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I Can Tame You
Kaya steps into these boys lives and changes them for the better... or for the worst.
© 2012-2013 I Can Tame You

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Chapter 88 (Final Chapter)


The second half of this pregnancy is driving me CRAZING. I can’t stop eating I’m having endless mood swings and I’m HUGE. I can barely walk and I basically wobble everywhere.

"Ohh" I scream as I feel a sudden jolt in my stomach. 

"What’s wrong?" Taylor asks me. We were chillin in my room bored out of our mind watching lifetime movies.

"She’s a kicker" I reply holding my stomach. She takes her head and feels the kicks.

"Looks like we got a soccer player on our hands" She jokes.

"Thank God I only have 3 months left" I say. 

"What name did you chose?" She questions.

"I decided to go with Inaya Cade and hopefully Simmons" I respond.

"That’s so cute, I’m gonna call her Nay" she say happily.

"So how are you and Prod?" I ask her.

"Just wonderful, I should be seeing him soon because they have a show here and one in BMore coming up. You wanna go?" She asks.

"When are they? And I really don’t wanna go to the BMore show they some bammas I don’t have time for it" I say. Taylor just laughs, but I’m being dead serious I hate BMore.

"25 and 26 and I believe they are staying a extra day in our city" she smiles.

"Alright that’s cool I want to go, I’ll be almost 9 months by then so…. we’ll see how that goes" I say looking down at my belly.

"Well then maybe you shouldn’t go…" She says.

"Hmm we’ll see" I say. We finish up watching movies until it’s time for Taylor to go home.

"Alright I’ll see you soon" She says and gives me a hug and leaves.

"What do do what to do what to do" I speak to my self and make my way to the kitchen. When I open the freezer I see a tub of cookie dough ice cream. "What’s that Cade? You want come ice cream?" Well if you say so. I reach into the freezer and take the tub and get a spoon. 

I eat the entire tub until I’m food. “Kaya… Did you eat that whole tub?” My dad asks setting his stuff from work down.

"No Cade did" I say. He let’s out a chuckle and shakes his head.

"What am i going to do with you two?" He takes a seat next to me on the couch.

"Dad… I’m scared" I say truthfully. 

"I know sweetheart, I was in your position too. We had a somewhat similar situation. I had everything going to for me with my basketball scholarship and it all was thrown away. I wasn’t ready to be a father but I did it anyways" My dad tells me.

"I’m excited to hold her, take her shopping, do her hair, get our nails done" I trail off.

"Haha slow down there. I’m sure you will be a great mother" My dad kisses my forehead.

"I hope so" I sigh.

"Well I’m going to go to bed don’t stay up too late and make sure Cade doesn’t eat anymore ice cream" My dad jokes and goes upstairs. 


The next few months went by at a blink of an eye. I can give birth any day now I look like I’m about to pop. My grandmother came in town just so she can make sure she in the room when it’s time. My birthday is right around the corner. The boys are having their show tomorrow and decided to visit since I won’t be able to make it to the show.

"Man I’m going to spoil my god child" Prince says and begins rubbing my belly. "Hey Cade, your uncle Prince can’t wait until you come out" He says. I just laugh at his silliness.

"How did you come up with the name Cade?" Prod asks. I direct my attention to him and Taylor all cuddled up on the couch.

"I wanted something different and unisex. So Cade was something that popped into mind honestly" I reply. He nods and turns his attention back to Taylor. "Damn, she’s going to have so many godfathers" I say examining the room.

"It’s cool though because I’m going to be her favorite" Prince says proudly.

"Nah I am" Roc says. I look over at Ray and he’s quiet he seems to be in his own world.

"Well Chris is her godfather too" I couldn’t help but laugh.

"I’m the only god mother though" Taylor says once she pulls away from Prod. She’s right though I mean I loved all my girl friends the very few that I had, but out of everyone I’m closest with Taylor, but speaking of them I need to invite all them niggas from school to hang out.

"Yeah you got that position" I laugh.

"Aye Kaya" Roc says getting my attention. I look over at him. "You know Cade gonna be a leo just like us" I gloats.

"OH YEAH YOU RIGHT!" I say hype.

"Oh no we got another Roc/Kaya on our hands" Prince says face palming.

"HEY!" Roc and I both say.

"Hay’s for-" Prod starts, but Roc and I both cut him off.

"SHUT UP PROD" Taylor and Prince start rolling. Ray on the other hand cracks a small smile. I wish he would loosen  up, but at the same time I understand why he’s upset. 

"Here Kaya" Prince says handing me my phone and I see Diggy’s face so I immediately answer. Him and I have been cool with each other. We got pass the situation like adults and he accepted the fact that the baby could be his and stepped up.

"Hola Daniel" I say happily.

"Hey, I’m calling one to check on you and two my family thought we should come down there since you said you should be giving birth any day now. Plus my mom want to be there when her daughter gives birth" Daniel says.

"Oh that’s great, well I’ll see you guys soon. Who is coming?" I ask.

"Just me, mom, dad, russy and Miley" Dig replies.

"Oh great well you guys should stay with us, just let me know when you guys get here" I say.

"Alright will do, bye Kaya" He says.

"Bye" I reply and hang up the phone. I look up at Roc and all my dogs are all over him. I thought they were in the basement. I begin laughing at him trying to show them attention, but every time he would give one attention the others will start begging.

"Your dogs love me too much" He says once they finally jump down and go to eat some food.

"Yeah remember when you first came here and they didn’t even bark at you?" I say remember what took place last year. DAAAAMN it’s been a year since i’ve known the boys 

"Yeah I remember that" Roc smiles. Which made me remember I got him a birthday gift.

"Wait here" I say and wobble up to my room and get his gift. When I make it back down stairs I hand it to him. "Happy belated birthday" I say. He smiles and opens up the gift. He takes out the Beavis and Butthead sweatshirt, shirt and dog tags. 

"You’re the best!"He gives me a a hug. "Thank you so much" He says smiling at the presents.

"No problem" I say smiling. I spent the rest of the day with the boys and Taylor until they had to leave. 

The next few days were slow. Diggy’s family came up and stayed the first night with us, but got a hotel. Right now I’m watching tv in my room alone because I asked Dig to get me some ice cream, I can’t help but eat it. I mean I eat the healthy food too of course but I’ve been having major ice cream craving.

Suddenly I feel like I just peed on my self. I look down and realized my water just broke. Fuck. “MOM!!!” I yell. I hear her running up the stairs and she bust through my door. “My water just broke” I say. Her eyes get big and she runs to get my dad.


Russy and I were playing a video game when my phone rings. “Hello?” I answer putting the phone between my shoulder and my ear so i can continue beating Russy.

"Daniel, Kaya’s water broke" Kaya mom says.

"I’m on my way now" I hang up the phone and drop the remote.

"mom we gotta get to the hospital Kaya’s water broke" I say. My mom and dad both rush and get their stuff together. Everyone leaves the hotel room and head straight for the Washington Hospital Center.

"This is crazy" I mumble to my self. I feel a hand on my leg and look up to see my mom. She send me an assuring smile. Why am I acting like this? I have a gut feeling this baby is mine. I just know.

In no time we arrive at the hospital. Everyone rushed into the room.

"WOAH who are you here for?" One of the doctors stops us.

"Kaya Brown" I say. He takes a look at the paper. "We can only have one more person in the room since her mom and grandmother are in there. Who are you?"

"The father of the child" I say. 

"Alright come on the rest of you guys are going to have to stay here" THe doctor says and leads me to the room. As soon as I enter I’m greeted by Kaya’s screams.

"DIG!" She yells as the tears are streaming down her face.

"I’m here" I say and go over to her.

"Mom it hurts so bad" Kaya says breathlessly.

"I know sweetheart I know. It will be over soon" He mom comfort her.


These contractions are killing me. I’ve been here for what seems like forever but really is just a few hours. “Alright let’s see how many centimeters you are” The doctor come s over and measures. “Okay you are 3 centimeters, would you like to take the epidural now?” She asks.

"Yes please" I say wiping the sweat from my forehead as another contraction comes along. My face scrunches up from the pain. The doctor leaves and comes back. 

"Alright I’m going to need you to turn on your side and don’t move" She says. I take a deep breath and try to keep as still as possible. I feel her sticking the needle in.

"OH MY GOD" I yell out in pain. The pain stays constant for a while and I feel her take it out. "Ohhhh" 

"Alright that’s all, I’ll be back to check on you" She says and leaves the room.

"I’m never having anymore kids after this" I say dead serious. My mother and my grandma let out a laugh.

"We all did it sweetheart" My mom says in between her laughs. I look over at Dig and I noticed that he’s been holding my hand the whole time. 

"Dig…" I trail off.

"Yeah?" he asks.

"If this baby turns out to be yours I want us to be friends. I know I screwed you over countless times and I feel horrible about it, but at the end of the day no matter what I still love you. Even if it’s a friend type of way" I admit he nods.

"I’d like that, honestly and I love you too" He says and kisses my. Cheek I smile at hearing those three words. 

"Awww" I hear my mom and grandmother say  ruining the moment.

"y’all ruined it" I laugh as a contraction sneaks up on me. "OWWWW" I say in pain. The next few hours were complete torture I spoke to Dig and read a book to try to keep my mind off the pain, which wasn’t as bad as before thanks to the epidural, but it was still painful.

"You’re ready to begin pushing. Just go on my count" The doctor says. I nod my head. "Alright 1, 2, 3 push" I push as hard as I can. As I scream in pain. "Come on 1, 2, 3 push" I push once again. I continue to go on the count as the doctor.

"Mom, I can’t do this" I say crying.

"You can honey, you’re half way done" She says over Cade’s cries. I push until she’s finally out and lay back down on the bed to catch my breath. 

"You did it" Dig says with smile.

"Sorry about your hand" I say still catching my breathe.

"Yeah I’m going to go to probably need a cast" He says and we both laugh.

"Here is your healthy baby girl" The doctor says and gives me cade. 

"Would you like to name your child now?" The doctor asks.

"Can I after the DNA test results?" I ask.

"You sure can, you have 5 days to do so" She says. The doctors clean me up and I lay in the bed. Everyone comes in the room and dig left to get his hand checked out. 

"You did it sweetheart" Ms Justine says and gives me a hug.

"It was painful" I say. Everyone laughs. "I’m serious never again" I say and everyone laughs once again. 

"She is so precious" My mom says taking Cade from me and I see the tears fall down her face. Her and my grandma have a little moment. It’s great that we have all four generations.

"I’m back" Dig says and we look over at him. He has a cast on his arm. 

"I broke it?" I ask.

"Nah it’s just a sprain" He says.

"Oh okay" My mom left the room and came back with who I assume to be a nurse.

"This is Rebecca she’s going to do your collections for the DNA test" My mom introduces us. Rebecca quickly does our collections.

"Alright you should have the results within 3 days" She says and leaves.

"Well we should get going you need your rest"Rev says and everyone agrees.

"Dig can you stay?" I ask.

"Sure" He agrees. Everyone else hugs me and leaves out the room. I almost immediately fell asleep after everyone left.

The next few days were relaxing and nerve recking at the same time. I just really hope Dig is the father… Today is the day we find out the nurse should be here any minute now with the results.

"Hey" Dig says entering the room with chickfla breakfast.

"Oh bless you" I snatch the food from him and immediately begin eating it. Dig laughs at me and begins eating his also. There is a knock on the door and the Rebecca enters with an envelope in her hands. 

"The results were mailed in so I rushed here as soon as they came" She says with a smile. She opens the back package. "Daniel Dwayne Simmons the third you are the father" She says. Dig and I hug each other with huge smiles on our faces. I’m so happy it’s Dig I couldn’t see it being anyone else. The way he stepped up even when we weren’t sure if it was his child shows that he’s going to be just fine.

"Alright, I’m going to let you guys celebrate, congrats you two" SHe says with a smile and leaves. The doctor comes in right after.

"Alright are you guys ready to name her?" She asks.

"Yes! Cade Zaire Brown-Simmons" I say happily.

"That’s beautiful" The doctor smiles. Dig and I do all the needed paper work and I change into the sweats he brought me and I get together Cade’s things. Dig carried all my bags while I carry Cade. We go to the parking lot and get into the car.

"I keep forgetting you got your license" I say.

"Yeah we were both late on getting that done" He chuckles. I look down at my stomach.

"Man I gotta hit the gym, I gained so much weight" I say seriously. Dig just laughs at me.

"I’m serious I gotta get my body back" I say. Dig just shakes his head and continues driving to my house. When we get there I see my mom, grandma, dad, Rev, Justine, Miley and Russy all in the living room.

"Hey guys" I smile.

"Hey Kaya" Everyone greets me.

"I would like you guys to meet Cade Zaire… I pause dramatically Brown-Simmmons" Everyone cheers out of happiness. I’m sure we all wanted Dig to be the father.

"I’m a grandma" Ms Justine begins crying tears of joy. "Let me hold her" She says. I hand her Cade to hold. She just smiles looking down at her. Everyone is happy… even my dad. 

"You’re going to be great son" My dad gives Dig a light squeeze.

"I’m an uncle!"Russy says happily.

"Me too"Miley gloats. We all laugh and everyone begins socializing while taking turns holding Cade. 

"Oh sweetheart why don’t you do take Cade’s things up to her room" My mom says. I nod and Dig and I get her bag and walk up to the room. I open the door and my mouth drops.

"OH MY GOSH!" I scream happily. They decorated the nursery and it’s perfect. It’s all pink and have a big C above her crib along with lots of toys and the closet is full of all types of clothes.

"You like it?" My mom asks from the door.

"I LOVE IT!" I say. 

This has been amazing turn out. I lost my career but I gained a daughter and a loving second family. I have learned from my mistakes and I’ve grown up, I guess you can say I’ve been Tamed

The End

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Chapter 81 (sneak peak)


I leave Kaya’s place just as fast as I came. Not dealing with this shit. Never have I ever called a girl outta their name but that’s exactly what Kaya is and it pisses me off that I fell for her ass. It’s probably best that the baby didn’t come.

"Aye bruh you good?" Spin ask one I enter the hotel room. Thank God we are leaving tomorrow. 

"Nah I’m not" I say and go into my room and close the door. Spin knows not to mess with me when I’m pissed. I angry pack my clothes so I won’t have to worry about it in the morning. I lay down on my bed to get comfortable and my phone rings, annoyed I answer the phone dryly. "Hello"

"Hey Daniel" I hear a familiar voice whispers.

"Oh wassup Chanel" I say more interested. Chanel is my ex girlfriend, but is still cool peoples so we talk from time to time. I’ve been meaning to hit up her place since I’ve been here.

"I was scrolling through my contacts and I saw Sex God and decided to call you" She says in her fake naughty innocent voice. I remember that voice all too well, I bite my lip remembering when we had sex. Thought Kaya was my first? Nah, Chanel was.

"Hmm well I’m glad you called because I missed you" I some-what flirt. She giggles.

"Why don’t you come in visit, I heard you were out here" She replies.

"I can’t get there now but you can come to the hotel" I say hoping we can still chill. 

"Yeah I can come send me the address" 

"Aight I’ll send it now" i say hang up and send her the address. I leave out my room and see Spin isn’t there, he probably went somewhere. I shrug and just chill and watch tv waiting for Chanel to get here.

Not too much longer the there is a knock on the door. I get up to answer it and see Chanel looking beautiful as I remember. “Daniel” She says cheerfully and jumps into my arms. She’s wearing my favorite perfume.

"Chanel" I reply just a happy as she is.

"We have to catch up" She shoves me then closes and locks the door. I laugh at her, same old Chanel. We both go over to the couch and begin catching up. We both talk for a while and begin asking each other questions.

"So any news about college?" I ask her.

"Well I was accepted into F.I.T. so I’m going there in the fall." I knew she always had a passion for fashion.

"Really? that’s great! I’m so proud of you" I hug her and we hold it for longer than we should have. We slowly pull away and just stare into each others eyes. I begin leaning in and so does she until our lips touch. We begin to make out and I pull her onto my lap with out breaking the kiss.

"Yo Dig so- Oh my bad… Hey K-" He starts but stops once Chanel turns around and he actually takes a look "CHANEL?!" He says shocked. "Oh I thought you were"I starts but I start fake coughing. "Never mind that how you been?" Spin asks.

"Fine, I missed you blade" She happily gets off my lap and hugs him.

"Missed you too sis" Spin replies. We end up chilling together as a group until Chanel has to leave.

"I’ll walk you" I tell Chanel and she says okay. We both leave the hotel room and go to the elevator. "I’m glad I got to see you before I left" I say truthfully.

"Me too, hit me up next time you come out here if not I will see you in the fall" She smiles. The elevator door opens and we both get out. I walk her to her car and makes sure she get in safe.

"Text me when you get home" I say with my head in the window and arm on the roof of the car.

"Okay dad" She says sarcastically.

"Haha" she just giggles and pulls my face hers and kisses me once again. "She ya soon Daniel" She says. I back away from the car and she pulls off. I head back up stair to the hotel room.

"What was that about?" Spin asks me as soon as I come into the room.

"What do you mean?" I ask.

"You know the girl you’ve been with? KAYA your GIRLFRIEND"

"Oh you mean my ex" I say nonchalantly.

"when y’all  break up?" he asks confused. I take this time to explain the whole story to Spin causing my self to get heated all over again but i try to keep as calm as possible.

"Damn" He says still shocked. "I wonder who she was fuckin though"

"No bull, I do too but knowing her hoe ass it could have been anybody" I say angrily. Spin and I sit in silence as I soak into my own thoughts. I can’t believe she would do some shady shit like that it’s still not making sense to me. 

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Chapter 80

"OH MY GOD!" I scream as reality set in. I feel so horrible I just fucked the person I made my boyfriend make up with. I put my head in my hands and begin crying.

"Kaya what’s wrong?" Twist asks clueless and wraps his arms around me as he kisses my cheek. I push him off and go into my room and lock the door. I check my phone and there are several texts and calls from Dig with him apologizing. Little does he know my situation is worse.

I mean sure I’m mad that he would say that, but that’s nothing compared to what I did. I can’t tell him it will hurt him if I do. UGHH. That’s it, it never happened, what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him. I need someone to talk to. I hop back into the shower once again and wash off everything.

Once I get out, I change into my sweats again and call up I cab. As I wait I pretty much spend all my time pacing around the room. The cab finally arrives so I rush out the house and get in. I give him the address of where I need to go and he pulls off. I let out a breath of relief as we make out way there.

He finally pulls up in the driveway and I pay him the money then get out. I knock on the door and just the person I wanted to see answers.

"Kaya?" Princeton asks shocked to see me.

"Can we talk?" I say holding back my tear. He notices and opens to door wider for me to walk in. Once I’m in he locks the door back and we go into his room. 

"What’s going on?" He asks me as we take a seat on his bed. This is when I get silent, I know Prince isn’t going to judge me, but still it’s hard. I just let the tear fall not saying anything. He wraps his arm around me as the tears fall. "Just tell me when you’re ready" He says calmly and rubs my back.

I only nod and wipe my tears. “I fucked Twist” I finally say and look up and Prince to see his reaction. He has the ‘uh oh’ look on his face, so I take this as a chance to explain. “I was with Dan last night for some uh make sex and the next me we got annoyed with each other all over again. I walked out on him and went home. While I was there I decided to watch a movie but I couldn’t focus because I was stressed and then I just had a urge for sex and that’s what I got… from Twist” I say as I put my head in my hands.

"Well I’m not going to lie to you and say it was okay because it wasn’t. You knew what you were doing, but because you were angry at Dig you didn’t care. You were really wrong for that and so was Twist, but he’s a guy so if you throwing it at him he’s gonna take it" Prince says sternly.

"I just feel so horrible I don’t know how I’m going to tell Dig or anything. He’s going to be so hurt and to make things worse him and Twist just made up and I’m going to be the cause of them fight once again"

"Well I’m not gonna lie and tell you it’s going to be okay but… Just do what you feel is right" Prince replies. I nod my head in response and lay on his bed.

"Can I stay here tonight?" I ask.

"Yeah you and Taylor’s room is still available"

"No with you" I reply.

"Sure" He says. We both get under the covers of his bed and lay down. He cradles me into his arms and we quickly fall asleep.

"Prince wake up!" A familiar voice says and bangs on the door. Prince is still knocked out.

"Prince" I tap him. "JACOB NIGGA WAKE" I say and he finally opens his eyes. 

"Don’t call me that" He mutters and turns back over.

"Come on wake up" I say and he finally opens his eyes. "Come on" I say and pull him out of the bed. He sleepily get up and stretches and goes into the bathroom. While he’s in there I call a cab and wait for him to come out. When he does we make our way into the kitchen.

"Kaya?" Roc asks and runs over to hug me.

"Hey" I respond and hug everyone else.

"What are you doing here?" Prod asks.

"Long story but I stayed with Prince" I smile.

"oh okay" he shrugs. I look over at Ray and he is just checkin me out.

"Take a picture Ray it will last longer" i say sarcastically.

"okay"He takes out his phone. 

"not literally" I shake my head but end up laughing at his silliness. "Man I missed you guys" I say truthfully.

"We missed you too sis" Roc says. I chill them for a while as I wait for the cab to come.

"Well I should get going" I say and gather what I came with. I tell the boys bye and leave out because the cab came. I tell him the directions of Twist and I’s place and just enjoy the ride. When we finally arrive I pay him and get out.

When I enter the place it is dead silent. I let a sigh of relief as I close and lock the door. “Why did you leave?” Twist voice scares me causing me to jump. Shit.

"I needed to clear my head" I say telling the half truth. "Uh Twist… Last night never happened" 

"Oh so you didn’t come in my room suck my dick, let me fuck you senseless, eat you out, make you have 3 orgasms and suck my dick again?" He just throws it in my face. I stay silents for a bit and then reply with "yes, never happen" He chuckles to him self.

"Okay Kaya whatever you say, but I’m not gonna forget about this" He puts his hands in my underwear and begins slowing putting his finger in and out. I bite my lip to keep from moaning. "The way it was swallowing up my dick and the way you tasted. I definitely won’t forget what you did with these pretty little lips of yours" He smirks and takes his hand out then sucks my wetness from his fingers. "Oh and how you was moaning when I put it down" He walks away leaving me speechless. I just hope he doesn’t say anything.

I check my phone to see Diggy calling once again. I hit ignore and then continue into my room. What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him. Thanks to Twist I’m sitting here horny all over again. Ughh I force my self to get up and strip down to nothing. Here we go again. I make way over to his room.

"Twist" I get try to get his attention.

"Yea- damn" He mumbles when he see’s me.

"Eat me out" I demand and make my way over to him. I on top of him letting him take in the view and he wastes no time and flips us over.


"Are we gonna continue this?" Twists asks. In the back of my mind I’m like no… but. Sex anytime I want and we are under the same roof sounds like a pretty good deal to my lady parts.

"Yeah, but no one can know" I say sternly he nods and then kisses me.

"This is gonna come back to bite both of us in the ass" He laughs and shakes his head.

"but that day hasn’t come yet" I shrug. I know what you’re thinking. Kaya what the fuck are you doing? Dig hasn’t done shit to deserve this blah blah well you need to shut the fuck up I got 2 dicks to ride.

I lazily get up and groan from the soreness Diggy and Twist know exactly how to hit it… I wonder how Ray is- wait. 

before I can take a step Twist picks me up, walks into the bathroom and sits me on the toilet. He runs the bath water for me and then picks me up and gently set me down.”Thanks” I say as I get comfortable in the tub.

"No problem" he leaves out and let’s me soak into my own thoughts. 

I stay in the tub until what feels like forever and finally decide to get out. Since there’s no towels in here I decide to go freely and be naked. When i go to Twists room I notice he changed the sheets. “Hey I say and take a seat on top of the bed”

"Aren’t you gonna put some clothes on?" He asks checking me out.

"Too lzay… Can you get them for me?" I ask him and he just smirks.

"Nah I like the view" He says but gets up and goes to my room anyways. He comes back with a bra and underwear.

"Where are the clothes?" I ask slipping them on.

"That’s all you’re getting" He says and laughs. The door bell rings and he goes to answer it and I hear Dig’s voice. Uh oh. I run back to my room and throw on a pair of shorts and tank so nothing will be suspicious. 

"Aight thanks man" I hear Dig’s voice says and I can tell he’s infront of my door. Instead of knocking like he should have he busts in my room and that smile he once had on turned into an irritated look.

"You know you could have knocked" I know I shouldn’t be testing him right now, but he really could have. 

"I could have" He says plainly. 

"okay… so what are you here for?" I ask. He laughs a fake laugh, but it’s beginning to scare me.

"What the fuck is up with you?!" Oh shit… he said fuck he never curses at me unless he’s angry which is already obvious. "You got some nerve to ask me what I’m here for. You been ignoring me calls and texts"

"Well you said I was wasting you time so I decided not to waste-" He cut me off.




"YOU KNOW WHAT, JUST GET OUT. I JUST GOT SOME GOOD DICK AND I DON’T YOU RUINING MY MOOD" If looks could kill I would be dead right now. Diggy was now glaring at me.

"What did you just say?" He says calmly.

"I said, I just got some good dick and I don’t need you ruining my mood" I repeat for him to hear. Diggy stopped glaring and began fake laughing. 

"So you’ve been fucking some nigga because you were mad at me?" He asks and I stay silent so he got his answer."You know what… You’re hoe, a slut and every name in the damn book" He fake laughs "Fuck you Kaya" Diggy storms out my room and slams my door. At this point I don’t care anymore I’m not crying over his ass.

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Chapter 79


"What did we just do?" I put my head in my hands out of frustration. 

"Well, I can refresh your memory" Diggy says and starts kissing up on my neck. I quickly reject him by pushing him off. He looks at me confused and I just sigh.

"Dan our relationship can’t be based off sex" I mumble. "You were just mad at me for no legitimate reason now you’re all over me. What sense does that make?" 

He gives me a look. “Our relationship is not based off sex Kaya” He says sternly with so much bass in his voice I almost jumped. “And yeah I was mad, I got jealous and I’m sorry. I realized how stupid the whole thing was” He admits.

Ugh, now I feel guilty for bringing that up. “Okay, I’m sorry. I guess I was just thinking too hard” I apologize sweetly and kiss his cheek. I snuggle into his chest and sigh as I tighten my arms around his torso. He kisses my hair and we both fall asleep.

Not too much later we both wake up and stare up at the ceiling. “I don’t feel like doing anything at all and I’m sore” I mumble the last part but Diggy heard because he laughed.

"You want anything from the kitchen?" He asks as he sits up and stretches.

"Yeah get me some pineapples" I reply. He smirks and me being the slow one catches on late and hits him with the back of my hand. "Stop being nasty" I laugh.

"You’re the one that wants to eat it" He defends him self.

"Because I like them"

"And I like what it does" He licks his lips.

"Oh my gosh. GET OUT" I laugh. He gets up and I notice endless scratches on his back. "Oh shit" I cover my mouth.

"What?" He makes a face.

 ”Give me your phone” I reply. He looks confused but gives it to me anyways. I take a picture of his back and then show him.

"Damn ma I ain’t even feel all that" Diggy looks at the picture proud like it was a prize. "I’m keeping this" He says and puts his phone away. I mumble ‘weirdo’ as he leaves out the room. "HEARD THAT" he yells from the kitchen.

As I wait for him to come back I decide to go on twitter to see what everyone is up to. As I scroll I notice everyone is talking about the recording of Dig and I’s performance from last night. A lot of his fans are pissed because we kissed I mean what they expect us to do as a couple? I swear sometimes his JetSetters piss me off.

"What you doing?" He asks entering the room and handing me my bowl. 

"Nothing just on twitter" I say. He nods and starts eating his chips loud as fuck.

"Can you not?" It comes out more rudely than I intended. I just go back to twitter.

@ShutUpKaya_: I swear I can’t wait for you guys to have this album…

I reply to a few fans and then close the twitter app. I open my messages and read all my messages. I basically swerve everyone and they are going to know because my read receipts are on but oh well. I continue playing on my phone for a while.

"You know that’s rude as hell" Dan said obviously annoyed. I just give him a look but decide to ignore him because we don’t need to be fighting after we just made. "I know you heard me" He says once he realizes I’m ignoring him.

"Yes, i heard you and decided not to reply. I don’t know who you think you are" I snap with venom in my voice.

"I think- matter fact I KNOW I’m your boyfriend and it’s rude for you to be on your phone while I’m here wasting my ti-"

"EXCUSE ME?! So I’m wasting your time? Oh well excuse the fuck outta me I won’t waist your time anymore" I quickly get up out of the bed ignoring the pain I’m feeling.

"I didn’t mean it li-" I tune him out and focus on putting my dress back on. Not worrying about how i look I gather all my things and get ready to walk out of the room. I feel Dig tug on my arm but I snatch it right back and give him the dirtiest look that I could muster up.

He puts his hands up in surrender and let’s me go. I exit the hotel room and make my way back down to the lobby. Once I get there I call up Twist. “What’s up Kaya?” Twist asks. I could tell he was busy doing something, but I just hoped he would drop what ever he was doing to come get me.

"Can you come get me please?" I ask. He sighs on the other side of the line.

"Yeah, I can come, I’m not too far away" He says.

"Thank you" I let out a sigh of relief and hang up the phone.

After about 20 minutes Twist pull up and I get into the car. Twist pulls off with no questions asked and goes back to our place. When we get there i quickly get out and go inside. I know I look a complete mess right now, but at this point I don’t even care.

I get into the shower to wash off all the sex residue and all the other events from last night. When I get out I change into some PINK sweats and decide to watch a movie. I’m not gonna cry this time because it’s not even worth it. I’m just sick of fighting to be honest.

Through out the whole movie I can’t even bring my self to pay attention. Now I’m just stressed and I need… sex. That’s exactly what I need. Porn is not gonna do it… I need the real thing. 

I reluctantly get up and strip down to my thong and bra. I walk over to twist’s room and see he’s knocked out. I groan to my self. Well I’m gonna get pleased whether he likes it or not.

I go under the covers and pull down his briefs and shove his dick into my mouth. He grunts and his sleep and his mouth becomes slightly opened. I bob my head until he gets hard. Then I release his dick and it’s standing rock hard. 

"Here goes nothing" I say lowly and move my thong to the side and slide his dick into my leaking hole. He opens his eyes and jumps. 

"KAYA WHAT THE FUCK ARE DOING?!" Twist try to pull me off of him. I refuse by pinning his arms down and continue to ride him as my moans slip of.

"OH FUCK" I moan out in pleasure. 

"Kaya stop you you don’t want this" Twist says.

"I want it…. I really really want it" I say in between moans. "You want it too" I continue to ride and start kissing up on his neck. 

"Please me" I whisper and begin nibbling on his ear.

"Fuck it" He mumbles and flips us over. He pumps in and out at a fast pace as the sweat drips down our bodies. He takes both of my legs and puts them above my head and begin plunging deeper. I can feel him in my gut, I can’t help but allow the moans to roll off my tongue. 

"It’s time" I say barely audible as I reach my climax. He pulls out and get on his knees and begin to eat me out.

"OH MY FUCK TWIST" I scream as his tongue explores me. He shows no mercy. He grips my ass pull me closer while shoving his tongue further into my ocean. I snap my legs closed, but he immediately pushes them further apart. He continues until I reach my climax once again.

With out warning he shove his dick back into me. He goes right back to pumping in and out as the headboard bangs against the wall “Let.. Me.. ride it” I say as my own moans keep cutting me off. He stops and let’s me take over.

I take my time sliding down and quickly begin riding him while putting my hands on his chest for support. I quickly spin around while trying my best to keep him still inside. I mentally pat my self on the back because it was a success. 

I begin twerking and look back to see Twist enjoying the show. My moans were all over the place as I could hear Twist’s occasional grunts. I turned back around and Twist’s phone rang, but that didn’t keep me from getting to my 3rd orgasm fuck who was on the line.


 Who the fuck calling me while i’m trying to bust a nut. “Hello” I lowly because if I said it any louder the person would hear me grunt.

"Twizzy the fuck you at bruh?” It was Za of course he always has perfect timing.

"I’m at home chillin" I say keeping it cool. Kaya giggles as she begins to ride slowly. I rest the phone in between my head and ears then take her hips and slam her on she let’s out a loud ass moan. i’m sure Za heard it.

"Nigga you over there fuckin?" Za asked and laughed. "My dude I’ll talk to you later" he laughs and hangs up.

"Can’t handle the D huh?" I ask with a smirk on my face.

"Shut up" She mumbles and I quickly flip her over to teacher her a lesson. 

"You don’t tell daddy to shut up" I say with a smirk and begin tearing up her shit. I bite my lip as the moans roll off her tongue. Not too much later I feel her walls tightening and she cums all over my dick and then I pull out.

"Suck my dick" I demand.

Kaya (sorry the pic wouldn’t upload)

The way he demanded me to suck his dick had me on my knees in record time and taking him into my mouth with no hesitations.


"You a little freak" Twist said with a smirk on his face. That’s when it hit me

 The fuck did I just do?

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Chapter 78


I follow Karrueche into the meeting and take a seat in an open spot. Throughout the meeting I listen attentively to everything they were saying. They sort of lost me because I got a little bored. “Kaya, what do you think?” Kae asks me snapping me out out of my daze.

"What do I think about what?" I wonder because she caught me off guard. 

"Well we decided that we would advertise the basic things with the logo, such as hats, sweatpants, shirts, etc. Pretty much the stuff you’ve already seen and  then bring out everything else" Kay repeats for me.

"I think that’s great and plus it’s getting people even more excited about the line" I say. Kae nods and they go back into the meeting which doesn’t last much longer and we leave out.

"I can’t wait until I can have my own clothing line" I admit truthfully. 

"Well it comes with a lot of stress and you already have enough on your hands for your age. You’ll get there" She says. I nod understandingly and get comfortable in my seat. “Well I’m hungry, you want anything?" She asks pulling into the chickfla drive through.

"No I’m fine, I cooked food at y’all place, but all they fatasses ate it before you came" I shake my head and Kae laughs.

"That’s fine, at least it was good" She says and pulls up to the speaker and orders her food. It’s not long before we arrive back at Chris’ house. Once we are inside everyone is right where we left them.

"Don’t y’all niggas get up or something? go to the bathroom?" I asked as I took a seat next to Chris. All the guys looked at each other and replied with a ‘nah’. I shake my head but crack a smile.

"Chris I gotta go my brother needs me, I’ll be back later" Kae says sadly.

"Alright, I’ll see you then" Chris says. Kae leaves and now it’s back to how we started. “Chr-"  I was about to say something but I saw a huge wasp. I scream loudly and jump in Chris arms.

"Somebody kill it!" I scream terrified. Keeis runs out the room while Chris continues to laugh. “Y’all play too much, just kill the thing" I yell and run out of the room behind Keeis.

"Bruh I don’t fuck with no wasp" He says dead ass.

"Neither do I and Chris over there laughing like it’s funny. Ain’t shit funny" I replied.

"Alright y’all it’s dead" I hear Chris laugh. We both walk in together.

"Why the hell you got a wasp in your house?" I ask Chris taking my seat again.

"It must have flew in when the door was open. It’s dead now though" Chris says and still laughs a bit.

"It’s not funny" I hit him. 

"Yeah it was" Trell, Tyga and Mijo all say.

"Man fuck y’all" I cross my arms and pout.

"I wouldn’t mind that" I hear Keeis mumble then Chris slaps him upside the head.

"Son what was that for?" He ask innocently.

"You know what you said" Chris says. I giggle to my self and my phone starts ringing. I check and it’s Dig.

"Hey babe" I answer the phone and the room gets quiet as everyone stares at me.

"Hey you okay?" He asks.

"Yeah why? What’s up?" I ask.

"Nothing just checking on my baby"

"Aww just for that you deserve something" I whisper.

"Well my bed is always open" He says seductively.

"I bet it is" I smirk like he could see me. 

"I bet it is" I hear Mijo and keeis mimic me. I slap all of them “Ow babe" Keeis says in a seductive voice. My eyes get big I hope Dig didn’t hear that.

"Who was that?" I guess I was wrong.

"Oh that was Chris’ friend Keeis playing around" 

"Uh huh well I’ll talk to you later" He hangs up not letting me respond. I go over and jump on top of Mijo and began play fighting him.

"Nigga thanks you just got me in trouble with my baby" I say mad. He just laughs. 

"It was too tempting bruh" Keeis alont with everyone else laughs. I glare at him, but end up laughing with them.

Our laughter is cut short by Chris’ phone ringing. He takes the call and walks out the room. “Well alright…” I say and sift away a bit. Everyone in the room laughs. Not too much later Chris’ comes back.

"Y’all wanna go to the club tonight?" Chris asks.

"Uh Chris… Still 17" I say.

"If you wanna go I can get you in with out them questioning no worries Yaya I got you"  Chris replies.

"Then hell yeah I wanna go!" Everyone else agrees. 

"Alright cool all y’all go home and change then go to the usual. I have to make an appearance" Chris explains. Everyone leave, leaving Chris and I. We agree on him getting ready then taking me to get ready.


"Where you going?" Twist asks me as I put on my last earring to complete my outfit.

"No where just to the club with Chris" I reply.

"Oh aight, I’m going out with Za, Justin and Khalil" He explains. I just nod and slip on my new heels I got last him I went shopping.

"Alright I’m ready" I say to Chris. He was waiting for me in the sitting room. Twist and him greet each other and we all leave out the house. We get into our designated cars and part ways.

"I’m finally going to a club that’s not for teens thank the lord" I say excited and Chris just laughs at me and continues driving. The car ride is filled with a comfortable silence as we make out way to the club.

"Alright I see everyone else" Chris says as he parks the car. Once we get out the paparazzi camera’s are going crazy. Chris grabs my hand and leads me inside the club. Once we get inside it is too live. I follow everyone to the VIP section. I was dancing in my seat. 

"You wanna dance?" Keeis asks me.

"Uh sure" I get up and fix my tight fitting dress so my ass wasn’t hanging out and followed him out of the VIP section. As soon as we hit the dance floor "Pour it Up" by Rihanna started playing. I danced with him for the whole song and surprisingly he kept up with me. He gripped my waist as we were dancing so he felt in control. I decided to dance with him for some more songs 

what’s the worst that can happen?


Spin convinced me to go to the club with him so now I’m stuck here. Not really in the clubbing mood but I will do anything to keep my mind off Kaya. I could have sworn I saw her but it may have just been my imagination. 

"Aye bruh isn’t that Kaya?" Spin asks confirming he saw what I saw. I look a bit longer and it is her dancing all up on some dude. I swear she loves to piss me off sometimes. I reluctantly get up and make my way over to where she is.

With out even saying anything I grab her arm and snatch her out of the guy’s grip. She squinted her eyes at me and snatched her arm away. “The fuck is your problem Dig and what the hell are you doing here?” She said obviously mad, but I was the one that had a right to be mad.

The guy that she was dancing with sort of stood there awkwardly I spoke up. “Who’s this?” I say not looking at Kaya but at the guy.

"This is Keeis Chris’ friend, now you didn’t answer my question" Kaya crossed her arms.

"To answer your first question my problem is you dancing with this guy like you don’t have a boyfriend and second because Spin told me to here"

"It’s just dancing chill the fuck out" She brushed me off and made her way over to the VIP Sections. I swear this girl makes me so mad. I walk back over to Spin and stand where I was before.

"You good bruh?" Spin asks.

"Yeah man" I sigh.


After I got away from Dig I went back up to the VIP section with everyone else. “You good?” Keeis whispers in my ear. I just nod and take my seat where I was before.

"I saw y’all" Mijo says with a smirk.

"That was until her boyfriend came over" Keeis says a little salty.

"Diggy here?" Chris asks confused.

"Yeah" I mumble and cross my arms. He just ruined my mood to be honest. Eventually Chris had to leave and go make his special appearance and after he was done he came back over. I wasn’t in the clubbing mood anymore so I just stayed in my spot.

"Come on Yaya don’t be upset, have fun" Chris says and makes a groofy face as he pinches my cheeks causing me to laugh. "Come on" Chris says and stands up.

"what?" I question confused.

"Come on" He repeats. I just shrug and get up, I follow him and we end up  at the stage.

"What are you doing?" I say a little bit above the music.

"Girl if you don’t just come on" He takes my hand and pulls on me. I caught a glimpse of Dig staring at me but I just roll my eyes and follow Chris. He takes the mic ad gets the attention of everyone in the club.

"What’s up again y’all?" Chris says and you can hear girls in the crowd screaming. "So I’m going let my sister Kaya come up here and perform" Chris says to the crowd. I just give him a look but he ignores it. "Come on up here Yaya" He says. 

I finally go up there and take the mic. “I didn’t know I would be performing but this nigga is just full of surprises” I say causing everyone to laugh. “But since I’m up here is there anything y’all wanna hear?” I ask the crowd.

"THE HOMIE’S GIRL" I hear the audience say in response. "Well I guess y’all like that huh?" I laugh.

"AND!" Chris cuts me off and takes the mic. "We got Diggy in the crowd" He says hype as hell. I glare at him. "Whoa y’all saw that face she gave me?" Chris asks the audience. "Dig come up here" Chris says.  

I was so tempted to snatch the mic from Chris and say “Oh hell no” but I keep from doing it. I see Dig get up on the stage. It’s a little awkward but I ignore it and take the mic from Chris and someone hands one to Dig.

We perform it and put on a little act. “We ain’t suppose to like each other but we can’t stay away from one another” He grabs me and presses his forehead against mine. As he continues rapping the words. It brings back memories of when we first met and even we first made the song. Then I sing the hook ending the song not breaking eye contact. We both take the mic away from our faces and end up kissing. the crowds says “awwww” causing us to blush.

"Give it up the little homies" Chris says cutting our kiss short. We both get off the stage and head home for some make-up sex…

Chapter 75

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Dig, Spin and I are just chillin in the living room right now waiting on the change of sheets. Dig and Spin are more into the movie than I am at the moments, I don’t even know what movie it is too be honest. At the moment I am just happy to be with my boyfriend. 

I begin playing with his mustache and beard that’s growing in. “I love the facial hair” I whisper into his ear and begin kissing on his neck. He chuckles, but doesn’t object. Soon the kisses turn into bites, but we’re interrupted by a knock on the door. 

I groan and leave Spin and Dig to go answer it. I look through the peep hole and see a lady from house keeping holding up sheets. I unlock the door and take them from her then go into the room to get the old ones. “Thank you” I say giving her a tip.

"No, thank you" She says and leaves. I close the door and take the new sheets into the room and make the bed. 

Once I’m finished Dig comes in and laughs. “What you laughing at?” I playfully buck at him.

"You walking funny" He points out and continues laughing.

"Yeah keep laughing and that will be the last time you hit for a while" I say. He immediately stops laughing causing me to chuckle.

"What you wanna do though?" I ask taking a seat on the bed.

"Well we could go for another round" He smirks and makes his way over to me. He snakes his arms around my waist. "Nice try, but I’m still sore" I say while pouting.

"So what you wanna do?" He asks me this time. We are a horrible when we don’t know what the hell to do and are just bored.

"Cuddle" I suggest innocently. He laughs, but gets in the bed anyways and  wraps his arms around me. I smile and snuggle my head into his chest. I soon feel my self falling asleep.

*3 Hours later*

It’s 1 am and Dig and I are awake and bored.

"Son I am so bored" I groan. Dig just chuckles. "What you laughin at I’m serious!" I pout.

"And adorable" He chuckles again and kisses my nose. I make a face. "what you kissing people’s noses for?" I wipe and off.

"You’re right why do that when I can do this" He says and kisses me on the lips this time. I push him off "You better stop before we have another round for real" I laugh.

"Well in that case" He says and kisses me once again. "Sit yo horny ass down" I laugh. "But for real what can we do?" I ask.

"We can just watch tv" Dig suggests.

"Nah, that’s too boring" I say. There is a long pause but I get an idea. "Let’s ustream!" I say.

"This early?" Dig laughs.

"Yeah just for the vampires" I say.

"Alright" Dig replies and gets up to get his lap top. I watch as he bends over and make a pervy whistle sound. "Nice ass" I bust out laughing. 

"Haha very funny" Dig says sarcastically and makes his way over to me.


I set up my computer for the ustream and wait for it to load. “Let’s tweet the link” Kaya says and gets out her phone. I nod and tweet the link out. We wait for the views to get 300 before we go on cam.

"What’s up guys, I haven’t been on here in a minute" I pause. "Actually, when was the last time I was on ustream?" I ask. Kaya and I look into the chat to see what everyone is saying and one comment caught both of our eyes. 

"They got you there!" Kaya starts dying from laughter. "They said you haven’t ustreamed since Jesus walked the Earth" Kaya says and continues dying. 

"But for real what’s up guys?" I ask. Everyone immediately starts asking about OOTW. Kaya and I look at each other. She gives me the eye to just tell them. "Okay a lot of people asked about the mixtape… I’m gonna be real with y’all because as my fans y’all deserve to know." 

Kaya puts her head on my shoulder and rubs my thigh telling me to go on. I take and deep breath and continue. “Well the reason you guys haven’t gotten OOTW yet is because I’ve been dealing with our loss. It’s been hard on the both of us and we were just taking it one step at a time. No, I didn’t forget about you guys I could never do that. Kaya gave me the wake up call, I didn’t realize how I was treating you guys and I am truly sorry” I say sincerely.

"Awwww" Kaya says reading what the chat says. We read the chat and a lot of people are saying RIP Daniel IV and Savannah.

"What made you guys name them?" I read out loud from the chat. Directing the question to Kaya.

"Well that was my doing, I didn’t want them to go forgotten and in the future when i talk about it I wanted to have a name to call them." Kaya explains.

"Well said" I whisper in her ear and kiss her cheek. We both start reading the chat again. "Why do y’all look like y’all just finished fucking?" I ask out loud. Kaya and I both blush hard as ever.

"Oh my God" Kaya says and covers her face. She giggles hard from embarrassment. "Next question please" Kaya says still blushing. 

"Let’s see umm…" I start reading the chat again. "Can we expect to see more collabs from you guys?" 

"YES!" We both say and look at each other and laugh. 

"Actually my mixtape is dropping in 2 weeks for the ones that don’t know" Kaya gloats.

"Yes, so make sure y’all support her and download it. I heard it and it’s dope!" I say excitedly.

"Oh y’all wanna here a snippet?" Kaya asks. Everyone in the chats says yes. She nods and gets up to get her laptop. As she walking a stare at that ass, she’s getting thicker got damn. 

"DANIEL STOP STARING AT MY ASS!" Kaya yells and I awkwardly look back at the chat. Everyone in the chat is laughing. "My bad" I mumble. 

"Alright here you go guys" Kaya says and starts playing a song. She stops it at about 30 seconds to see everyone’s reaction. Everyone liked it.

"Why are you guys up this early anyways?" Kaya reads from the chat.

"Well actually we wen’t to sleep sometime around 9 and just woke up with a burst of energy and bored" I say and laugh.

"Pretty much" Kaya agrees.

"Where is Spin?" I read from the chat.

"Oh that nigga sleep" Kaya laughs. "Aye y’all wanna play a prank on him?" kaya asks and everyone gets excited.

"Alright come on" Kaya picks up my laptop and takes it over to the other bedroom. Spin is snoring loud as hell. "Hold up y’all" Kaya whispers into the camera. She hands me the laptop and goes over to Spin.

Spin was snoring loud as hell so I tip toe my way over there and get close to his ear. “OH Spin right there… YESSSS Daddy” I say and let out a realistic moan. 

"Right here" Spin mumbles in his sleep. Dig starts snickering but I keep my self together. 

"Yes, right there Papi,.. OH FUCK" I moan even louder.

"Who’s pussy is this" He mumbles in his sleep and turns over to his back. I take this chance to start stroking his dick.

"It’s your pussy" I moan. 

"That’s right" He grunts as I continue to stroke his dick. I look over a Dig for confirmation to continue. He just nods laughing. I take that chance and start biting on his neck. "Oww yes b- WHAT THE FUCK?!" He jumps up. Dig and I roll over laughing as the bubbles in the chat go crazy. I get a glimpse and it’s just a bunch of LMAOs.

"O-okay first" I say and get cut of by my own and Dig’s laughters. "First I hope someone recorded that" I finally get out. Someone says they did, okay I’m gonna need you to put that on youtube" I say once the laughter dies down. Spin looks unamused making everything ten times funnier.

"I love you Spin" I say and kiss him on the cheek. His face doesn’t change.

"Y’all wrong" He says looking down at his boner. "Shit" he mumbles and goes into the bathroom most likely to jerk off. 

Dig and I leave the room and go back to his. We get settled on the bed and talk to the fans a bit longer and we end the ustream around 5 because we are both tired

"Our fans are amazing" I say as I snuggle into Diggy’s arms.

"Yes they are" He says and kisses my forehead. Both of us eventually fall asleep to the sound of each other’s heart beats. 

Chapter 74


*2 weeks later*

My loud ass phone wakes me up. I quickly check the time and it’s 3pm. The caller ID says Blade so I already know it’s Spin.

"Hello" I say sleepily.

"Damn Kaya you still sleep?" Spin asks me.

"Uh yeah, I was up late last night" I yawn and become fully alert.

"Well Dig and I are in LA an-"

"Wait you guys are here and Diggy didn’t tell me" I say upset. I mean I know he’s mad at me for moving in with Twist, but damn.

"Yeah, that’s what I wanted to talk to you about" Spin says.

"What’s up?" I ask.

"Well, Dig doesn’t know that I’m talking to you and can you come to the hotel and like talk or something"

"If he wants to talk to me he can hit me up" I say not budging.

"Stop being stubborn" 

"I’m not being stubborn HE IS"

"Both of y’all are being stubborn damn" He says clearly annoyed.

"You know what" I finally say.

"What?" Spin asks.

"I’ll be the bigger person and come" I say.

"Alright I’ll text you the address of the hotel" Spin says and hangs up. I huff in annoyance and start getting ready.

"Twist come on!" I yell from the door of our condo.

"I’m coming Kaya damn!" He says annoyed. He finally comes over and sets the alarm. Once it’s set he leaves out and goes to get his care. While he does that I lock the door. I hear him pull up and honk the horn so I jog over to the car and get in then he pulls off. 

The car ride is pretty much silent. As you can tell us living together is already starting to go downhill. We are both sexually frustrated because neither of us has had anyone in the house. We are both completely annoyed with each other and just need a break, but neither of us say anything about it. Even thought we both know it’s true.

We finally arrive at the address that Spin sent me. “Thank you” I mumble as I get out the car. He pulls of and I just make my way up to the room that Spin told me.

Once I get to the room I silently knock on the door and Dig answers and almost immediately closes the door right in my face. Not too much later Spin opens the door and let’s me in.

"You need to get your friend" I say annoyed.

"Sorry about that, you know how he is" Spin says.

"Where is he?" I ask.

"In there" He points to one of the bedrooms. I nod and go right inside with out knocking.

"That was rude as hell. I know you’re mad at me right now, but shit I’m not here for you bitch mentality" I yell not giving a fuck. He just ignores me and continues scrolling through his phone. "I know your ass is not ignoring me and I know damn well those aren’t your fans you talking to because I guess you forgot about them huh. Ring a bell? YOUR JETSETTERS they are complaining about how you don’t talk to them either. You’re treating just like you treat them!" I yell even louder. This time he looks up at me.



"YOU THINK YOU WERE THE ONLY ONE AFFECTED BY THE LOSS DON’T YOU?!" He asks but I stay silent. "ANSWER THE DAMN QUESTION KAYA DON’T STAY SILENT NOW!" He stood up from the bed. This my be the wrong time to be thinking this but he looks sexy a hell right now.

"No, I never said that" I say silently.








"Look Dig, it’s convenient for me to stay with him. I’ve lived with him for a few weeks now and nothing has happened. Even while we weren’t talking Twist and I haven’t done anything. He knows not to cross the line. I’ve even talked with Ray and sorted things out. Him and Ray are cool now, it’s just you that needs to move past it" I say calmly.

"Okay" Dig says after 20 seconds of silence.

"Okay… what?" I ask confused.

"I’ll talk to Twist" He says.

"Really?!" I say happily.

"Yes" He chuckles.

"AHH" I scream and jump on him causing him to fall back onto the bed. He sits up in the upright position, so i wrap legs around his waist and immediately start kissing him. He doesn’t hesitate to kiss back, so I wrap my arms around him to deepen the kiss. He starts grabbing on my ass causing me to moan. 

I eventually pull away and start attacking his neck by sucking and biting on random parts of it. He picks me up and sits me on the bed. He and I both know where this is going. 

He slides his hand into my yoga shorts and smiles when he notices I don’t have on underwear. His fingers are cold to the touch, so I arch my back a little as he rubbed on my gem. He plays against my wetness, but eventually stops and sticks two fingers in.

Before I can release my moan he puts his lips to mine and doesn’t let go. I just moan into his mouth. I keep grinding on his two fingers, which are thankfully about to make me cum, but he takes them out. I glare at him.

He chuckles and gets down on his knees to be even with my box. He slowly spreads my legs and and I feel his breath his my clit. I squeeze the muscles in my stomach, close my eyes, and grip the fuck out of his curls as I prepare for his tongue to explore me.

“Oh fuck!” I moan as he sucks on my clit. He make humming sounds while flicking his tongue at a slow pace. I tilt my head back as my eyes roll to the back of my head. He slides his hands up my body and caressed my swollen nipples.

The feeling of him biting my clit causes me to gasp. “Shit…” I lick over my lips before pushing his head deeper between my legs. 

He sticks his tongue in and out of my opening, sucking up my wetness. His tongue trails down to my clit and he sucks on it hard, causing my legs to shake.

He begins grabbing on my ass cheeks as he swirls his tongue up to my opening and down to my clit. “Shit, Dan!” All I feel on my clit was the fast pace of his tongue moving up and down.

“Fuck, I’m ‘bout to cum!” I scream. He makes sure to make slurping sounds as he trails his tongue back up to my opening.

He once again dips his tongue inside my ocean, my juices begin flowing onto his warm tongue.  

I begin to catch my breath from the powerful high he just put me on. I see him pull his pants and underwear down and step out of them with his dick standing at full attention. I stared at him as he slid the condom on.

He rams into me after lapping up all of my juices. “Shittttt!” I scream as he pounds me out. He grunts while digging his dick deeper inside of me.

He grabs my hips for better control and begins going faster than before. Oh my… Fuck!” I moan loudly. I carefully watched his sex faces as he spread my legs, going deeper. “My… turn” I moan. He stops and I get up and push him down on the bed.

“Goddamn” he grumbles as I slid my pussy down onto his standing dick. He grips my hips firmly as I bounce up and down at a fast pace.

Placing my hands on his chest for support, I lift myself off of him and do a full spilt, landing directly on him. His eyes almost pop out of the socket. 

“Damn Kaya” he grunts in a low tone. Picking me up, he lays my body down on the bed before grabbing hold of my ankles.

My legs are placed above my head as he dips his dick in deep and slides it out of me, and then starts ramming me like no tomorrow. My whole body was shaking from the strong force that he was using. “Shittttttt… I’m gonna cum Dig… Fuck!” I scream, scratching away furiously at his arms.


Kaya screaming my name is music to my ears. She is doing all the work now by throwing that ass back.

Raising my hand the highest it’ll go, I slammed it down on her ass as she jiggled her pussy on my dick. “Ooh fuck!” She yelps more in pleasure than pain. She starts throwing it back hard and fast.

Wrapping my hand around her frizzy hair, I yank it back, causing her head to jerk and her ass to jiggle from side to side.

I begin pounding her again “Yes, right there… Shit, shit…Fuck, damn!” She screams. Removing my hand from her stomach, I move it down to her clit, patting, slapping, and rubbing it at a fast pace while I stroke deep in her pussy.

“Mm… Ooh” she moans. I place my free hand over her mouth then begin to bite her neck and earlobe. She sucks on my middle finger slowly as moans and screams constantly fly from her mouth. The harder I slapped her clit, the faster she threw her ass back.

“Keep doing that” she pleads through her moans. I pinch her clit with my thumb and index finger. Her breathing becomes heavier and before I know it, she started squirting everywhere.

“Ahh… damn!” I grunt loudly as I release my load inside the condom.

After she came, I pull out of her, sliding the condom off my dick, throwing it in the trash can beside me. She smirks at me while watching my every move. I only send her a small smile then shake my head at her. 

“That was amazing…” She licks over her lips before dropping to her knees. A grin makes its way to my face as I let out a deep breath.

She wastes no time sliding me inside her mouth. “Damn” I grumble lowly while gripping a handful of her hair. She slides her tongue up and down my shaft then swirls it around. 

I push her head onto me further so that I was in the back of her throat. she doesn’t gag or anything this time.“Goddamn Kaya.” I groan deeply.

I push her head back so that she was looking at me. I jerk my hips forward and begin going in and out of her mouth at a slow pace. “Mmm…” she moans, sending vibrations up and down my dick.

The sound of me sliding in and out of her mouth made me go faster. I felt her tongue slide down to my balls. “Damn” I grunted while throwing my head back. I started moving slow again. Placing her hand on the base of my dick, she gestured her hand up and down.

She sucks on the tip and swirls her tongue around the hole. Her lips trail down to my balls. She sucks my balls for about three minutes then pops my dick back in her mouth.

I grunt as my dick gets fatter and started throbbing in her mouth. Grabbing a hand full of her hair, I go in and out of her mouth again until I release my load deep down her throat.

“Ah damnn!” I grunt while sliding my dick out her mouth. She licks the cum off her lips before standing back up.


That was the best sex Dig and I have ever had. Well it was better than the first. I guess we were both sexually frustrated and missed each other. He fucked me like a porn star. 

We both made our way over to the shower together. ONLY shower nothing more, I mean there was a little kissing but that it. 

Once we were finished I went into his clothes and got a big t-shirt then went into my purse and took out my emergency underwear.

"I’m gonna call housekeeping and ask them to send up some sheets" I tell Dig. He nods and I leave out the room.

When I get out there no one is here to I just go to the phone on the table and ask for sheets to be sent up. 

Not too much later Dig comes out. “Dig…” I drag out.

"Yes?" He says.

"Come here" I say innocently. He makes his way over to me. "Come closer" I make a forward motion with my hand. He leans closer and I kiss him. He chuckles but goes along with it. 

We hear the door open, but ignore it. “I thought y’all would be done by now” Spin says.

"We are" I chuckle as we pull away.

"Oh thank God"Spin says. Dig and I just laugh and he takes a seat next to me on the couch.

"Can I spend the night? I think Twist and i need time away from each other" I laugh, but I’m being serious.

"That’s fine" Dig says.

"Yay, let me text him so he doesn’t have to worry about picking me up" I say and shoot Twist a text.

A night with my baby, this is gonna be fun.

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Chapter 65



It’s been about 2 month since Diggy and I have had sex made love to each other. Our relationship is now stronger then ever, we talk when when can, which is hard since we both have careers to focus on. As for Ray I eventually told him what happened and i haven’t talked to him since. Prince is still my bestie, I talk to him most out of the group.

My mixtape is almost complete, I have about 2 more songs that I want to add. I’m excited for my fans to have it. I ended up adding the song about Twist to the track list. It’s very emotional for me to listen to, but I get through it. Speaking of Twist I haven’t spoke to him since the studio session. I mean I forgive him, but it’s hard to be around him, in all honesty I miss our relationship, it didn’t last long because of the incident, but I miss it. 

The young money fam is cool, I’ve met up with some over the course of these months. I actually collabed with a few for my mixtape. I even went to the studio with Chris to knock out some studio time.

Right now I am at home bored out of my mind finishing up my homework so I can email it to my teacher. 

I get an incoming call for FaceTime and it’s Diggy. 

"Hey Dig" I say smiling.

"Hey babe, what you up to?" He asks smiling.

"Well I’m doing this homework, so I can be done with it" I explain.

"I just finished mine" He smiles.

"Haha well I’m almost done, hold on" I tell him. I finish it up pretty quickly and send it off. “Okay I’m done” I smile.

"Okay, well the reason I called is I wanted to invite you to Spin’s halloween party this saturday" 

"Oh so you didn’t call me because you missed me?" I ask pretending I was hurt.

"Of course I missed you, that’s why I’m inviting you so that I can see you there" 

"Okay, I’ll talk to my Tune to make sure I’m free"

"Alright" He smiles. "Oh and befo-" He starts but I cut him off.

"Hold that thought" I say and run to the bathroom and throw up my breakfast. After I’m done I brush my teeth and come back to the camera.

"Are you alright?" He asks.

"I’ve just been feeling sick lately, nothing to worry about, I’ll take some medicine" I reassure him.

"Okay, I don’t want my baby missing the party"

"Don’t worry, I’ll be fine"

"Alright, but I have to go, my dad needs me" He pouts.

"Okay I’ll see you soon, love you" I reply.

"Love you too" He says and hangs up. I finish up the HW and head downstairs. I am immediately greeted with my 3 chihuahuas, I bet all three of them and make my way to the kitchen. I see my mom and Tune standing in the kitchen. 

"Tune! When did you get here?!" I say excitedly and went in for a hug.

"About 10 minutes ago, but I didn’t want to bother you because your mom said you were doing school work" He explains.

"I was, it was torture" I groan. Tune and my mom laugh at me. "Anyways, I was just about to call you because Dig wants me to go to Spin’s halloween party this Saturday and New York. Please, please can I go?" I ask.

"Yeah, you don’t have anything to do, knock your self out, but"

"Aww there is always a but" I say and Tune and my mom laugh.

"I hope you know Twist is going to be there too…" He says and I freeze.

"At th-the party?" I ask. Tune nods, my mom looks at us confused.

"What’s wrong with Twist?" My mom asks.

"You didn’t tell her?" Tune asks. I shake my head ‘no’. He makes the ‘oh’ face and my mom still has a confused look on her face.

"Um is anyone going to tell me?" My mom asks.

"Well the night of the party, Twist was uh…" I pause.

"He was what?" My mom urges me on.

"He was drunk and when we got back to the hotel, he was forcing me to have sex with him"

"Did he rape you?!?" My mom asks shocked.

"No… But we did fight until I knocked him out which wasn’t hard considering he was drunk" I finish explaining.

"Oh my why didn’t you tell me?" My mom asks.

"I don’t know, I’ve been trying to deal with it, I mean it been more then 2 months since the incident" I answer.

"Aww sweetheart, you don’t have to deal with stuff like that on your own and I’m not saying he was right for what he did, but considering he was drunk he didn’t know what he was doing. Just don’t let your father find out" I my mom says to lighten the mood. I smile at her and I get an incoming call from Dan. I answer it right away.

"I just talked to you like 30 minutes ago" I say laughing.

"I know, but I couldn’t wait to hear your answer and plus I missed you" Dig replies.

"I missed you too" I chuckle. "And yes I can come to answer you question" I reply with a smile.

"Good, alright my mom needs me but I will talk to you later, love you"

"Love you too" 

"Aw y’all are too cute" My mom says.

"Thanks" I reply. "But aye Tune what do you say we hit up the studio so I can get this songs out the way and focus on photoshoots etc?" I ask.

"That’s a good idea, come on" Tune says. I say good bye to my mom and leave out with Tune.

It’s Saturday and I just landed at the airport to meet up with Dig and Spin. We worked it out with his parents so I am staying the week. I go over to baggage claim and pick up my bag. Then I walk over to where people are picked up and I see Dig’s big head in the distance. I run over over to him, drop my bags and jump on him. He catches me in his arms and I see him smiling.

"I’m guessing I was missed" He says with a knowing smirk on his face.

"Nah I didn’t miss your big head" I saw and push his head. He looks at me like ‘yeah right’. I giggle and kiss him. I pull away and look in his eyes. "I love you" I whisper.

"I love you too" He replies and pecks my lips. I jump down and he picks up my stuff. Then we walk over to the car and I see Roger driving.

"What’s up Ramirez" I say as I get in the car.

"Nothin much B" He replies. After Dig put my stuff in the trunk he gets in the car.

"So where is Spin?" I ask them.

"He’s doing some last minute preparations, we will see him at the party though" Dig replies.

"Nah Dig I thought he was going to miss his own party" I say sarcastically.

"Don’t get smart, that’s gonna get you in trouble" Dig says.

"Ohh I’m so scared" I say sarcastically once again.

"You better be" He bucks and I just laugh at him.

When we arrive and his house, Dig and I get out and he gets my bags. We goodbye to Roger, since he wanted to go home before the party. Diggy unlocks the door for us and we walk in.

"We’re here!" Dig says.

"Welcome back Kaya" Justine comes over and gives me a hug. "How you been sweetie?" She asks me.

"I’ve been fine" I smile. "Where is everyone?" I ask.

"Well Russy and Miley are at a friends house, so it’s just me and Joey" She replies. I nod and we go to the living room, while Dig takes my bags upstairs.

"Hi Rev!" I say and give him a hug.

"I thought that was you, how are you?" He asks.

"I’m good" I smile. We all take our seats.

"So what have you been doing these past couple of month?" Rev asks me. Dig comes back in the room and wraps his arms around me.

"Well for one thing school I say with a laugh, um I just finished my mixtape this week so it’s being edited as we speak. Now I have to focus on the artwork and my fans should have it sometime next month" I reply.

"That’s great, I can’t wait to hear it" Rev says.

"Well actually, I have some song on my laptop, do you guys want to hear it?" I ask.

"Of course" Justine replies.

"Daniel" I say sweetly and innocently.

"Yeah?" He asks taking his attention away from the tv.

"Can you please get me my laptop?" I ask sweetly.

"Sure where is it?" He asks.

"In the purple tote bag" I reply. He nods and leaves out the room.

Not too long later he comes back with it. “Thanks babe” I smile and take it from him. 

I pull up itunes and then go to my mixtape. “Um I love each and every song so I’m going to put it on shuffle” I say and I hit shuffle and the song  I didn’t with Chris came on and it’s called “This Life” it pretty much just talks about what comes with the fame and sacrifices that had to me made.

"That was great and your voice is even better than I remember" Rev compliments.

"Thanks" I smile happily.

"Yes, sweetie keep up the good work" Justine tells me.

"Babe , why didn’t you let me listen before?" Diggy asks me.

"You never asked" I shrugged. Before i can stop it the song about Twist came on. "Oh let me turn this off" i say reaching for the pause button.

"Wait" he grabs my hand to keep me from stopping it. As the song plays I look at the look on everyone’s faces and they are hard to read. The tears start streaming down my cheeks before i realize it, let alone stop them.

"Who was that song about?" Dig asks. I try to pretend like I didn’t hear him talking to me. "Kaya! I know you hear me, who was that song about?" Dig repeats one more time.

"Twist" I say not even audible because I’m afraid of Diggy’s reaction.

"What was that?" Dig asks.

"Dig just leave it alone, it’s obviously a difficult thing for her to talk about" Justine says in a calming voice. I send her a quick thankful smile.

"But as her boyfriend, I should know" Dig says.

"Dig you don’t have to know EVERYTHING, she will tell you when she’s ready" Rev says. Dig doesn’t even reply, he leave out the room and I hear his door slam.

"Sorry about that" I lowly.

"It’s fine sweetie, if you need to talk, just know you have us even if you don’t feel comfortable telling Diggy" She smiles at me.

"Thanks" I smile at her. Rev and Justine leave me alone in the living room, I decide to tweet.

@ShutUpKaya_: When someone deserves to know something, but you don’t know how to tell them…

I reply to a few fans and i decide to tease them.

@ShutUpKaya_: Mixtape coming out sooner than you think…

Then I log off and pick my self up off the couch and decide to go talk to Justine, since I hear her in the kitchen. “Hey” I greet her.

"Feeling better?" She asks me and I nod. "You want to talk about it" I nod. "So talk" She urges me on.

"Well you pretty much know the whole story based on the song, I didn’t want to tell Dig about it because it was…" I trail off.

"It was…" She urges me a bit more.

"Twist" I say.

"Christopher Moore?" She asks to clarify. I nod and her face went from shocked to plain disappointed. 

I explain to her everything that happened. She doesn’t look as upset but she doesn’t look too happy. 



After I went in my room and thought about the whole situation I realized how stupid it is. I owe Kaya an apology, so I go downstairs, but I over hear her and my mom talking.

"Well you pretty much know the whole story based on the song, I didn’t want to tell Dig about it because it was…" she trails off.

"It was…" My mom urges her on.

"Twist" she says. I listen to her explain the story and then I walk in the room.

"So it was Twist" I say. She looks shocked and doesn’t reply. "Answer me, I already know the answer, why didn’t you tell me before?" I ask her.

"Well I didn’t want the whole world to know and i’m trying to get pass it. If you haven’t noticed, I haven’t been with him at all" She points out. Now that she mentions it, she’s right. "I’m sorry I didn’t tell you" She mumbles lowly.

"It’s okay" I say and open my arms to her. She smiles and comes into my arms. 

"Where is my camera?!" My mom says happily, we both laugh at her. She finds it and takes a picture.

"Well come on we better start getting ready" I tell Kaya.

"Oh okay, let’s go" I say and we go upstairs.



We both take our showers and Dig dresses up as him self. Boring? I know. I decide to dress up as minnie so I put on black leggings and a black tanks, and I put on my Minnie ears. Then I add some black heels to complete the look. Then i go in the bathroom and do my eyeliner and add some whiskers. “Well aren’t you a sexy Minnie” Diggy says and I blush.

"Stop" I say giggling.

"What?" He asks.

"Oh just come on Roger is waiting for us" I say and drag him out the room.

We get down stairs and Roger is waiting on us. “About time” He says and and we head out and get in the car.

When we get to the party it is already like considering we came kind of late. Some fans are here, so they come up to me or Dig. I stay with Dig so I don’t start any drama. He doesn’t seem to mind. We spot Jacob.

"What’s up man?" Dig asks Jacob.

"Nothin much nothin much chiilin, finna get something to drink" He says.

"Alright bruh, I’ll see you around" Dig says. They give each other dap and Jacob leaves.

"I wanna dance" I say.

"Come on" Dig says and we go to the dance floor. I immediately start grinding on him and he grabs my waist and pulls my waist aggressively. I bite my lip and continue to grind on him. We dance until we get tired and then we walk over to the sitting area. He takes a seat and I sit on his lap.

"This is fun, I’m glad I came and didn’t let Twist being here stop me" I say to Dig.

"I’m glad you came too, and that you’re staying for the whole week" Dig replies.

"Man I missed you" I say and kiss him.

"I like how y’all didn’t come see me though" Spin says sarcastically.

"My bad B, I knew I was going to see you somewhere around here" Dig says and his New Jersey dialect comes out strong as hell.

"Damn that’s sexy" I whisper lowly and Dig smirks at me knowingly, but continues to talk to Spin.

"So Kaya you gonna say something?" Spin says. I laugh.

"My bad Spin" I say and I get up to hug him. "Happy Birthday with your old ass" I say.

"Shut up I’m only 20" Spin replies.

"Yeah, yeah" i say and laugh. We talk to Spin a bit longer and he leaves off somewhere.  

Dig and I are just chillin. All of a sudden I start cramping in my side. “Owww” I say holding the area.

"What’s wrong?"

"I don’t know my stomach just hurts really bad" I say. Dig nods and starts rubbing the area causing it feel a bit better. "You reading to go?" I ask him not wanting to stay anymore.

"Uh yeah, let me go find Roger" He says. We find Roger talking to a cute girl. "R-" Dig starts but I stop him. "What?" He asks.

"Shh" I say and walk over to where Roger it. "So let me get this straight, you fuck me and then come down and talk to this basic bitch?" I ask and Dig busts out laughing. Roger looks like he’s about to kill me.

"You were trying to hook up with me right after you hooked up with her?" The girl says and Roger is too shocked to reply. "Un believable" She say and storms off.

"I’m gonna kill you" Roger says once the girl leaves. Dig and I laugh.

"Come on we’re ready to go" I say.

"And y’all couldn’t have waited until after I got her number though?" Rogers asks. 

"Nah" Dig and I say in Chief Keef voice and bust out laughing. He sighs, we tell Spin that we’re leaving and roll out.

We are riding back to Dig’s house and i get a thought. “Rog go to the CVS” I say.

"Aight" he replies and drives over to it. I hop out and run inside with out waiting. I quickly go to the ale with the pregnancy tests and pick up three. 

I walk over to the cash register and put down the tests. The lady looks at me funny but I ignore her and pay for the stuff and leave.

"Why did you need to go in there?" Dig asks.

"No reason" I say.

"But" He starts.

"JUST DROP IT OKAY?!" I snap on him. He looks confused but let’s it go.

Not much later we are at Dig’s house and we say our goodbye to Roger. Dig opens the door for us and I head straight up to his room into the bathroom. I lock the door and open up the tests. I take the them and sit the on the counter. These 5 minutes seem like a life time. After the time is up, I check the tests, they say positive, I drop them. I break down into tears. “Great, just great!” I yell out in frustration.

"Kaya" Diggy says knocking on the door.

"What?" I ask.

"You alright in there?" He asks me. I don’t know how I’m suppose to tell him…

"Uh yeah, I’ll be out in a minute" I say and wipe my tears and throw away the tests. I open the door to reveal my concerned boyfriend.

"What happened?" He asks.

"Um well you know how I stopped at CVS?" I ask.

"Yeah and snapped on me because I asked why" Dig replies.

"Uh yeah sorry about that, but I picked up a pregnancy test, because i’ve been having the symptom moody, pains, morning sickness, and I miss my period. Plus my stomach is a little pudgy but not noticeable" I say sadly.

"Wait what?" Dig asks shocked. I grab his hand and place it on my stomach.

"I’m pregnant, the condom must have broken and we didn’t know" I say. He nods.

"I don’t know what to say" Dig says, still shocked.

"Diggy what am I gonna do?" I break down all over again.

"Kaya don’t cry, we will get through it together. It takes two to make a baby and even though it wasn’t planned I’m here" He says and pulls me into a hug.

"I love you" I mumble into his chest.

"I love you too, don’t forget that" He says and kisses my forehead. We hear the door open and look to see disappointed face on Rev and Justine’s face.

"When you come to ask your son and his girlfriend how fun the party they went to was, you don’t expect to hear that she is pregnant. Let alone having sex" Rev says.

Dig and I are too shocked to speak…

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