drops.

"OH MY GOSH!" I scream happily. They decorated the nursery and it’s perfect. It’s all pink and have a big C above her crib along with lots of toys and the closet is full of all types of clothes.

"You like it?" My mom asks from the door.

"I LOVE IT!" I say. 

This has been amazing turn out. I lost my career but I gained a daughter and a loving second family. I have learned from my mistakes and I’ve grown up, I guess you can say I’ve been Tamed

The End

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Cade(in a few years of course):


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Chapter 87


5 Months later

I finally got my diploma from high school and graduated with my class. My mom decided to have a graduation party. My belly is definitely showing and instead of mopping around about being pregnant I embraced it. Iwas now sitting with my family enjoying the food my grandmother fixed.

"AYE YAYA!" A familiar voice yells. My face immediately lightens. 

"CHRIS!!" I yell happily and give him a huge hug. I haven’t seen him in forever. "I missed you so much" I say into his chest.

"I’m sure you did" He says cockily and gives me a kiss on the cheek. 

"How did you know?" I ask.

"Well your mom wanted to surprise you" He says. I excitedly turn to my mom and she sends me a small smile. I thank her with my eyes and turn back around to Chris.

"Kaya is this the boy who’s baby you’re having?" My grandmother asks. Chris along with my eyes get big.

"no no no grandma this is Chris Brown… the singer he’s like an older brother to me" I correct her.

"Oh well it’s nice to meet you" My grandmother says politely. Chris talks with all of my family and some of my cousins are shocked at the fact that’s he’s here.

"Don’t forget about us!" I hear multiple voices. When turn around I see Roc, Prod, Prince and ray standing there looking handsome.

"Congrats Kaya" Prod says and gives me a hug. Taylor comes over immediately and begins making out with him. As crazy as it seems… they have lasted all this time through the long distance and everything. 

"Congrats sis" Roc gives me a hug and makes his way over to the food. 

"Congrats Kaya" Ray says and hugs me. He looks down at my belly and smiles a bit. They all know about the baby because Prince told them so it was no surprise to them.

"Congrats Kaya" Prince hugs me. We hold it for a really long time and finally let go.

"Damn I miss you" I say.

"We talked on facetime everyday since you got your phone back what the hell you mean you miss me?" He asks. We both let out a laugh.

"I don’t know man, you’re my best friend and it sucks that through these past months I couldn’t go give you a hug or talk to you in person" I explain.

"I guess you’re right, but I’m here now" He laughs.

"yeah you are" I give him another hug.

"So is this the boy?" My grandmother asks.

"No grandma" I laugh. "This my best friend Jacob but we all call him Prince" I introduce them.

"OH you’re the one with the good hair I always saw on tv" My grandmother says happily causing everyone in the room to laugh.

"Knock knock I hope there is still food" Ty says coming into the house. 

"BROOOO!" I wobble over because it’s hard for me to run and give him a hug. 

"Hey girl" He kisses me on my forehead. "Damn girl you’ve gotten big" He says examining my body.

"Well that’s what pregnancy does to you" I say sarcastically.

"I ain’t mean it like that, you look great" He says and continues into the house.

"I hope the party still going on" I hear Tune’s voice. He comes in followed by Twist, Drake, Nicki, Justin, Za and Khalil. 

"TUNE!" I exclaim happily and wobble over to give him and everyone a hug. I ignore the awkwardness from Twist, Justin, Za and Khalil staring at my stomach. It was weird seeing them since I haven’t seen them since they ran a train through me. "Alright everyone the food is over there" I say pointing to a table. "And I will be right back" I quickly run out of the room to throwup.

imageToday is Kaya’s graduation party and my parents all wanted to go for some reason. I decided to just go along with it.

"Dig ring the door bell we gotta go get our gift" My mom says happily and goes to the trunk of the car. I shrug and ring the door bell. When the opens I see Twist. He has a shocked look on his face, which I ignore and make my way inside. I greet Kaya’s mom with a hug and her dap with some dap.

"Thanks for coming son" He says.

"No problem" I reply. Five second later my whole My mom, Miley. Russy and Angela come through the door. They were the only ones that could make it. I go and take Kayas big ass present from my dad and set it down.

"Where’s Kaya?" My mom asks.

"Oh she’s upstairs" Her mom replies.

"Dig why don’t you go and check on her" Her dad gives me permission. I go upstairs to meet up with her. I hear the sound of someone throwing up. I just follow in and see Kaya. I sigh and take all her hair into my hands.

"Thank you" She mumbles as she continues to throw up. Even though I’m very upset with Kaya there is a chance that the baby is mine.

"No problem" I reply. She freezes to the sound of my voice.

"Dig?" She questions as she gets up and flushes the toilet then turns around. "Um let me brush my teeth" She says awkwardly and does so. When she’s done she looks over at me. "Uh hi" she says and down at her belly and up at me.

"Hey" I say and give her a hug.

"Well we should get going" She says awkwardly and walks out the bathroom. She looks good… I help her down the stairs and we meet everyone in the living room. 

"Sweetie you want something?" My mom asks directing her question to Kaya. 

"Oh no I’m fine you guys are the guest" Kaya says politely. my mom sends Kaya a small smile.

"Okay I have an announcement to make" Tune says getting everyone’s attention. "Kaya even though you had to leave the YM family we still look at you as family so all of us got together to give you graduation present" Tune starts off. "Now you’re going to have to go outside for the first present" 

  As soon he says that Kaya gets up anxious to see what he’s talking about. Everyone in the house goes outside and we hear a car roaring then it pulls up and we see a silver SL550 benz pull up followed by Kaya’s screams. The man gets out and hands her the keys to the car and walks away. Kaya on the other hand hop into the car.

"Girl if you don’t get your pregnant but out of that car" Kaya grandmother says and everyone laughs. 

"Grandma I got my license already I’m just going to take it for a test drive" Kaya says sweetly.

"Don’t you want to see your other gifts?" Tune teases Kaya and she gets right back out of the car. Everyone laughs at her excitement. Everyone goes back inside and brings their presents with them.

"Here you go baby" Tune hands Kaya a box. She opens it and screams. 

"What is it?" One of Kaya’s cousins asks.

"3 Versace necklaces" She says staring at it with a big ass smile on her face. She gives Tune a hug then goes back to her spot.

"Alright Kaya, here is both of my presents" Chris says and hands her two gift bags. 


When opened Chris’ present I wanted to scream from excitement. I pulled out an all pink Celine purse. 

"OH MY GOD" My scream happily. Chris chuckles at my reaction. I reach for the second bag and pull out a whole bunch of The Kill and Black Pyramid Merch. Then when I get to the bottom it’s a green MCM backpack. "THANK YOU THANK You THANK YOU!" I scream and hug him. 

"No problem, Kae says congratulations and she’s sorry she couldn’t make it" Chris tells me.

"thank you guys both" She hugs Chris once again.

"we got you this" The boys hand me a bag. I open it and its a huge mac make-up kit like the one professionals use. 

"You guys are amazing" I say happily. "Who’s idea was this a narrow my eyes at all of them" They all turn to look at Ray.

"Awww" I get up and give him a hug and a kiss on the cheek. He smiles wide. The gift just kept rolling in I have no idea where I’m even going to put all this stuff. I enjoyed my families company and now we were just having a huge talk.

"Alright Kaya do you know the sex of the baby yet?" Ms. Justine asks.

"No I don’t"

"When’s your appointment?" Once of my aunts asks me.

"Tomorrow actually" I laugh. Everyone nods.

"What are you hoping for?" My other aunt asks.

"It doesn’t matter to me" I reply honestly. I just wish I knew who the father was. We continue to have a big discussion until it’s time for everyone to leave. I give everyone a hug before they leave and the last person is Chris.

"You did it kiddo" He ruffles my hair. I shoot him dagger and he laughs.

"Chris… I know this is weird but I really don’t want to ask anyone else and I don’t wanna go alone…. So can you go to my appointment with me?" I ask sweetly.

"Sure, what time do you want me to pick you up?" He asks.

"Um 3" I reply he nods. I give him one last hug and he leaves. 

"What was that about?" My mom asks as she cleans up a bit.

"I just asked him to go with my appointment with me so I don’t have to ask anyone else and I don’t have to go alone" I reply. She looks at me weirdly then continues to clean up. I make my way up stairs and go right to bed.


I wake up on my own and immediately take a shower and change into some PINK sweats. I check my phone and I got a text from Chris saying he’s outside. Damn I slept late. I make my way down the stairs and out the door. I see Chris with his mustang. 

"I forgot you had this because you always drive your Lambo" I say once I get in the car. 

"Yeah I usually drive this when i visit family in the DMV" He replies. I nod my head and put on my seat belt. I direct him to the clinic. When he pulls up we both get out and go into the office. I sign in and take a seat and wait my turn. Chris sits quietly on his phone as we wait.

"Kaya Brown?" I hear the nurse say. Chris and I both stand up and make out way to the room. I take a seat and wait for the nurse. 

"Alright Ms. Brown I’ll leave for you to change into this and sir you can leave" She says.

"No it’s fine" I assure her. She gives me a small smile and leaves. I take off my sweats and change into the robe and I tell Chris to get the nurse. She comes back and questions me on the simple things then leaves. The doctor comes in after.

"Alright Ms. Kaya I’m going to need to lay down" She sends me a smile. I lay down and get comfortable. "Alright this is going to be cold" I nod and take deep breaths as she places the stuff on my stomach I have no idea what it’s called. "Alright, your baby is very healthy" I send me a small smile. "Is this the father?"

"OH Noooo"I say and laugh. "We just happen to have the same last name" Chris laughs too.

"Oh my mistake" She says. Then continues to rub around on my stomach.

"Would you like to know the sex of the baby?" She asks.

"Yes" I reply.

"It looks like you’re having a little girl" She smile.

"Oh my gosh" I start crying from happiness.

"Well lets get you cleaned up" She says and wipes my stomach clean and then she leaves so I can change.

"Wow" I say.

"Aww my goddaughter is about to be fresh" Chris says.

"Who said you were going to be the god father?" I ask. He sends me a straight face causing me to laugh. "i’m kidding of course you’re the godfather" I say and change into my sweats. The nurse comes back with the ultrasound pic. I look at it and smile. "I lost everything but she right here is worth it" I smile.

"Come on Yaya" Chris says from the door. I look up from the pic and leave out with Chris.

"You hungry?" He asks reading my mind.

"Yeah, let’s go to iHop" I say thinking about pancakes.

"You got it kiddo" He says and start heading in the direction of the iHop we passed on our way here.

"You know you need to stop calling me a kid since I’m carrying one" I laugh.

"Yeah you got me there" He chuckles and pulls into the parking lot. Well that was fast. We decide to get carry out instead of sitting down. So we wait for our food to be prepared but not with out seeing fans of course.

"Kaya, we miss your music" A fan says.

"I know I know I feel horrible, but I had to stop" I reply hopping they didn’t notice my stomach because surprisingly no one knows. I’ve gotten pretty good at hiding it.  We talk to the fans until our food is done and we leave.

"You miss it don’t you?" Chris asks me.

"Of course, it was taken away from me just as fast as it was given, but it’s just a sacrifice I had to make." Chris nods and continue to drive to my house. We arrive in no time and go inside. 

I see my mom in the kitchen making smoothies and my grandmother sitting on the couch watching the news. I would assume my dad is at work.

"Mom we’re back" I say happily.

"OHH LET ME SEE LET ME SEE" At first my mom was upset about the whole thing but she’s learned to accept and now she’s more excited than anything.

"Well first off I’m having a girl" I say happily. "and here" I give my mom the picture. She looks at it and smiles. 

"Bring it here I want to see" My grandmother says. My mom walks over to her and shows it. My grandmother also has a smile on her face.

"Well anyways" My mom says wiping her tears that were about to fall. "Chris I’m making smoothies you want one?" My mom asks.

"Yes ma’am" He says and takes a seat on the couch. My mom goes back into the kitchen to finish up as Chris and I eat the foot we got from iHop. She brings over our smoothies and we drink them.

"Have you thought about any baby names?" My mom asks.

"Um yes I was thinking Zaire or Inaya and I want the middle name to be Cade" I reply.

"All of those are so unique which ever you choose I’m sure will be perfect" My mom assures me. 

"Yes and this fool right here is going to be the godfather" I say move Chris head a bit.

"Hey" He says with his smoothie now all over his mouth. I laugh at the sight and hand him a napkin. 

"I can’t believe I’m living to see my great grand baby"My grandmother says happily.

Through all the shit that went down… I’m happy that I have a baby on the way.

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Chapter 86


As I’m getting my self together I hear a familiar voice. “Boy, have you lost your ever loving mind. I don’t know who or what made you talk to Kaya like that, but what ever it is you better drop it!” She yells.

"But ma-" Before Dig could reply she cut him off.

"Go to your room, I’ll talk to you later. Lord give me the strength" I hear movement come closer to the door before it slightly opens. "Kaya… Why would you let him talk to you like that?" Ms. Justine asks sweetly. Her mood just completely changed.

"Um, I deserved it" I put my head down in shame. I feel her wrap her arms around me and pick my head up.

"Sweetheart, you don’t deserve to be spoken to like that, now I don’t know what you did and that’s not my business, but I don’t care if her is my son, he should NEVER speak to you like that" She says. I can tell she switched into mother mode. 

"Yes ma’am"

"Now I need to go talk some sense into this boy" She says. I can tell she’s really up set. She begins to walk out.

"Mom wait" I feel my self getting dizzy and the last thing I notice is myself falling into Ms. Justine’s arms.


When I wake up I hear voicing arguing with each other. I toss a little bit in open my eyes to an all white room. “Guys” I say barely audible because my voice is raspy. I clear my throat and speak up. “Guys” I get all their attention and they look at me. It’s just Dig, Ms. Justine, Rev and my parents.

"What’s going on?" I ask. My dad looks angry and my mom just looks disappointed. 

"Sweetie…" Ms. Justine says sweetly and comes a bit closer to me. "We just found out that you’re pregnant" She says.

"Not again" I say putting my head in my hands.

"Daniel says he may not be the father" My dad says. I can hear the bass in his voice which terrifies me.

"Maybe we should leave" Rev says trying to give us privacy.

"No, stay. I’m sure we all want to hear this" My mom speaks up. Fuck.

"Why does he feel that way Kaya? and we want the truth" My finally dad says. I can’t even say anything, the tears just start streaming. "KAYA RENEE BROWN ANSWER ME!" He yells causing me to jump.

"He’s right… I don’t know who the father is." I speak up. I look down to get away from the looks everyone was giving me.

"So who else could it be" My dad says a bit calmer. I begin mumbling things that don’t even make sense. "SPEAK UP AND LOOK AT ME WHEN I’M TALKING TO YOU!"My dad says furious.

"It could be Dig, Twist, Justin, Khalil or Za" I say loud enough for everyone to hear. Dig storms out the room with his parents following him. My mom has her Jaw dropped and my father looks like he’s about to kill someone.

"Kaya… Are you and Dig even together?" My mom asks.

"No" I say in between tears.

"Oh no don’t start crying now!" My dad yells.

"Sir, I’m gonna have to to ask you to leave, she can’t be under stress" The nurse tell my father. He looks at me one last time a leaves out the room. 

"Kaya I am beyond disappointed in you, if I could yell believe me I would. When you get out of this hospital you are going to drop from this label and you are coming back home. You will attend regular school and yes you’re on punishment. After the baby is born we will find out who the father is. You are stuck at home until you’re 18. Do you hear me?" My mom says calmly but I can tell she’s angry.

"Yes" I get out in between my tears.

"Good" She walks out the room leaving me alone. My life just did a 360 in a matter of months. Now I’m pregnant to make things worse. My fans are going to hate me, my career is ending before it even started. 

"Sweetie" The nurse enters the room getting my attention. "Okay, here are your clothes and once you change you’re free to go" She gives me a sympathetic smile and leaves out. I get my self out of the bed and change into the clothes. 

"Hurry up!" My mom rushes me from outside the door. I wipe my tears and sniff as I rush to get my clothes on. When I get outside I follow my mom to the waiting room. Where I see a frustrated Diggy, a furious father and sympathetic Rev and Justine. We all get into the truck and drive home in silence.

"Go up to Dig’s room while we figure out what to do with you" My mom says once we enter the house. With out questioning her, I go upstairs and take a spot on his bed. 

"Kaya… What happened?" Khalia comes in right behind me and takes a spot next to me. I don’t answer, I simply lean my head on her shoulder as the tears pour out my eyes. "Whatever it is we’ll get through it" She rubs my back. I look up at her with the tears in my eyes to speak up.

"I’m pregnant… Again and…" I can’t even get the last part out. "And?" SHe questions. "I don’t know who the father is" I say and begin crying on her shoulder once again.

"Oh my" She mumbles.

"I’ve never seen daddy so angry… Mom too she’s making me quit making music and go back home… My career is over" I say in between tears.

"It’s going to be okay, Kaya" She rubs my back. I don’t speak I just let the tears flow. We both hear the door open and look up to see Diggy. He doesn’t acknowledge my presence he just picks up something and leaves back out.

"You saw that right?"

"Look I’m not taking his side, but he has every right to be upset Kaya"

"I know, I just wish I could start over."

"You made a mistake… you’ll learn from it" She assures me and leaves. I lay down in Dig’s bed and get comfortable.

"OUR DAUGHTER IS A HOE AND DOESN’T KNOW WHO THE FATHER OF THE CHILD SHE’S CARRYING. OF COURSE I’M GONNA BE UPSET!" I hear my father yell. Damn that hurt. I eventually cry my self to sleep.


"Kaya wake up" I hear Dig’s voice waking me out from my nap.

"huh?" I ask stretching.

"You’re parents want you" He says dryly and begins to leave.

"Wait" I say hoping he would stop.


"Look I’m sorry." I say hoping he would accept it or something.

"I know" He didn’t. He continues to leave out the room with out another word. i feel my self sighing and beginning to get up and I notice a blanket around me. Dig… I feel my self smiling a bit which quickly drops when I realize I have to face my parents again. I know Rev and Justine feel bad for me, but I’m going to have to deal with this.

I finally get up and so one last stretch and make my way downstairs. “Dig said you guys wanted me” I say barely audible.

"SPEAK UP!" My dads voice booms. I jump and say it louder with a hint of nervousness this time. "Dig said you guys wanted me" I say loud and clear.

"We are going to stay in NJ for the rest of the week like we planned, but when we get to the hotel, you will not be able to leave. You are to stay there and do nothing else matter face give me your phone" My mom says and holds her hand out. I slowly begin reaching for my phone.

"MOVE WITH PURPOSE!" If you haven’t noticed my dad was in military school and he always treats me like I’m a cadets when he’s upset with me. I jump from the sound of his voice and quickly get my phone and give it to my mom. 

"Now get your stuff and say good-bye to everyone. We are about to leave" My mom says dismissing me. I first go to find Ms. Justine and Rev and I find them in the office. 

"We’re leaving" I tell them. Rev give me a hug and tell me to ‘hang in there’.  When I give Ms. Justine a hug it lasts longer.

"No matter what I’m going to think of you as another child of mine. I am disappointed in you, but you’re young so you’re going to make mistake. Be strong and don’t forget I’m only a call away" She assures me.

"Thank you mom" I say and her even tighter. I leave and give Russy a hug.

"Too bad we didn’t get to record anything" He says.

"Yeah, but we will again soon" I say giving him another hug. I give Jojo some dap. Then hug Ang and Vanessa.

"Girl we are going to miss you" They say.

"I’m going to miss you guys too" I smile. Then I see Miley and give her a tight hug.

"See you soon Kaya" Miley says and runs off to play I assume. I laugh at the site and look up at Dig.

"So…" I say.

"So." He says plainly.

"I guess this is it" I say. 

"Pretty much" He replies, plainly of course. I can tell he doesn’t want to talk so I just leave him at that. I hurry and get my stuff together then join my parents in the car. 

The car ride is awkwardly silent. I hear my ringtone for Chris. I want to answer it but since my mom has my phone I can’t. She reaches and takes it out of her purse. The picture of Chris and I hugging and making kiss faces was there. My mom showed it to my dad and he looked at it.

"You having sex with grown ass men too?" My dad asks. My jaw drops. How could he even ask that?

"NO that’s my big bro. I would never" I say dead serious.

"We can’t be too sure with you" my mom says putting my phone back into her purse and it rings again.  My mom answers it this time and puts it on speaker. "Hello" She says into the phone.

"Yo Yaya I got this crazy dope present for you, when will you be back in LA" Chris says hype as hell.

"Chris, this is Kaya’s mother and she won’t be in LA except to pack her things and come back home" My mother says.

"What happened? Is she okay?" Chris sounds worried.

"She’s fine… matter fact I’ll let her talk to you" My mom hands me the phone and I try to take it of speaker, but she gives me a look telling me not to.

"Chris" I say sadly.

"Yaya what’s going on?" He asks.

"Um… You see I’m pregnant… again so my mom is making me come back home. I have to drop from the label and start regular school again" I explain.

"No Kaya you want to be grown tell him more about the pregnancy" My mom says. 

"Uh I don’t know who the father is" I say sadly.

"Dammit Kaya" I can hear the frustration in his voice. "You had everything going for you… Your career was soaring…" He says.

"I know… It’s too late now, plus I’m on punishment so I gotta go" I say sadly.

"Alright Yaya, love you hang in there" He says.

"Love you too" I hang up and give the phone back to my mom. I look out the window not saying a word for the rest of the ride. When we finally get to the hotel. We go directly up to the room. Khalia and I have our own hotel room so I go in there, but not before my mom take ALL my electronics.

"Damn son" Khalia mumbles.

"Tell me about it" I sigh and stare up at the ceiling bored out of my mind.

"Well I still have my phone so… You can use it if you want" She says and hands me her phone.

"Bless you" I say and snatch her phone and dial the only number i know by heart… Princeton.

"Hello" He says.

"Jacob…" I drag out.

"Who is this?" He asks.

"You should know my voice by now" I giggle a bit.

"Oh hey Kaya, my bad I ain’t recognize the number" He says. I can hear him moving to a quieter area since there was so much going on in the background.

"What’s up?" He asks. I immediately tell him EVERYTHING that went down.

"Damn" He mumbles.

"I know bruh I’m so fuckin screwed. So happy I only got 5 months left of school so hopefully I can get by with wearing baggy sweatshirts, but I don’t turn 18 until August so I’m stuck at home and watch my dad cut off all my funds that he usually gives me" I sigh out of frustration.

"You’ll get through it Kaya… You’re a strong girl" He assures me.

"I hope so… I don’t know the next time I’m going to be able to talk to anyone since my phone is taken… So tell everybody what’s up for me" I tell him.

"Alright, bye Kaya" 

"Bye Prince" I say and hang up. I give the phone to Khalia and lay down on my bed. This is going to be a long 9 months. 

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Chapter 85


I wake up to Kaya’s silent snores. When she said she loved me I couldn’t say it back. Of course I love her but she did me so dirty and I can never forget that. Kaya has done some low stuff I’ll admit, I basically got her by taking her from someone else. Karma is a bitch.

Her phone started ringing, but she didn’t move. i swear this girl could sleep through anything. “Kaya” I taped her. She turned a bit, but stayed asleep. Once her phone stopped ringing it started all over again. I sigh and get up to answer it. 

Before I can say anything the person speaks. “Yo why the fuck you hang up that Kaya, you know I shou” 

"Twist, bruh it’s Dig" I cut him off. Why he going off on her like that?

"Oh my bad, bruh"

"Yeah, Kaya’s sleep I’ll tell her to call you when she wake up"

"Thanks man" He says and hangs up. Now that was weird… I look over at Kaya she still knocked out and looks beautiful as ever. I feel my self sighing. 

"Yo Dig" I look up and see Jojo.

"Yeah?" I ask him.

"Come here" He says using hand motions. I get up and follow him to his room. I take a seat one his bed because I know we are gonna have a talk. I just don’t know what it’s about.

"What’s up?" I ask him.

"Are you and Kaya together?" He asks flat out. Damn how can he always tell.

"Yeah, why you ask?" 

"There’s just something off about y’all…" He trails off. I mean he is my bro so I should just tell him, but he may ruin the whole thing. Well I need his advice anyway and he can keep a secret. I feel my self sighing.

"Okay we aren’t" I admit. He looks at me weirdly. "Kaya and I aren’t together" I clarify.

"Then why are y’all acting like y’all are?" 

"I couldn’t hurt mom and dad, especially mom. I mean you saw how excited she was about Kaya and her family coming up here. She started cleaning like crazy trying to make sure everything was perfect. She looked at Kaya as her own after that whole baby situation… I just could do it" I admit. Jojo sighs because he knows exactly how mom is.

"I see where you coming from… But is lying really the better choice? Why y’all break up anyways" This is going to be a long talk good thing I sat down, but I can go to Jojo for these type of situations.

"Well it seemed like the better choice at the time and Kaya agreed to do it because she loves mom and dad, but now that we are actually having to put the act on… It’s hard. I mean it’s really awkward because when we are by ourselves I can barely look at her and we don’t talk, but when we are around mom and dad i gotta kiss her and all that. We broke up because she cheated and not no ‘I made a mistake cheating’ she literally slept with somebody after we got into an argument" I explain to Jojo. As I explain the second part I feel anger coming on.

"Damn, Dig you cuffed a hoe" Jojo says straight up. Jojo will speak his mind and not give a damn about who gets hurt.

"I was feeling her… alot. I even told her I loved her, but honestly I don’t think I meant it…" I say which is truly how I feel. I thought I loved Kaya… but I don’t I got love for her and I care for her, but I don’t think I was in love.

"You gotta talk to her dawg not me" Jojo says. I nod my head and leave his room to go back to mine. i see Kaya sitting up awake on her phone.

"Twist called" I mumble and get in my spot next to her.

"I know I talked to him, thanks" She mumbles. i know Twist probably went off on her because of how our conversation started… He was pissed about something. We sit in silence and then Kaya speaks up. "Why did you ignore me last night when I said I loved you…" She starts acting all shy like she was the innocent one. Typical Kaya move.

"I’ve learned not to say stuff I don’t mean" I reply coldly. I honestly don’t care how she takes it, she deserves all the hurt she gets.

"Dig" She says on the verge of tears. I feel my self softening up because seeing her cry is still a weakness of mine, but only a little. "You don’t mean that" By now the tears were streaming down my face. Now I’m tempted to say ‘you weren’t crying when you were fuckin that other nigga’, but I’m gonna keep that to my self. I don’t reply to her tho. "Daniel" She cries out. Now she’s just annoying me.

"WHAT?!" I ask not looking her in the eye because I know I will soften up.

"I know I messed up, but you don’t have to treat me like this" She barely gets out and her voice cracks at the end.

"Man Kaya miss me with that bull,  you deserve all this shit.You did me so dirty and you have the nerve to sit up here and play innocent. Also yeah I meant what I said. I care for you and that’s not gonna change, but now when I look at you I just think about the shit you did. Maybe in the future we can be friends but relationship wise? Nah. Maybe you cheating was for the better like we said we loved each other, but did we mean it? I mean you sure as hell don’t cheat on the one you love. And after all this shit blow over I’m telling my parents what’s up" I just explain everything to Kaya that I’ve been meaning to get off my chest. 

"Oh so it’s like that? Well how about we tell them now" She wipes her existing tears only for the new ones to fall and exits the room. It took my a minute to finally register what she said. I immediately run out my room and try to stop her.


When I got downstair everyone except Dig was down there. They all tell me good morning. “I have an announcement to make” I say with my voice a bit choppy.

"Kaya are you okay?" Ms. Justine asks taking notice of the fact that I was crying. This is the first time I’ve cried since the break up honestly. It finally hit me that it’s over between us… no going back. I wipe the tears as they fall.

"Dig and I-" I start, but I’m cut off my lips and I recognize them to be Dig’s. He’s only doing this to make me not tell his parents, but it’s a little to late for that. After the breathe taking kiss I pull away and see everyone looking at us and awe. My father even has a smile on his face… that’s a first.

"What were you going to tell us sweetheart?" Rev says.

"Umm" I look at everyone patiently waiting for me to tell them. Shit. "Dig and I love you guys" I say covering up, a horrible one at that.

"Aww" Ms. Justine says believing my horrible lie. Thank God. I catch a peek of Dig and Jojo exchanging looks then Jojo just shakes his head. I shrug it off. 

"I’ll be back" I say and go to the bathroom and put water on my face. 

"Why the fuck would you do that?" Dig’s voice booms from behind me. I swear he’s never cursed at me like this, but now when we talk to each other that seems to be all he does.

"Because I was mad" I shrug.

"You seem to do a lot of dumb shit when you mad" There he goes again. "But fuck that" Again. "Stick to the plan and put your emotions aside because your anger is how we got to be in the position" He leaves with out another word. I know I was wrong but do I deserve all this?

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Chapter 83


[Christmas evening]

My family and I came to New Jersey to spend Christmas with Dig and his family. We got a near by hotel so we wouldn’t intrude. Everyone had opened their presents earlier so we could get here in time.

"Welcome everyone" Ms. Justine greeted me, my mother, my father and Khalia as soon as we entered the house. The house smelled amazing I can’t wait to begin digging into the food. I swear I’ve been eating like a fat person. 

"Hi mom" I gave Ms. Justine a hug and a kiss on the cheek. She hugs me so tight. I honestly missed her to death, she really helped me get over the loss. 

"Sweetie why don’t you go ahead upstairs Dig is in his room you know where it is" She says kindly. I nod my head and head up the stairs as she speaks with everyone else. This should be an interesting Christmas Dinner.

I stand outside his door debating on whether I should knock or not. I mean this is awkward as fuck. I flat out told him I cheated on him and the last time we talked was when we agreed on this acting thing. Other than that we haven’t spoken to each other. I keep debating with my self and before I can come to a decision Dig opens the door.

"Uh…" I say. Then awkwardly turn on my heels and walk away. He doesn’t say anything just walks around me and goes down the stairs. Yeah he’s still mad… I mean he has every right to be. I follow him down the step and we end up in the kitchen with everyone.

"And there’s the amazing couple" Ms. Justine says as soon as she spots Dig and I. I give her a weak smile and Dig does the same. I go over and speak with everyone Rev, Jojo, Russy, Miley, Angela and Vanessa. I actually caught a glimpse of my father and Dig talking probably one of those ‘man to man’ talks’ and my dad talks to Rev too. This is my first time actually meeting Vanessa so we speak for a while. After I’m finished talking with Vanessa Angela pulls me to the side.

"You and Dig okay?" She asks. I knew she sensed something was wrong but I was hoping she wouldn’t bring it up. I awkwardly look down at my winter boots then back up at her.

"What do you mean?" I ask her trying to stall. 

"Well usually you guys are all boo’d up and can’t keep your hands off each other" She laughs. I laugh a bit too remembering how Dig and I used to be. Damn I fucked up bad.

"We’re fine" I say avoiding eye contact. I can tell she doesn’t believe me but let’s the subject go.

"Okay dinner is ready" Ms. Justine says getting everyones attention. We all go into the dinning room and take our seats. Dig and I end up sitting away from each other.

"Don’t you and Dig want to sit next to each other?" Rev asks us.

"Um sure" I say and switch seats with Khalia to be next to Dig. We both fake smile at each other then look at our plates. I think everyone noticed, but no one said anything. Hopefully it stays that way for the rest of the night. Both of our families can be so nosy at times.

"Okay everyone, dig in" Ms. Justine says. We all begin passing around the bowls of food and taking off what we want for our selves. Everyone begins having their own mini conversations and enjoying each other.

"So Kaya your mixtape was released last week how does that feel?"Angela asks.

"Amazing my fans have been so supportive and I’m already at 100k downloads which is crazy" I say proudly.

"I heard it my self, it was amazing. You are very talented Kaya" Vanessa says sweetly.

"Thank you" I smile at her. The rest of the table is just chowing down at their meals. Dig and I keep exchanging awkward eye contact, but we still haven’t spoken to each other once. 

"I’m going to say something because I know no one else will. What’s up with you two?" Rev asks. Dig and I look at each other and fake confusion then look back at Rev. The entire table was now focusing on us which wasn’t helping things.

"Nothings wrong" Dig speaks up. I’m glad he said it because I couldn’t even bring my self to lie directly to Rev. It’s easy for Angela, my mom etc but Rev and Justine I just can’t do it.

"You guys aren’t acting the same" Russy adds. Thanks a lot bro.

"Russy’s right, now that he mentions it y’all are acting off" Ms. Justine says. My mom begins giving me a look that i know all too well. "For an example Kaya when you came here I told you Dig was upstairs and to go ahead up stairs you didn’t seem excited at all. Even back when I asked Dig if he wanted to have this whole thing he seemed unsure about the whole thing I thought he would be thrilled. To top it off y’all haven’t said one word to each other, no kiss, no nothing" Ms Justine spoke all her clues like she was a detective. 

"We’re fine" I repeat for them and kiss Dig nothing major just like a small peck, but I would be lying if I say I didn’t miss him. He looks shocked that I kiss him, but quickly takes the look off his face. "See we’re fine" I say. 

They don’t buy into our lie, but they still let it go… for now. We finish up dinner and Dig and I are instructed to do the dishes. We take everyone plate into the kitchen and begin washing them. “Dig we gotta tell them” I say handing him a plate for him to dry and put away.

"Are you crazy? They will be furious that we lied straight to their face. I know you don’t care about people’s feelings, but I do so you’re going to have to suck it up for the rest of the time you’re here" Dig says with so much bass in his voice and his New Jersey dialect comes out strong as ever. I bite my lip as I hand him another plate.

"Okay, but look I’m sorry about how this whole thing happened" I admit to him. He just laughs and shakes his head.

"You’re sorry? That’s all you have to say is that you’re sorry?" He laughs again. I don’t see nothing funny.

"Yes Dig I’m sorry, I have a heart you know and I’m sorry that I hurt you I truly am" I say as I take out the stopper from the sink letting it flow down the drain. 

"WH-" Dig stops him self remembering that everyone is in the living room. He takes my hand and leads me upstairs with out being seen. "What the hell do you mean you’re sorry Kaya you wasn’t sorry when you were cheating on me. This wasn’t just some kiss or anything, but you had sex with this nigga. What type of hoe shit is that?!" He yell angrily. 

"Daniel I was wrong, yes i made a big mistake but don’t hate me" I say lowly you would have thought I was a little Chihuahua and Dig was the German Shepherd. Dig laughs in my face once again. I really wish he’d stop doing that.

"You don’t make a mistake multiple times Kaya, when I was on the phone talking to you about this I know you were with that nigga." He says knowingly and I just put my head down. This is going no where. I don’t really want a relationship right now because I’m trying to stay single I just want him to forgive me.

"Dan please" I plead with tears now falling down my face.

"Kaya get the hell out my face with that crying shit you wasn’t crying when you was riding that other nigga dick like no tomorrow. See I would ask you who it was, but I was told not to ask questions I don’t want to know the answer to" And with that he was out the door leaving me sitting here. I can’t believe I let my need for sex break up the most meaningful rollarcoaster ride of a relationship I’ve even been in. It wasn’t even worth it. If I could go back… I would. I know you’re probably like what the fuck Kaya two weeks ago you were on that hoe shit now you feel bad? Well yeah I do and you probably done shit you regret OD and this is one of those things for me.

After I get myself together I make my way downstairs to the living room where everyone is. “Ah there she is come here Kaya” Ms. Justine says excitedly. I walk over to her and put on a fake smile. She looks at me “Kaya… were you crying?” She asks.

"Um no I just had a little sinus attack" I lie.

"Oh okay sweetheart" She says and give me a look saying ‘we’ll talk later’.  I just nod. "Okay well Dig why don’t you do the honors since it is your gift” 

"Well I got this before I came out to LA” I try not my eyes because he had to make sure he said that. I know I did some wrong shit, but he’s being an asshole towards me and even though I deserve everything he’s throwing at me it still hurts, especially since it’s coming from him. “Marry Christmas Kaya” Dig hands me a wrapped box. I take a seat next to him on the couch since it was the only empty one left and unwrap the gift. It’s a soft purple velvet box when I open it I gasp. 

"Oh. My. Gosh" I say shocked at what’s in my hand. I take it out of the carrier and admire it. It’s a beautiful diamond necklace. I immediately put down the necklace and kiss Diggy. "I love you" I say once we pull away.

"I love you too" If only he meant it. 

"That’s the couple we know and love, right Joey" Ms. Justine says wiping fake tears. 

"Yes honey it is" Rev says and kisses her. A nice small peck and my parents do the same.

"Okay we get it" Khalia says because no one else would. Based on the look on Russy’s face he was thinking the same. Miley wasn’t really paying attention and Vanessa and Ang didn’t mind at all.

I excuse my self from the group and go get my present for Dig out of the car. When I come back I hand him the box he opens it and laughs. Everyone else didn’t get the joke it’s his Alexander McQueen shirt that ripped when we had our make up sex. That’s not all tho I also got him some Docs and a pair of timbs.

"What’s the joke?" Miley asks. Dig and I just look at each other. "Nothing Miles"Dig says picking her up and kissing her on the cheek.

"EWWWW" She screams and runs upstairs. Everyone laughs at the sight.

"So what’s the joke?" My mom asks. I look over at my dad and he looks like he wants to know too. great. Dig and I look at each other once again. "Will one of y’all just say it already" My mom says.

"Uh well I ripped his shirt so I got him a new one" Everyone in the room gave us straight faces. I mean I couldn’t tell them what really happened because well… that would be awkward. I just wish everything we’re doing wasn’t an act but I can’t blame anyone but myself.

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Chapter 81


I leave Kaya’s place just as fast as I came. Not dealing with this shit. Never have I ever called a girl outta their name but that’s exactly what Kaya is and it pisses me off that I fell for her ass. It’s probably best that the baby didn’t come.

"Aye bruh you good?" Spin ask one I enter the hotel room. Thank God we are leaving tomorrow. 

"Nah I’m not" I say and go into my room and close the door. Spin knows not to mess with me when I’m pissed. I angry pack my clothes so I won’t have to worry about it in the morning. I lay down on my bed to get comfortable and my phone rings, annoyed I answer the phone dryly. “Hello"

"Hey Daniel" I hear a familiar voice whispers.

"Oh wassup Chanel" I say more interested. Chanel is my ex girlfriend, but is still cool peoples so we talk from time to time. I’ve been meaning to hit up her place since I’ve been here.

"I was scrolling through my contacts and I saw Sex God and decided to call you" She says in her fake naughty innocent voice. I remember that voice all too well, I bite my lip remembering when we had sex. Thought Kaya was my first? Nah, Chanel was.

"Hmm well I’m glad you called because I missed you" I some-what flirt. She giggles.

"Why don’t you come in visit, I heard you were out here" She replies.

"I can’t get there now but you can come to the hotel" I say hoping we can still chill. 

"Yeah I can come send me the address" 

"Aight I’ll send it now" i say hang up and send her the address. I leave out my room and see Spin isn’t there, he probably went somewhere. I shrug and just chill and watch tv waiting for Chanel to get here.

Not too much longer the there is a knock on the door. I get up to answer it and see Chanel looking beautiful as I remember. “Daniel” She says cheerfully and jumps into my arms. She’s wearing my favorite perfume.

"Chanel" I reply just a happy as she is.

"We have to catch up" She shoves me then closes and locks the door. I laugh at her, same old Chanel. We both go over to the couch and begin catching up. We both talk for a while and begin asking each other questions.

"So any news about college?" I ask her.

"Well I was accepted into F.I.T. so I’m going there in the fall." I knew she always had a passion for fashion.

"Really? that’s great! I’m so proud of you" I hug her and we hold it for longer than we should have. We slowly pull away and just stare into each others eyes. I begin leaning in and so does she until our lips touch. We begin to make out and I pull her onto my lap with out breaking the kiss.

"Yo Dig so- Oh my bad… Hey K-" He starts but stops once Chanel turns around and he actually takes a look “CHANEL?!" He says shocked. "Oh I thought you were"I starts but I start fake coughing. “Never mind that how you been?" Spin asks.

"Fine, I missed you blade" She happily gets off my lap and hugs him.

"Missed you too sis" Spin replies. We end up chilling together as a group until Chanel has to leave.

"I’ll walk you" I tell Chanel and she says okay. We both leave the hotel room and go to the elevator. “I’m glad I got to see you before I left" I say truthfully.

"Me too, hit me up next time you come out here if not I will see you in the fall" She smiles. The elevator door opens and we both get out. I walk her to her car and makes sure she get in safe.

"Text me when you get home" I say with my head in the window and arm on the roof of the car.

"Okay dad" She says sarcastically.

"Haha" she just giggles and pulls my face hers and kisses me once again. “She ya soon Daniel" She says. I back away from the car and she pulls off. I head back up stair to the hotel room.

"What was that about?" Spin asks me as soon as I come into the room.

"What do you mean?" I ask.

"You know the girl you’ve been with? KAYA your GIRLFRIEND"

"Oh you mean my ex" I say nonchalantly.

"when y’all  break up?" he asks confused. I take this time to explain the whole story to Spin causing my self to get heated all over again but i try to keep as calm as possible.

"Damn" He says still shocked. “I wonder who she was fuckin though"

"No bull, I do too but knowing her hoe ass it could have been anybody" I say angrily. Spin and I sit in silence as I soak into my own thoughts. I can’t believe she would do some shady shit like that it’s still not making sense to me. 


This whole thing is crazy I guess I just need to stay single for a while. I already know Diggy is not gonna want to be in a relationship after I told him I was cheating on him. As for Twist? Maybe I can keep him around I mean his sex game in on point so I’m gonna enjoy this.

"Aye Kaya, you good?" Twist enters my room.

"Yeah I’m cool" I reply plainly.

"Just checking because y’all were getting loud" He says and plops on my bed. I let out a light chuckle.

"I’m fine" I smile.

"You hungry?" He asks me.

"Um yeah" I reply.

"Well get dressed and let’s go" He leaves my room. Well alright. I quickly change into a nice evening dress and some heels. I also do my make-up and straighten my hair.

Once I’m finished I go out and see Twist, he cleaned up pretty nicely. ”Wow, you look amazing” He complements me.

"Why thank you" I do a little twirl so he can get a full view. When I go back to facing him he’s biting his lip. "Well let’s go" I laugh. 

We both leave and he opens my car door for me then gets him self situated and pulls off. The whole ride there is pretty chill we just bump whatever the radio plays.

"Alright we’re here" Twist gets out and opens the door for me. We are immediately ambushed by paparazzi.

"Kaya you going out with all these different guys what are you? Taylor Swift?" okay that hurt.

"Nah she more like Kim Kardashian"

"Yeah and she going after older guys too"

Twist and I just ignore them and go into the restaurant. We don’t speak about what was said and just enjoy our dinner.

"Thanks for taking me out… I needed this" I say honestly.

"No problem" Twist says and pays the bill. Once everything is situated we both leave from our table and head outside. We ignore the paparazzi once again and go straight home.

As soon as we get in the door Twist closes it and pins me against the wall. “Ready for another round?” he asks while embedding his lip under his teeth. 

"As tempting as that sounds I’m still sore" I reply.

"I’ll go easy on you" He whispers and begins leaving marks on my neck. I try to push him off but he grabs my petite frame and begins adding more force.

"Twist please don’t do this again" I whisper. He immediately stops.

"Kaya, I’m so sorry" He says realizing what was happening. "I wouldn’t do that to you unless you were willing. I swear" He says getting a little defensive.

"Twist it’s okay you didn’t notice"

"No, it’s not okay. I was thinking with my dick and not with my head." He puts his head down. I don’t want him to feel bad…

"Come on" I say and pull him by his belt. I lead him to his room, undo his pants and push him down on the bed. I kiss his lips and start giving hip a hand job until he was semi hard and stuff all of him into my mouth.

I bob my head a quick pace and then get the the tip and begin swirling my tongue. His grunts were motivation as I sucked him like he was the last lollipop on earth. He took my head and began fucking me in the mouth and once he stopped I went down far and began to deep throat him. “Fuck Kaya” He groaned in pleasure. I continue going to work with out gagging once and I let him bust deep and my throat and I swallow.

"Just because I’m not up for sex doesn’t mean I won’t please you." I whisper and kiss his cheek then leave his room. Once I get into my own I brush my teeth and then go back into Twists room. "Can I sleep in here?" I ask and he nods so I get comfortable. We both fall asleep with out saying another word.

I wake up to my phone ringing with Ray Ray’s ringtone so I quickly answer it. “Hello?”

"Hey Kaya I just got my full license you wanna go for a ride?" he says hype as hell.

"HELL YEAH!" I say hype also.

"Alright send me your address and I’ll be on my way" He hangs up and I quickly send it to him and jump up and get into the shower. Once I’m out I change into some booty shorts and a crop top along with my 11 concords. Ray arrives and no time so I answer the door.

"Hey Ray" I smile happy to see him.

"You ready to go?" He asks.

"Almost I gotta leave Twist a note"

Went out with Ray, if you need anything text me. 

-KAYA <3

I leave the note on the fridge and leave out the house with Ray.

"Instagram time!" I say happily and take out my phone.

"You would" He chuckles and begins driving. I take pic of him focusing on the road and post it with the caption ‘Look who got their license’.

"Your fans are already coming for me and the pic has been up for 5 seconds" I laugh as I watch the comments fill up.

"Damn they fast" He laughs.

"I’m hip haha" I say and put my phone away. "So where we going?" I get comfortable in my spot as I wait on his response.

"No where, just wanted to ride around" Ray says.

"You know Prince is gonna kill you because you didn’t let him see his best friend" I laugh.

"He’ll get over it you were mine first" He says half jokingly. When he said we were going to ride around he was serious. We had no purpose what so ever but were just cruising around the streets of LA.

"You hungry?" He asks.

"Kinda, what you got in mind?" I ask him. He just smiles but doesn’t respond. I’ll take that as he has an idea. With out questioning I just sit back and wait until we arrive at where he want to go.

"We’re here, come on" I look out the window and we are at In-n-Out of course. I slightly laugh and get out of the car. We both go in and decide to order to go. Once we get our stuff we get right back in the car and Ray drives back to his place.

When we get inside everyone is chillin in the sitting room. “Hey guys” I greet them all. They direct their eyes to our bags of food.

"Y’all ain’t get me nothing?" Prod says right away. Ray and I laugh.

"Sorry" I say and plop on the couch and begin eating and Ray does the same.

"Kaya? I was just about to email you" Keisha says excited when she see’s me.

"What’s up?" I ask as I take my last bite.

"Well the boys have a event coming up and I need you to put together some outfits" 

"Sure no problem, I’ll get right to it when I get home and email it to you" I smile.

"You’re staying out here?" She asks.

"Yeah I live with Twist" I respond. She nods and we say our good-byes and she goes back to what she was doing before. 

"Kaya can you come with me?" Ray asks.

"Uh sure" I get up and brush off my crumbs and then throw my trash away. Then I follow Ray to his room even thought I’ve been in here so many times.

"What’s up?" I ask.

"What’s going on with you Prince won’t tell me why you were here" He says.

"Well… A lot happened and I don’t know if I should tell you, honestly" I reply.

"Oh okay" He says a little disappointed. I feel bad but it’s not his place to know. We just sit on his bed chilling until my phone begins ringing. I answer it and it’s Twist.

"Yes Twist?" I answer.

"Come on home and let me beat up that kitty" He says sexily, turning me on. I cross my legs as I become horny just thinking about it.

"hmm like you did yesterday?" I ask as I bite my lip.

"Even better baby and I’m gonna eat you out like you my last dinner" 

"If you want it you gotta come pick me up from the boys house"

"Aight I’m coming" I can already him rushing and grabbing his keys before he hangs up. I laugh at how impatient he is. Then I look back at Ray, I forgot he was in here to be honest.

"Oh sorry about that" I apologize.

"Why are you doing this Kaya?" Ray asks.

"What do you mean?" I look at him with a confused look. He just sighs and mumbles ‘never mind’. "No don’t say never mind you always speak what’s on your mind why stop now?" He just sighs once again.

"Why are you acting like a hoe. I know damn well that wasn’t Diggy you were talking to and aren’t y’all together?" I keep forgetting that Ray was somewhat in that position and knows exactly what it feels like. Now it’s my turn to sigh.

"Look Ray I’m going through a lot right now. I know my actions don’t make sense to you, but just let me do me." I sigh once again. "Dig and I broke up… I came here because I had fucked Twist" I saw a bit of hurt in his eyes but continued the story because he’s the one that said he wanted to know. "At the time Dig and I were fighting and I was stressed so I went to him. After I felt horrible and came here, that’s why I was with Princeton. When I went back home i let it happen again and then Dig came over after and we started arguing again and told him I was cheating on him and we broke up" I explain the whole story.

"Kaya… I know I’m the last person you want to hear this from… but you don’t need to do this…" Ray says. I just look at him because he was right I don’t need to hear that coming from him.

"Look I didn’t come here for no damn intervention. I’m gonna do me, you can either deal with it or you don’t" I get up and begin to leave out the room, but Ray pulls me back and kisses me?

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Chapter 81 (sneak peak)


I leave Kaya’s place just as fast as I came. Not dealing with this shit. Never have I ever called a girl outta their name but that’s exactly what Kaya is and it pisses me off that I fell for her ass. It’s probably best that the baby didn’t come.

"Aye bruh you good?" Spin ask one I enter the hotel room. Thank God we are leaving tomorrow. 

"Nah I’m not" I say and go into my room and close the door. Spin knows not to mess with me when I’m pissed. I angry pack my clothes so I won’t have to worry about it in the morning. I lay down on my bed to get comfortable and my phone rings, annoyed I answer the phone dryly. "Hello"

"Hey Daniel" I hear a familiar voice whispers.

"Oh wassup Chanel" I say more interested. Chanel is my ex girlfriend, but is still cool peoples so we talk from time to time. I’ve been meaning to hit up her place since I’ve been here.

"I was scrolling through my contacts and I saw Sex God and decided to call you" She says in her fake naughty innocent voice. I remember that voice all too well, I bite my lip remembering when we had sex. Thought Kaya was my first? Nah, Chanel was.

"Hmm well I’m glad you called because I missed you" I some-what flirt. She giggles.

"Why don’t you come in visit, I heard you were out here" She replies.

"I can’t get there now but you can come to the hotel" I say hoping we can still chill. 

"Yeah I can come send me the address" 

"Aight I’ll send it now" i say hang up and send her the address. I leave out my room and see Spin isn’t there, he probably went somewhere. I shrug and just chill and watch tv waiting for Chanel to get here.

Not too much longer the there is a knock on the door. I get up to answer it and see Chanel looking beautiful as I remember. “Daniel” She says cheerfully and jumps into my arms. She’s wearing my favorite perfume.

"Chanel" I reply just a happy as she is.

"We have to catch up" She shoves me then closes and locks the door. I laugh at her, same old Chanel. We both go over to the couch and begin catching up. We both talk for a while and begin asking each other questions.

"So any news about college?" I ask her.

"Well I was accepted into F.I.T. so I’m going there in the fall." I knew she always had a passion for fashion.

"Really? that’s great! I’m so proud of you" I hug her and we hold it for longer than we should have. We slowly pull away and just stare into each others eyes. I begin leaning in and so does she until our lips touch. We begin to make out and I pull her onto my lap with out breaking the kiss.

"Yo Dig so- Oh my bad… Hey K-" He starts but stops once Chanel turns around and he actually takes a look "CHANEL?!" He says shocked. "Oh I thought you were"I starts but I start fake coughing. "Never mind that how you been?" Spin asks.

"Fine, I missed you blade" She happily gets off my lap and hugs him.

"Missed you too sis" Spin replies. We end up chilling together as a group until Chanel has to leave.

"I’ll walk you" I tell Chanel and she says okay. We both leave the hotel room and go to the elevator. "I’m glad I got to see you before I left" I say truthfully.

"Me too, hit me up next time you come out here if not I will see you in the fall" She smiles. The elevator door opens and we both get out. I walk her to her car and makes sure she get in safe.

"Text me when you get home" I say with my head in the window and arm on the roof of the car.

"Okay dad" She says sarcastically.

"Haha" she just giggles and pulls my face hers and kisses me once again. "She ya soon Daniel" She says. I back away from the car and she pulls off. I head back up stair to the hotel room.

"What was that about?" Spin asks me as soon as I come into the room.

"What do you mean?" I ask.

"You know the girl you’ve been with? KAYA your GIRLFRIEND"

"Oh you mean my ex" I say nonchalantly.

"when y’all  break up?" he asks confused. I take this time to explain the whole story to Spin causing my self to get heated all over again but i try to keep as calm as possible.

"Damn" He says still shocked. "I wonder who she was fuckin though"

"No bull, I do too but knowing her hoe ass it could have been anybody" I say angrily. Spin and I sit in silence as I soak into my own thoughts. I can’t believe she would do some shady shit like that it’s still not making sense to me. 

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Chapter 80

"OH MY GOD!" I scream as reality set in. I feel so horrible I just fucked the person I made my boyfriend make up with. I put my head in my hands and begin crying.

"Kaya what’s wrong?" Twist asks clueless and wraps his arms around me as he kisses my cheek. I push him off and go into my room and lock the door. I check my phone and there are several texts and calls from Dig with him apologizing. Little does he know my situation is worse.

I mean sure I’m mad that he would say that, but that’s nothing compared to what I did. I can’t tell him it will hurt him if I do. UGHH. That’s it, it never happened, what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him. I need someone to talk to. I hop back into the shower once again and wash off everything.

Once I get out, I change into my sweats again and call up I cab. As I wait I pretty much spend all my time pacing around the room. The cab finally arrives so I rush out the house and get in. I give him the address of where I need to go and he pulls off. I let out a breath of relief as we make out way there.

He finally pulls up in the driveway and I pay him the money then get out. I knock on the door and just the person I wanted to see answers.

"Kaya?" Princeton asks shocked to see me.

"Can we talk?" I say holding back my tear. He notices and opens to door wider for me to walk in. Once I’m in he locks the door back and we go into his room. 

"What’s going on?" He asks me as we take a seat on his bed. This is when I get silent, I know Prince isn’t going to judge me, but still it’s hard. I just let the tear fall not saying anything. He wraps his arm around me as the tears fall. "Just tell me when you’re ready" He says calmly and rubs my back.

I only nod and wipe my tears. “I fucked Twist” I finally say and look up and Prince to see his reaction. He has the ‘uh oh’ look on his face, so I take this as a chance to explain. “I was with Dan last night for some uh make sex and the next me we got annoyed with each other all over again. I walked out on him and went home. While I was there I decided to watch a movie but I couldn’t focus because I was stressed and then I just had a urge for sex and that’s what I got… from Twist” I say as I put my head in my hands.

"Well I’m not going to lie to you and say it was okay because it wasn’t. You knew what you were doing, but because you were angry at Dig you didn’t care. You were really wrong for that and so was Twist, but he’s a guy so if you throwing it at him he’s gonna take it" Prince says sternly.

"I just feel so horrible I don’t know how I’m going to tell Dig or anything. He’s going to be so hurt and to make things worse him and Twist just made up and I’m going to be the cause of them fight once again"

"Well I’m not gonna lie and tell you it’s going to be okay but… Just do what you feel is right" Prince replies. I nod my head in response and lay on his bed.

"Can I stay here tonight?" I ask.

"Yeah you and Taylor’s room is still available"

"No with you" I reply.

"Sure" He says. We both get under the covers of his bed and lay down. He cradles me into his arms and we quickly fall asleep.

"Prince wake up!" A familiar voice says and bangs on the door. Prince is still knocked out.

"Prince" I tap him. "JACOB NIGGA WAKE" I say and he finally opens his eyes. 

"Don’t call me that" He mutters and turns back over.

"Come on wake up" I say and he finally opens his eyes. "Come on" I say and pull him out of the bed. He sleepily get up and stretches and goes into the bathroom. While he’s in there I call a cab and wait for him to come out. When he does we make our way into the kitchen.

"Kaya?" Roc asks and runs over to hug me.

"Hey" I respond and hug everyone else.

"What are you doing here?" Prod asks.

"Long story but I stayed with Prince" I smile.

"oh okay" he shrugs. I look over at Ray and he is just checkin me out.

"Take a picture Ray it will last longer" i say sarcastically.

"okay"He takes out his phone. 

"not literally" I shake my head but end up laughing at his silliness. "Man I missed you guys" I say truthfully.

"We missed you too sis" Roc says. I chill them for a while as I wait for the cab to come.

"Well I should get going" I say and gather what I came with. I tell the boys bye and leave out because the cab came. I tell him the directions of Twist and I’s place and just enjoy the ride. When we finally arrive I pay him and get out.

When I enter the place it is dead silent. I let a sigh of relief as I close and lock the door. “Why did you leave?” Twist voice scares me causing me to jump. Shit.

"I needed to clear my head" I say telling the half truth. "Uh Twist… Last night never happened" 

"Oh so you didn’t come in my room suck my dick, let me fuck you senseless, eat you out, make you have 3 orgasms and suck my dick again?" He just throws it in my face. I stay silents for a bit and then reply with "yes, never happen" He chuckles to him self.

"Okay Kaya whatever you say, but I’m not gonna forget about this" He puts his hands in my underwear and begins slowing putting his finger in and out. I bite my lip to keep from moaning. "The way it was swallowing up my dick and the way you tasted. I definitely won’t forget what you did with these pretty little lips of yours" He smirks and takes his hand out then sucks my wetness from his fingers. "Oh and how you was moaning when I put it down" He walks away leaving me speechless. I just hope he doesn’t say anything.

I check my phone to see Diggy calling once again. I hit ignore and then continue into my room. What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him. Thanks to Twist I’m sitting here horny all over again. Ughh I force my self to get up and strip down to nothing. Here we go again. I make way over to his room.

"Twist" I get try to get his attention.

"Yea- damn" He mumbles when he see’s me.

"Eat me out" I demand and make my way over to him. I on top of him letting him take in the view and he wastes no time and flips us over.


"Are we gonna continue this?" Twists asks. In the back of my mind I’m like no… but. Sex anytime I want and we are under the same roof sounds like a pretty good deal to my lady parts.

"Yeah, but no one can know" I say sternly he nods and then kisses me.

"This is gonna come back to bite both of us in the ass" He laughs and shakes his head.

"but that day hasn’t come yet" I shrug. I know what you’re thinking. Kaya what the fuck are you doing? Dig hasn’t done shit to deserve this blah blah well you need to shut the fuck up I got 2 dicks to ride.

I lazily get up and groan from the soreness Diggy and Twist know exactly how to hit it… I wonder how Ray is- wait. 

before I can take a step Twist picks me up, walks into the bathroom and sits me on the toilet. He runs the bath water for me and then picks me up and gently set me down.”Thanks” I say as I get comfortable in the tub.

"No problem" he leaves out and let’s me soak into my own thoughts. 

I stay in the tub until what feels like forever and finally decide to get out. Since there’s no towels in here I decide to go freely and be naked. When i go to Twists room I notice he changed the sheets. “Hey I say and take a seat on top of the bed”

"Aren’t you gonna put some clothes on?" He asks checking me out.

"Too lzay… Can you get them for me?" I ask him and he just smirks.

"Nah I like the view" He says but gets up and goes to my room anyways. He comes back with a bra and underwear.

"Where are the clothes?" I ask slipping them on.

"That’s all you’re getting" He says and laughs. The door bell rings and he goes to answer it and I hear Dig’s voice. Uh oh. I run back to my room and throw on a pair of shorts and tank so nothing will be suspicious. 

"Aight thanks man" I hear Dig’s voice says and I can tell he’s infront of my door. Instead of knocking like he should have he busts in my room and that smile he once had on turned into an irritated look.

"You know you could have knocked" I know I shouldn’t be testing him right now, but he really could have. 

"I could have" He says plainly. 

"okay… so what are you here for?" I ask. He laughs a fake laugh, but it’s beginning to scare me.

"What the fuck is up with you?!" Oh shit… he said fuck he never curses at me unless he’s angry which is already obvious. "You got some nerve to ask me what I’m here for. You been ignoring me calls and texts"

"Well you said I was wasting you time so I decided not to waste-" He cut me off.




"YOU KNOW WHAT, JUST GET OUT. I JUST GOT SOME GOOD DICK AND I DON’T YOU RUINING MY MOOD" If looks could kill I would be dead right now. Diggy was now glaring at me.

"What did you just say?" He says calmly.

"I said, I just got some good dick and I don’t need you ruining my mood" I repeat for him to hear. Diggy stopped glaring and began fake laughing. 

"So you’ve been fucking some nigga because you were mad at me?" He asks and I stay silent so he got his answer."You know what… You’re hoe, a slut and every name in the damn book" He fake laughs "Fuck you Kaya" Diggy storms out my room and slams my door. At this point I don’t care anymore I’m not crying over his ass.

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Chapter 79


"What did we just do?" I put my head in my hands out of frustration. 

"Well, I can refresh your memory" Diggy says and starts kissing up on my neck. I quickly reject him by pushing him off. He looks at me confused and I just sigh.

"Dan our relationship can’t be based off sex" I mumble. "You were just mad at me for no legitimate reason now you’re all over me. What sense does that make?" 

He gives me a look. “Our relationship is not based off sex Kaya” He says sternly with so much bass in his voice I almost jumped. “And yeah I was mad, I got jealous and I’m sorry. I realized how stupid the whole thing was” He admits.

Ugh, now I feel guilty for bringing that up. “Okay, I’m sorry. I guess I was just thinking too hard” I apologize sweetly and kiss his cheek. I snuggle into his chest and sigh as I tighten my arms around his torso. He kisses my hair and we both fall asleep.

Not too much later we both wake up and stare up at the ceiling. “I don’t feel like doing anything at all and I’m sore” I mumble the last part but Diggy heard because he laughed.

"You want anything from the kitchen?" He asks as he sits up and stretches.

"Yeah get me some pineapples" I reply. He smirks and me being the slow one catches on late and hits him with the back of my hand. "Stop being nasty" I laugh.

"You’re the one that wants to eat it" He defends him self.

"Because I like them"

"And I like what it does" He licks his lips.

"Oh my gosh. GET OUT" I laugh. He gets up and I notice endless scratches on his back. "Oh shit" I cover my mouth.

"What?" He makes a face.

 ”Give me your phone” I reply. He looks confused but gives it to me anyways. I take a picture of his back and then show him.

"Damn ma I ain’t even feel all that" Diggy looks at the picture proud like it was a prize. "I’m keeping this" He says and puts his phone away. I mumble ‘weirdo’ as he leaves out the room. "HEARD THAT" he yells from the kitchen.

As I wait for him to come back I decide to go on twitter to see what everyone is up to. As I scroll I notice everyone is talking about the recording of Dig and I’s performance from last night. A lot of his fans are pissed because we kissed I mean what they expect us to do as a couple? I swear sometimes his JetSetters piss me off.

"What you doing?" He asks entering the room and handing me my bowl. 

"Nothing just on twitter" I say. He nods and starts eating his chips loud as fuck.

"Can you not?" It comes out more rudely than I intended. I just go back to twitter.

@ShutUpKaya_: I swear I can’t wait for you guys to have this album…

I reply to a few fans and then close the twitter app. I open my messages and read all my messages. I basically swerve everyone and they are going to know because my read receipts are on but oh well. I continue playing on my phone for a while.

"You know that’s rude as hell" Dan said obviously annoyed. I just give him a look but decide to ignore him because we don’t need to be fighting after we just made. "I know you heard me" He says once he realizes I’m ignoring him.

"Yes, i heard you and decided not to reply. I don’t know who you think you are" I snap with venom in my voice.

"I think- matter fact I KNOW I’m your boyfriend and it’s rude for you to be on your phone while I’m here wasting my ti-"

"EXCUSE ME?! So I’m wasting your time? Oh well excuse the fuck outta me I won’t waist your time anymore" I quickly get up out of the bed ignoring the pain I’m feeling.

"I didn’t mean it li-" I tune him out and focus on putting my dress back on. Not worrying about how i look I gather all my things and get ready to walk out of the room. I feel Dig tug on my arm but I snatch it right back and give him the dirtiest look that I could muster up.

He puts his hands up in surrender and let’s me go. I exit the hotel room and make my way back down to the lobby. Once I get there I call up Twist. “What’s up Kaya?” Twist asks. I could tell he was busy doing something, but I just hoped he would drop what ever he was doing to come get me.

"Can you come get me please?" I ask. He sighs on the other side of the line.

"Yeah, I can come, I’m not too far away" He says.

"Thank you" I let out a sigh of relief and hang up the phone.

After about 20 minutes Twist pull up and I get into the car. Twist pulls off with no questions asked and goes back to our place. When we get there i quickly get out and go inside. I know I look a complete mess right now, but at this point I don’t even care.

I get into the shower to wash off all the sex residue and all the other events from last night. When I get out I change into some PINK sweats and decide to watch a movie. I’m not gonna cry this time because it’s not even worth it. I’m just sick of fighting to be honest.

Through out the whole movie I can’t even bring my self to pay attention. Now I’m just stressed and I need… sex. That’s exactly what I need. Porn is not gonna do it… I need the real thing. 

I reluctantly get up and strip down to my thong and bra. I walk over to twist’s room and see he’s knocked out. I groan to my self. Well I’m gonna get pleased whether he likes it or not.

I go under the covers and pull down his briefs and shove his dick into my mouth. He grunts and his sleep and his mouth becomes slightly opened. I bob my head until he gets hard. Then I release his dick and it’s standing rock hard. 

"Here goes nothing" I say lowly and move my thong to the side and slide his dick into my leaking hole. He opens his eyes and jumps. 

"KAYA WHAT THE FUCK ARE DOING?!" Twist try to pull me off of him. I refuse by pinning his arms down and continue to ride him as my moans slip of.

"OH FUCK" I moan out in pleasure. 

"Kaya stop you you don’t want this" Twist says.

"I want it…. I really really want it" I say in between moans. "You want it too" I continue to ride and start kissing up on his neck. 

"Please me" I whisper and begin nibbling on his ear.

"Fuck it" He mumbles and flips us over. He pumps in and out at a fast pace as the sweat drips down our bodies. He takes both of my legs and puts them above my head and begin plunging deeper. I can feel him in my gut, I can’t help but allow the moans to roll off my tongue. 

"It’s time" I say barely audible as I reach my climax. He pulls out and get on his knees and begin to eat me out.

"OH MY FUCK TWIST" I scream as his tongue explores me. He shows no mercy. He grips my ass pull me closer while shoving his tongue further into my ocean. I snap my legs closed, but he immediately pushes them further apart. He continues until I reach my climax once again.

With out warning he shove his dick back into me. He goes right back to pumping in and out as the headboard bangs against the wall “Let.. Me.. ride it” I say as my own moans keep cutting me off. He stops and let’s me take over.

I take my time sliding down and quickly begin riding him while putting my hands on his chest for support. I quickly spin around while trying my best to keep him still inside. I mentally pat my self on the back because it was a success. 

I begin twerking and look back to see Twist enjoying the show. My moans were all over the place as I could hear Twist’s occasional grunts. I turned back around and Twist’s phone rang, but that didn’t keep me from getting to my 3rd orgasm fuck who was on the line.


 Who the fuck calling me while i’m trying to bust a nut. “Hello” I lowly because if I said it any louder the person would hear me grunt.

"Twizzy the fuck you at bruh?” It was Za of course he always has perfect timing.

"I’m at home chillin" I say keeping it cool. Kaya giggles as she begins to ride slowly. I rest the phone in between my head and ears then take her hips and slam her on she let’s out a loud ass moan. i’m sure Za heard it.

"Nigga you over there fuckin?" Za asked and laughed. "My dude I’ll talk to you later" he laughs and hangs up.

"Can’t handle the D huh?" I ask with a smirk on my face.

"Shut up" She mumbles and I quickly flip her over to teacher her a lesson. 

"You don’t tell daddy to shut up" I say with a smirk and begin tearing up her shit. I bite my lip as the moans roll off her tongue. Not too much later I feel her walls tightening and she cums all over my dick and then I pull out.

"Suck my dick" I demand.

Kaya (sorry the pic wouldn’t upload)

The way he demanded me to suck his dick had me on my knees in record time and taking him into my mouth with no hesitations.


"You a little freak" Twist said with a smirk on his face. That’s when it hit me

 The fuck did I just do?

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